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                          TRAVELLING ALLOWANCE AND
                            DAILY ALLOWANCE RULES
       For the purpose of these rules, the officers        Substituted vide O.O. No. 16, dated 18.07.1994.
and employees of National Agricultural
Cooperative Marketing Federation of India Ltd.        S.No.    Category   Pay range(Rs.)       Entitlement for
shall be classified into the following categories:                                             mode of travel
                                                      1.       I          Addl.MD              By air.
1.    Classification*                                 2.       I          Executive Director   By Air with prior
                                                                                               approval of MD.

      (i)     Those drawing monthly pay of Rs.
              14150/- and above.                      3.       II.        Manager and above    (AC-II tier including
                                                                          Drawing 14700        Rajdhani)/AC Bus
      (ii)    Those drawing monthly pay of Rs.                            and above            by road.
              11050/- and above but less than Rs.
                                                      4.       II         Dy. Manager to       (AC-III tier
              14150/-                                                     AM-II drawing        including
                                                                          14699/- to 11375/-   Rajdhani)/AC Bus
      (iii)   Those drawing monthly pay of Rs.                                                 by road.
              6000/- and above but less than Rs.      5.       II         ( AM-II to Sr.       (AC-III tier other
                                                                          Asstt.) drawing      than Rajdhani AC
                                                                          11374/- to 6050/-    Bus by road)

      (iv)    Those drawing monthly pay of Rs.        6.       II         All employees        Ordinary III Tier
              4250/- and above but less than Rs.                          drawing pay less     sleeper)/ (Deluxe or
              6000/-                                                      than 6050/-          non-AC Bus by

      (v)  Those drawing monthly pay less                  Ref.OO No.04 dt.20.5.2005.
           than Rs.4250/-
     (The pay range has been modified as
                                                      2.    Further mileage allowance for road
     per revised pay scales vide OO No.21
     dated 7.12.2004)                                 journey by own car while on tour/LTC admissible
2.    Mileage Allowance                               to AMD, ED and GM has been increased from
                                                      Rs. 2.45 per kilometer to Rs. 4.00 per kilometer.
      (a)     A mileage allowance is an
                                                      3.    The above modifications shall be deemed
              allowance      calculated     on  the
                                                      to have come into force w.e.f. 30.05.2002.
              distance travelled and given to meet
              the cost of a particular journey.
                                                              (Ref. O.O. No. 04, dated 24.06.2002)
      (b)     For the purpose of calculating
                                                              (b)    If employees of the IV and V
              mileage allowance, the journey
                                                                     categories are required to travel
              between the two places should be
                                                                     under urgent and emergent circum-
              performed by the shortest and the
                                                                     stances in the interest of the
              cheapest of the two or more
                                                                     Federation, by a train which does
              practicable routes.
                                                                     not provide the class of accommo-
                                                                     dation to which they are normally
     3. Mode of Journey
                                                                     entitled, they may be allowed to
                                                                     travel by the next higher class (other
      (a)     The employees of the Federation in
                                                                     than air-conditioned) provided the
              different categories are entitled to
                                                                     competent authority certifies that it
              travel by various modes according
                                                                     was necessary for such employees
              to the following scale:
                                                                     to undertake journey by that train.

       (c)   Notwithstanding anything contained
             in any of the rules herein
                                                      *     Modified w.e.f. 27.03.1991, vide O.O. No. 13, dated
             incorporated, the Managing Director            25.04.1991.
             shall have power to allow any
             employee to travel by a class higher     #     Modified vide O.O. No. 03, dated 18.05.1995 &
                                                            applicable w.e.f. 17.04.1995.
             than the one to which the said
             employee is entitled, under special      ** Added w.e.f. 09.01.1984 vide HO/FA/20-52/83-84 dated
             circumstances.                              07.03.1984.
                                                      []    Ref. HO/FA/20-52/89-90 dated 11.05.1990.
       (d)   In all cases, an employee shall be
                                                      @ Added vide O.O. No. 05, dated 12.06.95 and effective
             eligible for a single fare only.           from same date.
                                                               **Those officers and staff who are entitled
       (e)   Return journey tickets should                                   st
                                                               to travel by 1 class and above by rail may
             invariably be purchased where                     travel by air-conditioned deluxe coach by
             available.                                        road and claim actual fare subject to the
                                                               conditions that:
       (f)   The TA bill should be submitted in
             the form ‘A’ annexed hereto.                      (i)    the journey is undertaken by State
                                                                      Road Transport Buses or coaches
4.     Journey by Sea                                                 of Public Under-takings;
Officers and employees in                                      (ii)   evidence in the form the bus ticket is
(a)    Category I & II        Upper Class
(b)    Category III, IV & V   Lower Class                   The above is applicable in case of Leave
                                                      Travel Concession and transfer cases also.
5.     Mileage Allowance : Journey by Road
                                                      (d)      While on tour, from residence to
(A)    Mileage allowance for the employees of                  airport/railway station/bus stand to place
       the Federation is to be calculated on the               of stay/Branch or Regional Office.
       basis of the mode of transport used for
       performing a journey by road.                         [Actual fare by taxi or scooter as per
                                                      entitlement under the rules is admissible subject
(a)    In one’s own car:          Rs. 2.45*                                    #
                                                      to a ceiling of Rs. 250/- in case of local journey
       or by hiring full          per km.             undertaken in metropolitan cities and Rs. 100/-
       taxi with the prior                            in all other cities/ towns. If local conveyance in
       approval of the                                such cases exceeds the prescribed amount, it
       Managing Director                              will be entertained for reimbursement in case
                                                      same is supported by cash receipt.]
(b)    By Scooter:                Rs. 0.80*
                                                           At place where auto-rickshow (three
*(c)   The mileage allowance admissible to the        wheelers) or cycle-rickshaws, are not available
       employees for performing journeys by           employees who are not entitled, to travel by taxi
       State Transport Buses etc., shall be paid      may be allowed reimbursement of the taxi
       according to the actual fare, in addition to   charges subject to the following conditions:
       an incidental allowance of 25# paise per
       km. However, during the journey period no               (i)    Local     train  services,    where
       daily allowance would be admissible.                           available, should be utilised to the
       Similarly, for journeys undertaken on tour                     maximum possible extent and
       by rail, an employee will be entitled to                       distance which remains to be
       reimbursement of fare on actual basis as                       covered to the working point from
       per his entitlement, in addition to an                         residence may be covered by auto-
       incidental allowance of 25# paise per km.                      rickshaw or taxi whichever is
       If the journey undertaken is by Rajdhani/                      available.
       Shatabdi       Express, the       incidental
       charges admissible would be reduced to                  (ii)   Where such journeys are made by
       50% of the above rates.                                        taxi by the employees who are not

