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									Not only companies, some people will have desktops and laptops for their casual use and professional
use. You can connect your desktop to laptop by creating a LAN [Local Area Network]. In this tutorial, I
am explaining the tchnique on two operating systems : Windows and Mac.


1) Connect your desktop into the modem or any device that providing you the Internet access. Most
computers will connect via Ethernet cable.

2) Boot the desktop computer.

3) On desktop, right click on the file / folder that you want to transfer and choose the drop down
menu “Share”.

4) Wait a few moments. When it is finished, click on the Done button.

5) Turn on your laptop.

6) Open the home network and sharing center from the computer that you want to transfer files.

7) You can access the Network and Sharing Center by opening the Windows 7 Control Panel and
clicking on the Network and Internet link, followed by the Network and Sharing Center link.

8) Click the computer name that is currently having the files.

9) Enter the username and password of your computer if asked.

10) Select copy and move the files.


                             1) Do step 1 as in windows.

2) Click on Apple icon and choose System Preferences.

3) Choose the Sharing option from the View menu.

4) Click the plus sign icon in the Shared Folders window and browse to share folders tow which you
need access.

5) Add each folder and designate any other users that will have access.

6) Repeat the same on your laptop Mac

7) Access the shared files from the finder sidebar on any computer.


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