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									Thought Leadership Conference:
Delivering the Vision for 2011

Steve Pearce
Thursday 18th November 2010
It’s a thought leadership event so what do we want
you to think about ?
Thought Leadership Conference - Agenda
10:50                          IDC Analyst Key Note Session 'Emerging trends for 2011' - Eric Sheppard, IDC
11:20                                                    Break and Vendor Exhibition
             Reshaping the Data Centre              Consumerisation and Client Computing                   360 Security
11:50                  NetApp                                         Citrix                              Trend Micro
        Delivering Diversity & Efficiency in the     Bridging the Gap – Extending Desktop     Cyber Crime is Big Business & Business
                     Data Centre                          Virtualisation into the Cloud                      is Good!
12:20           VMware & Symantec                                 AppSense                                 Check Point
        Virtualising Your Critical Apps Doesn’t    The User, Challenges & Margin in Desktop    Evolve your Security Infrastructure to
            Need to be Mission Impossible                  Virtualisation and Cloud              Support a Changing IT Landscape
12:50                                                     Lunch & Vendor Exhibition
14:10                DataCore                                       McAfee                                  Symantec
               Breaking the Barriers to                     How & Why to Secure                        A Simplified & Holistic
                   the VDI Boom!                           Virtualised Environments                    Approach to Security
14:40                 Butterfly                                  Scriptlogic                                  Swivel
        Butterfly has Landed - Safe, Secure,          Bring Order to your Client Anarchy      The End of the Chocolate Fireguard – An
          Cost Effective Backup Migration                                                           Insight into Authentication
                Dispelling the Vapour
                 of Cloud Computing
15:10                                                    Break and Vendor Exhibition
             Reshaping the Data Centre                   Networking and Convergence                        360 Security
15:40                    EMC                                   Alcatel-Lucent                                  RSA
               Managing the Journey to                Driving Business Performance with        Compliancy – Take a Step Back from
                  the Private Cloud                        Immersive Conversations            Authentication & See the Bigger Picture
16:10           Quest (Vizioncore)                               Enterasys                                  SafeNet
         Preparing Infrastructure for Future                Networking During an                        Securing the Cloud
                Application Delivery                         Economic Downturn
16:40                                                        Wrap Up and Q & A
19:00                                                         Pre-Dinner Drinks
19:30                                              Evening Dinner followed by Entertainment
    A big thank you
to our vendor sponsors
Arrow ECS UK Region
• Value Added Distributor specialising in
   – Infrastructure
       – Servers
       – Storage
       – Software

   – Security & Convergence
   – Virtualisation & Middleware
   – Training & Professional Services
• 4 Offices
   – Harrogate (Headquarters)
   – London
   – Theale
   – Nottingham

• £450M Revenues with 386 Employees

                                            ARROW ECS Confidential
   The economic storm is subsiding, but the road
   to recovery is long and bumpy

• Affected more deeply than many other countries
• Recovery impacted by export market and several
  international scale events
• Dependance on Financial services sector
• Demand improving
• Uncertainty over the impact of Government cuts

                                                   • Despite high unemployment, staffing
                                                     issues are growing
                                                   • Corporate results beginning to turn the
                                                     corner in all sectors
                                                   • But businesses are still nervous. Caution
                                                     and conservatism are strong themes,
                                                     focus on ROI
                                                   • Post-recession behaviour is very different
                                                     from pre-recession
Our view of the future

We believe IT infrastructure will move towards Data Centre centric
computing and this will mean:
• Applications, storage & servers will be centralised consolidated and implemented on
  highly virtualised platforms.

• Edge site and end user technology will be minimised and increasingly mobile, moving
  inexorably towards ubiquitous tablets

• High performance, reliable and secure networks will become increasingly crucial to
  the model and Internet and traditional WAN’S will blur / merge / converge

• Data growth and data management issues will escalate.