                entitled to use such mode of                            prescribed working hours
                                                                        on a particular day.
                transport under the normal rules, the
                local conveyance claims should be                (2)    If the absence from HQ        Half Daily
                certified   by     the   concerned                      exceeds six hours, but does   Allowance
                                                                        not exceed twelve hours.
                Branch/Regional Managers.
                                                                 (3)    If the absence from HQ        Full Daily
       Where a taxi is engaged by a touring                             exceed twelve hour            Allowance
official in Branch/sub-offices/HO the following
procedure may be followed :                               *  Modified w.e.f. 19.10.1983 vide O.O. No. 22, dated
                                                          ** Inserted vide O.O. No. 20, dated 22.02.1989.
        (i)     Where a vehicle made available by         (C)    When an employee is provided with free
                the State Mktg. Fedn. or some other              conveyance for part of the journey only,
                agency is utilised, the cost of petrol           the DA may be calculated as follows:
                etc. consumed for the journey per-
                formed may be absorbed by the                    (i)    If the absence from HQ does not
                sub-office/Branch/    Regional/Head                     exceed twelve hour     Half DA.
                Office.                                          (ii)   If the absence from HQ exceeds
                                                                        twelve hours           Full DA.
        (ii)    Where a full taxi is engaged to
                perform the journey, the taxi             6.     Journey by Air (w.e.f. 26.12.1982)
                charges should be borne by the
                touring official. The touring official           (a)    For the purpose of this rule ‘travel
                shall claim taxi charges in the TA bill                 by air’ means journey performed by
                at the rate prescribed at para 5 of                     the plane of the public air transport
                the rules.                                              companies regularly flying but does
                                                                        not include journeys performed by
        (iii)   Officers of the rank of Assistant                       private aeroplanes.
                Managers and above are entitled to
                travel on tour by road by taking a              #(b)    Officers in the rank of AMD and
                single seat in a taxi on payment of                     above will only be permitted to
                prescribed fare to places like                          travel by Air; and
                Shilong, Nowgong, Kharupe-tia,
                Managal, Tejpur etc. In this case                (c)    Officers in the rank of GMs and
                they will not be entitled to claim                      below shall undertake journeys by
                mileage allowance at the rate                           Air only with prior permission of MD,
                mentioned under Rule 5.                                 that too as a special case.

Note:           On return journey from the place of              (d)    BMs/RMs and officers upto the level
                visit the mileage shall be admissible                   of EDs shall not travel by Air/First
                from the place of stay to the railway                   Class AC Rail without the express
                station/airport.                                        prior approval of MD.

(B)     When an employee who is supplied                         Competent Authority has desired that only
        means of conveyance without charge,               in exceptional cases request with sufficient
        returns to his HQ on the same day or              reasons or urgency be made by phone/fax
        thereafter, daily allowance will be               invariably before travelling by Air.
        calculated as follows:
                                                                 (e)    The touring officer will be entitled to
        *(1)    If the absence from HQ is     Nil                       one air-fare plus one fifty thereon
                less than 6 hours                                                                             ##
                                                                        subject to a maximum or Rs. 100/-
                But in the case of employ-                              on a single day irrespective of the
                ees eligible to get OTA as                              number of flights undertaken on that
                per OTA Rules, he/she                                   day for onward journeys. The return
                shall be entitled to over-                              journey to HO though performed on
                time allowance subject to a
                ceiling of ½ DA provided                                the same day shall be treated as a
                the employee concerned                                  separate journey for the purpose of
                was on duty for more than                               this rule. Return journey ticket

               should invariably             be   purchased               5.    Between                     a)     90.00            480        384
               where available.                                                 11,375/- &                  b)     78.75
       (Ref O.O. No. 09, dated 15.01.1999                                 6.    Between                     a) 82.50                400         320
       and O.O. No. 21, dated 11.10.1999)                                       7975/- &                    b) 75.00
 (Text of orders issued by MD on 29.09.2004)                              7.    Between                     a)      75.00           400         320
      In recent months, I have found a lot of Officers are                      6050/- &                    b)       67.50
moving by Air without prior permission. In this connection                      (Category-III)
                                                                          8.    Between                     a)       67.50          320         240
please refer to clause 3 of Office Order No.                                    4300/- &                    b)       60.00
HO/AD/2/41/2002-03 dated 6th January’ 2003, which clearly                       6049/-
states that admissibility of air journey stands withdrawn for             9.    Less Than                   a)     56.25            320        240
                                                                                4300/-                      b)     45.00
all Officers. As such, all Officers are requested to resort to                  (Category-IV)

air travel only when no alternative is possible. Further, low
fare schemes are now available with most of the Airlines                 S.     Pay Range                                         DA Rates (if
and whenever air travel has to be resorted to these low                  o.                                                       requirement
fare schemes should be taken advantage of.                                             (Rs.)
                                                                                                                                  of lodging at
                                                                                                                                  the touring
                                                                                                                                  station does
7.     Daily Allowance and Lodging Facilities                                                                                     not occur)
       (a)     Daily allowance is an allowance granted to
                                                                         1.     AMDs/EDs                                                  a) 150.00
               an employee on tour for halt away from                                                                                     b) 140.00
               Headquarters with a view to enable him to                 2.     17,250/- & above                                          a) 150.00
               cover the ordi-nary charges which he is                          (excluding AMDs & EDs (Category-I)                        b) 140.00
               required to incur on such tour.                           3.     Between 14700/- & 17249/-(Category-                       a) 140.00
                                                                                II)                                                       b)125.00
                                                                         4.     Between 13150/- & 14699/-(Category-                       a) 130.00
       (b)     Rates for lodging facilities and daily                           II)                                                       b) 115.00
               allowance admissible to various categories                5.     Between 11,375/- &                                        a)120.00
               of employees shall be as per the following                       13,149/- (Category-II)                                    b)105.00
               schedule: -                                               6.      Between 7975/- & 11,374/- (Category-                     a) 110.00
                                                                                 III)                                                      b) 100.00
S.   Pay Range        DA Rates                                              7.
                                             Upper limits for lodging Facility   Between 6050/- & 7974/-(Category-III)                    a)100.00
N                     (if lodging            (including the 60%enhancement notified vide OO No.03                                         b) 90.00
o.                    charges                dt.18.5.95)                    8.  Between 4300/- & 6049/-(Category-IV)                       a) 90.00
                      claimed)               A class     Other                                                                             b)80.00
                                             Cities      cities             9.  Less Than 4300/- (Category-IV)                            a) 75.00
                                             (Rs.)        (Rs.)                                                                           b) 60.00

                                                                          Ref.OO No.04 dt.20.5.2005.& OO No.11 dated 27.7.2005.
        (Rs.)           (Rs.)
1.   AMDs/EDs             a)        112.50     800       640              #    Modified vide O.O. No. 03, dated 18.05.1995 and
                          b)        105.00                                     applicable w.e.f. 17.05.1995.
2.   17,250/- &
          400         64 a)         112.50                                ## Vide O.O. No. 09, dated 15.01.1999.
     above                b)        105.00     640       480
     (excluding                                                           @ Vide O.O. No. 02, dated 18.05.1995.
     AMDs & EDs
     (Category-I)                                                            The lodging charge for various categories of
3.   Between               a)       105.00     640       480              employees indicated above have been raised by
     14700/- &             b)        93.75
                                                                          60 % over and above the existing rates as
     (Category-II)                                                        notified vide Office Order No. 12, dated
4.   Between               a)       97.50      480      384
     13150/- &             b)       86.25                                 {(a) - means those station which have been
     14699/-                                                              classified ‘A’ as per Government of India

    (b)         - means all other stations.}                           2.     15450/- & above            375      300
                                                                              (excluding AMDs &
                                                                              EDs) (Category-I)
                                                                       3.     Between 13500/- &          375      280
                                                                              15449/- (Category-II)
                                                                       4.     Between 12600/- &          280      235
                                                                              13499/- (Category-II)
                                                                       5.     Between 10525/- &          280      230
                                                                       6.     Between 7425/- &           240      200
**The classification of ‘A’ Class cities as                                   10524/-(Category-III)
contained in Government of India, Ministry of                          7.     Between 5350/- &           240       190
Finance Office Memorandum No. 2(2) 93-E.                                      7424/-(Category-III)
                                                                       8.     Between 3970/- &           190       150
II(B) dated 14.05.1993 is hereby notified for the                             5349/-(Category-IV)
purpose of drawal of daily allowance by the                            9.     Less Than 3969/-           190       140
employees on tour as under: -                                                 (Category-IV)

1.              Hyderabad      (Andhra Pradesh))                       Ref OO No.04 dated 20.5.05.
                                                                       * Vide O.O. No. 07, dated 07.08.1996 and O.O. No. 04,
2.              Delhi                          (Delhi)                    dated 02.05.1997.
                                                                       ** Modified vide O.O. No. 40, dated 22.12.1993.
3.              Ahmedabad                 (Gujarat)                          In this regard, it is clarified that the revised
                                                                       rates of DA as at (ii) above are applicable only
4.              Bangalore              (Karnataka)                     where lodging requirements occur but are not
                                                                       availed of by the touring employees.
5.              Navi Mumbai          (Maharashtra)
                                                                             (Ref. O.O. No. 07, dated 07.08.1996
6.              Pune                 (Maharashtra)                           and O.O. No. 04, dated 02.05.1997)