• The emergence of Saas / Cloud and other new commercial / delivery models with
  public third party delivered services becoming a larger part of the mix

• Security, Resources Management and the creation of new commercial / channel
  models will become dominant issues.
                                                     Traditional Enterprise Apps

    Existing Desktop Apps

                            Private Infrastructure
                               WAN’s / LAN’s
Distributed Technology                                Existing Datacenters
                               Internet access

        Departmental Apps
            New Enterprise Apps

                          Private Cloud / IT infrastructure

              ‘New’ Datacenters &
The Cloud     Virtualised architectures

                                              Shared Storage

        SaaS Apps            Public / Cloud Service
 How will it all look in the future ?

Liberalisation                                                  Centralisation

<<<<<< Increasing & emphasis on end point & network security / performance

<<<<< Prolific commoditisation of user access devices & edge site elements
We are past a virtual tipping point!

                            VM Cross Over                 Physical machines
                                                          Virtual machines







              2005   2006     2007   2008   2009   2010     2011   2012   2013
Centralised and Virtualised Data Centre architecture
– a blue print for Cloud ready computing
Step by step towards the cloud…
Controlled move towards IT
systems that are ‘Cloud Ready’ :
                                                      Private /Public
• Highly Configurable                                      Cloud
•   Flexible
•   Scalable                                     Applications
•   Centrally Managed
•   Commercially deliverable             Commercial Model




    Traditional IT
Key Cloud Building Blocks

                                                            Cloud Service
                                                     Software as aServices(SaaS)
                                                     Applications, Business Logic…

                                                      Business Process as a Service (BPaaS)
                                                      Aggregated Applications and Process                                     CLOUD

                                                   Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS)
                                                   Hardware, VMs, Storage                                                    APPLICATIONS &
                                                                                                                             SHARED RESOURCES

                             Cloud Management Platform
                            Business Support Systems
                            Billing, Customer & Contract Management
                            Operational Support System
                            Workflow, Provisioning, Monitoring and Metering

          Consolidated & Virtualised Infrastructure

                      Private         Hybrid       Public

                                                                  TRADITIONAL IT

People & Identity, Data & Information, Application & Process, Network, server & endpoint, Physical Infrastructure
  Cloud Computing: Business Partners can play many roles

     Resell Cloud    Reseller of servers, storage, networking, and middleware,
     components      and appliances to build cloud infrastructures
                     Implement private and hybrid clouds

      Resell Cloud
       Compute       Offer pay-for-use general compute services from a public cloud

         Operator    Host / manage cloud deployments
        SaaS         Provide selected categories of applications via the
     Marketplace /   cloud, centered around an industry or application area

         Cloud       Advise clients on cloud strategy and implementation

     Deliver Cloud   Support clients in planning, building, integrating, and
       Services      managing cloud-delivered services

Source: IBM
  Cloud - A quick recap
• Cloud computing is a largely still a conceptual idea that a business no longer needs to have
  it’s own IT infrastructure but instead it can obtain services from a Service Provider on a pay
  per usage basis

• The concept is supported by the emergence of some genuinely interesting and
  commercially viable Service propositions but overall the range of services and commercial
  structures are limiting take up

• SaaS / Xaas propositions are driving new ways of thinking BUT viable public cloud IT
  services are as yet few and far between and more likely to confuse IT decision makers
  thinking than enhance it

• The short term opportunity is act as advisor and assist customers to become Cloud Ready
  and move them carefully down the path via an interim stage of Virtualisation and

• Near-term adoption overstated, long-term impact underestimated – all bets are still being
  placed !
Arrow ECS in the Cloud

Arrow ECS is playing an active role in cloud computing by:
• Building the cloud infrastructure - Datacenters
• Leading the virtualization revolution (VMware, Citrix)
• Arrow ECS’s solution approach

Arrow ECS will continue to lead by:
• Cloud enabling our partners & their customers
• Evolving to a new solutions aggregator model
• Developing new types of « Cloud » services
The Changing Channel

• The traditional channel model is polarising fragmenting and the

• Clear lines of demarcation now becoming blurred as to who sells to

• Rapid polarisation of the VAR community through consolidation

• The emergence of Managed Service / Cloud providers

• VARS establishing MSP capability

• SI’S / Application specialists back in the driving seat?

• DMR’s aggressively driving product sales
The New Emerging Channel



                             VAR     END
VENDOR                               USER


Resellers are already providing managed services
of various types
One final thought...............

                 Everything is changing

   You have to change before you have to change

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