7.              Chennai               (Tamil Nadu)                           (iii)   Halt of less than 8 hours at the
                                                                                     place of stay will be treated as half
8.              Kanpur              (Uttar Pradesh)                                  day and halt of 8 hours and more at
                                                                                     the place of stay will be treated as
9.              Kolkata              (West Bengal)                                   one day.
                                                                             (iv)    For journeys outside the Indian
10.             Nagpur               (Maharashtra)
                                                                                     Union the DA and such other actual
                                                                                     expenses as are likely to be
11.             Lucknow             (Uttar Pradesh)
                                                                                     incurred on local business travels
#                                                                                    etc. in the foreign country, shall be
 12.            Jaipur                 (Rajasthan)
                                                                                     paid at such rates as are fixed by
                                                                                     the Chairman from time to time
Note:           An employee while on tour shall have
                                                                                     depending on the country of visit,
                the following options in regard to
                                                                                     subject to allotment of foreign
                admissibility of daily allowance: -
                                                                                     exchange by the Reserve Bank for
                                                                                     the purpose.
          (i)       Claim lodging expenses as per
                    entitlement and 75% of the                               (v)     No ‘Daily Allowance’ is admissible
                    admissible daily allowance, as per                               to an employee who does not travel
                    rates mentioned above.                                           on any day more than a redius of
                                                                                     eight   kilometers      or   beyond
                               OR                                                    municipal limits of the Headquarters
                                                                                     whichever is farther.
          *(ii)     Claim full daily allowance as per
                    rates given below in which case no                       (vi)    Daily allowance is admissible for
                    charges for lodging will be                                      halt on a ‘Holiday’ occurring during
                    admissible:                                                      a tour.
S.No.      Pay Range(Rs.)               Rate of Daily Allowance(Rs.)
                                        A Class    Other                     (vii)   An employee is not entitled to any
                                        Cities     Cities
                                                                                     daily allowance during leave on
1.        AMDs/EDs                      450        375
                                                                     Rule 10 of Travelling/Daily Allowance
        *(viii) An employee will normally be given            Rules of the Federation stipulates that the terms
                48 hours time to proceed on tour.             and conditions regarding grant of TA on transfer
                This will be subject to exigencies of         of the Federation’s employees shall be the same
                work. The decision of the Branch              as are applicable to the employees of the
                Manager in this regard will be final.         Central Government except in respect of
                                                              disturbance allowance admissible on transfer.
        *(ix) Full DA will be admissible to the
              employees during the period of tour.            It is, therefore, clarified that in terms of rule 10 of
              However, tour continuously for more             TA Rules, the maximum entitlements of
              than 30 days should be avoided,                 employees of different grades for transportation
              wherever possible.                              of personal effects by goods train, on transfer
                                                              from old to new headquarters in the Federation
8.      Local Journeys on Tour                                shall be the same as indicated in S.R. 116 of the
                                                              Government of India. The present maximum
      Actual taxi, tonga or rickshaw fare paid by             limit in S.R. 116 is as under: -
touring officers while on official tour in a
particular town shall be admissible on
production of schedule of trips undertaken by                 #       Substituted vide O.O. No. 12, dated 22.12.1993.
him in the city along with a certificate that the             *       Substituted w.e.f. 25.11.1986 vide O.O. No. 30.
amounts mentioned in the schedule were                        ** Substituted w.e.f. 28.08.1992 vide O.O. No. 14 dated
actually paid by him and that he did not use the                 20.10.1992, and subsequently w.e.f. 11.07.1994 vide
                                                                 O.O. No. 12 dated 11.07.1994.***Substituted vide O.O.
car or vehicle of any institution for such trips                 No. HO/FA/20-52/82-83 dated 15.04.1982; O.O. No. 10
(Form ‘B’). Where an employee travels in a                       dated 25.05.1989 and O.O. No. 1 dated 06.04.1992.
mode to which he is not ordinarily entitled the
TA claim relating to local conveyance of each                 S.No.       Category     Revised Pay           Maximum limit of
                                                                                       range(Rs.)            personal effects
day should be verified by the supervisory officer                                                            To be carried by
regularly on the following day.                                                                              goods train
                                                              1.          I & II       11,375/– and above.   6000 Kg.
9.      TA on Transfer
                                                              2.          III           Between 6,050/- &    3000 Kg.
       The terms and conditions regarding grant
of TA on transfer of the Federation’s employees               3.          IV           Between 4,300/- &     1599 Kg.
shall be the same as are applicable to the                                             6,049/-
employees of the Central Government. The
                                                              4.          V            Less than 4,300/-.    1000 Kg.
Board of Directors in their meeting held on
28.08.1992 have approved the payment of                       Ref.OO No.04 dt.20.5,.2005
lump-sum transfer grant to the employees of the
Federation, in lieu of disturbance allowance, at              (iii)      Carriage of personal effects by modes of
the following rates: -                                                   conveyance other than goods train as also
                                                                         from residence to railway stations/bus
                                                                         stand at the old headquarters and from
 .No.    Pay range (Rs.)              Lump-sum transfer                  railway stations/bus stand to the
                                      Grant admissible(Rs.)              residence at the new headquarters will
                                                                         also be regulated in accordance with the
 1.      15,450/- & above.            4000/-                             provisions of S.R. 116 ibid.
 2.       11,375/- & above but less   3000/-
         than 15,450.                                         B.         To & Fro single fare on transfer in
                                                                         addition to transfer benefits
 3.      Less than Rs.11,375/-.       1500/-
                                                                    In accordance with the existing rules,
Ref OO No.04 dt.20.5.2005.                                    transfer TA is admissible to the employees and
                                                              his/her family only for the journey performed
                                                              from the old Headquarters to the new
                                                              Headquarters. It has been observed that an
                                                              employee on transfer initially goes to the new
A.      Personal Effects                                      place of posting alone. After fixing up his
                                                              residence there, he comes back to his old
station of posting to shift his family and personal              the employees on transfer is payable only at the
effects to the new place. With a view to mitigate                time of transportation of household goods from
the difficulties and to make good the financial                  old station to new headquarters.
loss being suffered by the employees in such
cases it has been decided to extend the facility                      (Ref. O.O. No. 59, dated 27.04.1987)
of to and fro single fare to the employees from
the new station to old place of posting, by the                         In furtherance to office order No. 59,
entitled class of travel. This facility will be in               dated 27.04.1987, it is hereby notified for
addition to the normal transfer benefits                         information that packing allowance is granted at
admissible to an employee and will have to                       flat rates and is in the nature of lump sum
availed within six months of the date of issue of                transfer grant. The grant of this allowance is not
transfer orders.                                                 related to the quantity of personal effects
      This order shall be effective for transfers
ordered on or after 30.07.1986.                                       (Ref. O.O. No. 15, dated 23.12.1988)

        (Ref. O.O. No. 08, dated 25.08.1986)                     D.    Admissibility of Transfer benefits on
                                                                       request transfer
C.      Packing Allowance
                                                                        In accordance with the practice being
       Rules 10 of the travelling allowance                      followed in the Federation, transfer benefits are
rules of NAFED provide that the terms and                        not admissible to the employees in cases of
conditions regarding payment of TA on transfer                   request transfers. However, in such cases,
to the employees of the Federation shall be the                  representations have often been received,
same as applicable to the employees of the                       requesting for grant of transfer benefits, as
Central Government except the disturbance                        admissible in the case of normal transfers.
Allowance.                                                       Keeping in view the financial difficulties being
In terms of the Rule 10 of the TA Rules of the                   faced by the employees owing to inadmissibility
Federation, the Executive Committee in their                     of transfer benefits on request transfers, the
meeting held on 25 November, 1986 has                            matter has been examined and it has been
decided to grant packing allowance to the                        decided that employees whose request transfers
employees on transfer in accordance with the                     are acceded to after three years of stay outside
provision of Office Memo. No. 19018/1/86/E/V                     Delhi/his Home state during the last 10 years,
dated 03.01.1986 of the Department of                            shall be entitled to all transfer benefits.
Expenditure, Ministry of Finance, Government of
India, as under: -                                                    (Ref. O.O. No. 57, dated 23.03.1994)

         Pay Range(Rs.)                        Rate of Packing   10. Casual/ad-hoc employees working on
S.No.                                          Allowance.        daily wages/consolidated pay will be governed
1.       15450/- & above                            1500/-       by the following rates:
2.       10525/- & above but less than              1200/-
3.       7975/- & above but less than               900/-
                                                                 Travelling Allowance
4.       5350/- & above but less than 7975/-        600/-              (i)    Actual bus fare if travelled bus.
5.        4,300/- & above but less than             450/-              (ii)   IInd class railway fare by the shortest
                                                                              route, if travelled by train.
6.       Below 4,300/-.                             300/-
                                                                 Daily Allowance
Ref OO No.04 dated 20.5.05
                                                                 The Board of Directors in their meeting held on
(Ref. O.O. No. 31, dated 16.01.1987, O.O. No.                    26.8.2005 has decided to revise the rates of
13, dated 20.06.1990 and O.O. No. dated                          Daily Allowance payable to the casual
18.07.1994.)                                                     employees of the Federation from existing level
                                                                 to Rs.100/- per day while on tour irrespective of
      In furtherance to office order No. 31,                     category of employee or class of city. The
dated 16.01.1987, it is thereby notified for                     above rates would be applicable w.e.f.
information that packing allowance admissible to

26.8.2005 and the cases already settled shall        4.     91 to 100%      100%
not be reopened. Ref.OO No.20 dt.30.9.2005
 11. TA/DA Allowances to staff deployed in           The expenses on TA/DA for the representatives
     Marketing of Fertilizer & Agricultural          under these rules would be paid on actual visits
     Inputs.                                         against the approved visit programme, excluding
                                                     his local visits.
       The Executive Committee in its meeting
held on 21.12.2000 have approved TA/DA and           The above order is deemed to have come into
rental allowances to staff deputed to reside and     force w.e.f. 25.05.2001.
work from places other than Branch
Headquarters for marketing of fertilizer and         (Ref. O.O. No. 10, dated 28.06.2001)
other agricultural inputs, viz; seeds and further
revised them on 25.05.2001. The revised rates        12.    Competent Authority
are as under: -
                                                            (i)    The Managing Director shall act as
i)      DA Rs. 75/- per day                                        a self-controlling officer; and
        (Maximum Rs. 1050/- p.m.)
        (Actual visits against approved                     (ii)   He shall also act as ‘Controlling
        tour programme)                                            Officer’ in respect of other
                                                                   employees of the Federation.
ii) Maintenance allowance for carrying Rs. 750/-
    out official work at place of duty. P.m.         13. As regards matters not covered by these
                                                     rules, the Government of India rules and
iii) a) Travelling expenses of Rs. 1000/- p.m.       instructions issued from time to time on the
         (max.) (Actual Bus fare against             subject shall apply.
         approved tour programme) for covering
         one or two districts.                       14. In case of doubt regarding interpretation
                                                     of these rules the decision of the Managing
      b) Travelling expenses of Rs. 1200/- p.m.      Director shall be final.
        (max.) (actual Bus fare against approved
        tour programme) for covering three or        15. On receipt of journey particulars in Form
        more districts.                              ‘A’ from the touring officer, TA Bill shall be
                                                     prepared in the Accounts Branch in the
iv) Night Halt:                                      proforma prescribed.

             As per existing TA/DA Rules of Nafed.   # Ref. O.O. No. 10, dated 28.06.2001.
             (Not exceeding 3 days in a month).

        The above DA, which is linked with
performance of the Field representative
deployed at a designated location for the
fertilizer business is payable in accordance with
the following table, subject to the minimum
achievement of 70% of the total target fixed for
him particular area, failing which they would not
be entitled to receive the full DA: -

Sl.     % of target   % of DA to   Recovery of
No.     achieved      be paid      franchise
1.      Below 70%     75%          100%

2.      70 to 80%     80%

3.      81 to 90%     90%

                                            IMPORTANT DECISIONS

A.     Approval of Tour Programme                        up the same for approval of the Competent
                                                         Authority. In case the above procedure is not
      In continuation of this office order of even       followed. TA claims of the concerned officers will
number dated 05.05.1975, the following                   be settled according to TA rules of the
guidelines are laid down with regards to                 Federation.
regularising the TA Bills in respect of officials
whose claim requires the approval of Managing                  (Ref. HO/FA/12/81-82) dated 04.11.1981)
Director, for future compliance:
                                                         (ii) Reference is invited to office order No. 21
       (i)     Whenever tour is proposed to be           dated 11.10.1999 indicating that approval of the
               undertaken  a     tentative   tour        Competent Authority is required to be obtained
               programme should be sent to HO.           in advance by an officer for travel by Air.
                                                         However, instances have come to notice where
       (ii)    After completion of the tour, the final   officers have travelled by air without obtaining
               programme alongwith a brief visit         prior approval/telephonic approval of the
               note should be sent to HO for the         Competent Authority, which has been viewed
               approval    of    the     Competent       seriously by the Competent Authority.
                                                                It is, therefore, once again reiterated that
       (iii)   The TA claims when sent to                air travel may be undertaken by the officers only
               Accounts Division for settlement          in very unavoidable circumstances after the
               should be accompanied by the              express/specific approval of Managing Director
               approved ‘Tour programme’.                before undertaking air journey.

     (Ref. HO/AD/5/5/77-78 dated 01.11.1977)                   Officers of the level of Executive Director
                                                         and above shall also obtain prior approval from
B.     Travel by Higher Class                            Managing Director before air journey for official
(i)    Vide Circular No. HO/FA/12/80-81 dated
25.11.1980,     it   was    advised      to    the             This order supersedes all earlier orders
Branches/Divisional Heads in the HO that all             issued in this regard.
cases where an official proposes to perform or
have performed journeys by class higher than                     (Ref. O.O. No. 09, dated 18.07.2000)
the one to which he is entitled to, will be dealt
with by the Finance & Accounts Division and              (C)     Economy on Local Conveyance while
accordingly such cases should be referred to                     on Tour
this Division in the HO with full justification to
process the same timely. It has been brought to          (a) It has been observed that officers while on
notice that the above procedure is not being             tour are incurring heavy expenditure on local
followed by few of the officers and they are             conveyance, under Rule 9 of the TA Rules of
getting the tour programme approved directly             the Federation. Normally daily allowance is
from the Competent Authority without giving              supposed to meet the expenditure incurred by
proper justification and getting the same                touring officers on local journeys. However, in
examined from this Division. Adoption of such a          order to avoid hardship to officers, it has been
practice in most of the cases delays settlement          decided that hereafter, the expenditure on local
of TA claims.                                            journeys undertaken at the station of tour by an
                                                         officer, will be admissible in the following
        It is, therefore, advised that when an           manner.
officer proposes to perform or has performed
journeys by class higher than the one to which                   (i)   Conveyance charges for journey
he is entitled, final tour programme may not be                        between Railway Station/ Airport to
submitted to the Competent Authority directly                          the place of stay/ first point of
but the same should be forwarded to Finance &                          business and vice versa.
Accounts Division alongwith the complete
justification who will process the case and put

      (ii)    The touring officers should plan        that he should leave the hotel or the place of
              their movement in such a manner         stay to one place of business and return, and
              that the distance covered is reduced    then go to another place and return, and so on.
              to the minimum.
                                                      3.    It is hereby ordered that only one trip from
      (iii)   The officers should proceed from        the place of stay to the place of business and
              one point of business to a second       back during one day, will hereafter be allowed to
              point from where they can proceed       the touring officers at the halting station.
              to a third one and so on, without
              returning to the place of stay, on a        This order        comes     into   force   with
              particular day.                         immediate effect.

      (iv)    The journey between (i) place of        (Ref. F-5/7/68 Admn./22 dated 07.07.70)
              stay and the first point of business
              and (ii) the last point of business     D.    Claim for Local Conveyance while on
              and place of stay on any day will not         Tour
              be paid for as daily allowance is
              supposed to take care of this part of   1.    According to rule 9 of TA Rules of the
              the journey.                            Federation actual taxi/tonga/ rickshaw fare paid
                                                      by the touring officer while on official tour in a
      (v)     A touring officer may undertake         particular town is admissible on production of
              local journeys in the interest of the   the schedule to trip undertaken by him in the city
              Federation at the station of his tour   along with a certificate that the amounts
              accord-ing to his entitlement in the    mentioned in the schedule were actually paid by
              local conveyance rules of the           him and that he did not use the car or vehicle of
              Federation. In case he travels by a     any institution for such trips.
              mode of transport lower than his
              entitlement,   he    should     claim   2.     It has been observed that in a number of
              accordingly.                            cases, the TA bills submitted by the employees
                                                      showed that reimbursement of large amounts
      (vi)    Expenditure incurred by a touring       had been claimed on account of local
              officer on conveyance on official       conveyance for journeys undertaken at
              local journeys from one place of        procurement centres etc. by taxi, scooter etc. by
              business to the other only may be       which they were not entitled to travel. In
              claimed by him in the annexed           particular, it was noticed that several official had
              revised     proforma    (From     B)    visited docks, godowns and other places
              prescribed under Rule ‘9’ of the TA     engaging taxis though the places of visit are
              rules of the Federation, giving brief   connected with local trains.
              of the discussions held or business
              transacted at each point.               3.     In future, when an employee is deputed to
                                                      attend to any urgent important work where he is
   (Ref. HO/AD/5/5/73-74 dated 25.04.1975)            to claim by a mode of conveyance which he is
                                                      not entitled, the TA claim relating to local
(b) Instances have come to notice where               conveyance of each day should be verified by
touring officers have been charging amounts in        the supervisory officer concerned on the
their TA bills for making frequent visits from the    following day. For this purpose a record should
place of their stay (hotel etc.) at the halting       be kept by each supervisory officer of the local
station to the places of business in that city on     journeys made by the employee and also the
the same day, under Rule 9 of the TA rules of         mode of transport allowed to be used. In the
the Federation, which is not correct.                 absence of such verification certificates, the
                                                      local conveyance bills will not be entertained.
2.    Rule 9 of TA Rules provide undertaking of
local trips by touring officers to places of          4.    Further, under rule 5 of the TA rules,
business in the city of halt which means that         actual fare by taxi or scooter, as entitled under
once the touring officer leaves his place, he is      the rules is admissible for road journeys
expected to complete the official business of the     performed from residence to airport/station and
day and return to the place of his stay, and not      back, both at the headquarters and at the place

of visit. It has been reported that auto-rickshaw      followed till receipt of further communication
are not available at certain cities like Mumbai,       from the railway authorities in this regard.
Kolkata etc. and, therefore, officers and staff of
the Federation are visiting such places on                  (Ref. HO/FA/12(1)/79-80 dated 24.5.1980)
tour/transfer by taxi from airport/railway station
to residence and back. In such cases where the         F.     TA Bill to be Sent by Registered Post
employees are not entitled to travel by taxi, ex-
post facto approval of the Managing Director is        1.     Instance have come to notice where loss
being obtained at the time of settlement of TA         of TA bills of officials are reported either in
bills. For this purpose, it has been decided that      transit or in office. To overcome this problem it
in future at all places where auto-rickshaws are       has been decided that TA bills and other
not available, employees who are not entitled to       important documents sent by one office to
travel by taxi may be allowed reimbursement of         another office of the Federation should
the taxi fare subject to the following conditions:     invariably be sent under Registered Post.

      (i)    Local     train   services,   where       2.     On receipt of such TA bills and other
             available, should be utilised to the      important documents, the concerned receipt
             maximum possible extent and               despatch clerk shall make an entry in the receipt
             distance which remains to be              register, and pass on the same to the concerned
             covered        to    the     working      officers/staff and obtain his signature.
             point/residence may be covered by
             auto-rickshaw or taxi, whichever is           This order         comes     into   force   with
             available.                                immediate effect.

      (ii)   Where such journeys are made by           (Ref. HO/AD/G-39(26)/79-80 dated 23.05.1980)
             taxi by the employees who are not
             entitled to use such mode of              G.     Economy in Travelling
             transport under the normal rules,
             the local conveyance claims should               It has been observed that some of the
             be certified by the concerned                    officers of the Federation are proceeding
             Branch Incharge.                                 on tour without prior approval of the
                                                              Competent       Authority.    This      causes
E.    Production of Railway Money Receipt                     dislocation of work of the Federation. It
      for Rail Journey                                        has, therefore, been decided that in future
                                                              Branch Managers will proceed on tour
1.      The Railway authorities have announced                only after their tour programme is
the discontinuance of money receipt while                     approved by the Regional Managers. The
issuing rail tickets and notifications have been              Regional Managers can undertake tour
issued by railway authorities in various                      with the prior approval of the Managing
newspapers on 19 March 1980. For settlement                   Director. In regard to officers posted in HO
of the claims, railway authorities have advised               they should proceed on tour after having
that touring officers may submit the details of rail          their tour programmes approved by the
ticket, No., date of journey, train No., coach No.            Competent       Authority.    The      powers
and reservation No. etc. in the form of following             regarding approval of tour programmes
certificate:                                                  and passing of TA bills have already been
                                                              laid    down      in    HO        order    no.
I……….. certify that I have purchased Rail                     HO/AD/8/275/79-80 dated 1 may, 1980.
Ticket No. ………… for sector ………. for Rs.                       The journey should be undertaken strictly
……….. , Coach No./Class …………..                                in accordance with the entitlement of the
Reservation No. …………. on …………                                 officer concerned. If journeys are to be
                                                              undertaken by a higher class than the
                                  (Touring Officer)           entitlement in the exigencies of office
                                                              work, it has to be approved by the
2.    The railway authorities have indicated that             Managing Director. These instructions
this notification is valid till the end of July 1980          should be noted for strict compliance.
and is likely to become permanent if found to
work well. As such, the above order will be

       It has also been observed that tendency           (ii)     Submission of TA Bills – Time Limit
amongst officers to go on tour by official car or                 and  Adjustment/Recovery of     TA
hired taxi is on the increase. The cost of petrol,                Advance
lubricants and maintenance of vehicle has
considerably gone up in the recent past. In              1.     It has been brought to the notice that
addition,     drivers    of     official   vehicles      officers/employees are not submitting TA bills
accompanying the officers are to be paid TA/DA.          for the tour being undertaken within the
Therefore, the total cost of tour by car, in certain     stipulated period of one month for settlement of
cases, exceeds even cost of air journey. In view         TA bill and recovery of the advances. In this
of the above, it has been decided that officers          context, the following officer orders had been
should avoid travelling by car/taxi. TA Bills shall      issued:
not be passed until and unless proper and
sufficient justification for so undertaking the          (i)      HO/AD/5/5/73-74 dated 05.06.1974.
journey is given.
                                                         (ii)     HO/AC/12919)/76-77 dated 28.08.1976
  (Ref. HO/AD/8/280/79-80 dated 27.06.1980)
                                                         (iii)    HO/AC/129190/76-77 dated 04.04.1977.
  (Text of orders issued by MD on 29.09.2004)
In recent months, I have found a lot of Officers are     2.    In spite of the above orders and
                                                         subsequent reminders from time to time, no
moving by Air without prior permission.       In this
                                                         improvement in submitting the TA bills as well
connection please refer to clause 3 of Office Order      as adjustment of TA advances has been seen.
                                                         In number of cases, TA bills are being submitted
No. HO/AD/2/41/2002-03 dated 6th January’ 2003,
                                                         by the touring officers after considerable lapse
which clearly states that admissibility of air journey   of time of the completion of the journey. This
                                                         result in non-adjustment of the advances and
stands withdrawn for all Officers.      As such, all
                                                         the same has also been commented upon
Officers are requested to resort to air travel only      adversely by the Statutory Auditors.
when no alternative is possible. Further, low fare
                                                         3.     It has, therefore, been decided that if the
schemes are now available with most of the Airlines      TA bills are not submitted by the touring officer
                                                         within one month of the completion of the tour in
and whenever air travel has to be resorted to these
                                                         future, TA bill may not be entertained. Advances
low fare schemes should be taken advantage of.           taken by the touring officer/employees may be
                                                         recovered in the manner indicated in the Office
                                                         order      No.     HO/AC/12(19)/76-77       dated
H.    Submission of TA Bills – Time Limit
                                                         28.08.1976. Further TA advances may not be
                                                         allowed in case the earlier TA advances are not
                                                         adjusted against the TA bill of the concerned
1.    Instance have come to notice where the
advance taken by the employees are not got
adjusted/settled within a reasonable period of
                                                         4.     It will be the responsibility of the AO/
the date of taking of such advances. In a
                                                         AAO/Accountant/Incharge of the Branch Office
number of cases TA bills are being submitted
                                                         to ensure that no deviation of the above
after considerable lapse of time of the
                                                         instructions takes place in future.
completion of journeys by the employees.
                                                              (Ref. HO/AC/12(19)/78-79 dated 06.03.1979)
       It has been decided that, in future, if a TA
bill is not submitted within one month of the
                                                         I.       Settlement of TA Bill of Legal Adviser
completion of the tour, the same will not be
                                                                  for his outstation Visits
entertained. Advance, if any, taken for the tour
will be recovered in the manner stipulated in the
                                                         1.     It has been brought to notice that
office order No. HO/AC/12/(19)/76-77 dated
                                                         Divisional Heads/Officers are referring the cases
                                                         to Legal Adviser for visiting outstation in
                                                         connection with the legal case of the Federation
 (Ref. HO/AC/12(19)/76-77 dated 04.04.1977)
                                                         and no reference to this effect is being made to

F&A Division. Resultantly delay occurs in              employee on routine transfer. In future,
settlement of bills of the Legal Adviser.              therefore, such cases need not be referred to
                                                       head office and may be decided by the
2.   The following procedure, for this purpose,        concerned branches if the claims come under
may be implemented:                                    their purview.

(i)    Divisional Heads will submit the proposal             (Ref. O.O. No. 31, dated 12.02.1985)
for visit of the Legal Adviser or his associates for
attending legal matters outside Delhi to the           L.     Admissibility of transfer Travelling
competent authority in triplicate. One copy after             Allowance to Family member from
the proposal is approved, may be sent to FA                   places other than old headquarters.
Division for releasing advance to Legal Advisor
as and when required.                                         Under existing rules of the Federation,
                                                       TA/DA is not admissible to a person for initially
(ii)   On receipt of the bills from the Legal          joining a post in the Federation. A case has
Advisor, the concerned Divisional Head should          come to notice where an employee who initially
examine and verify the bills and thereafter the        joined the Federation at a particular station had
same may be forwarded along with a copy of the
approved proposal to FA Division for settlement        * Reference O.O. No. 38, dated 04.02.1987.
of the TA claims of legal Adviser. The 3 copy of       not taken his family alongwith him to that station.
the approved proposal may be retained by the           Later on when he was transferred to another
concerned Divisional Head for reference                place, he requested that he may be permitted to
purposes, in future.                                   take his family from his native place to his new
                                                       headquarters directly and he be allowed to claim
     (Ref. HO/FA/2/81-82 dated 05.12.1981)             transfer TA for the family also. So far as the
                                                       family is concerned, it amounts to grant of
J.    Tour Reports                                     transfer TA for the first time. The point whether
                                                       transfer TA should be allowed or not to the
       It has been decided by the MD that in           family in such a case has been examined and
future     all tour   reports    by    Divisional      after careful consideration, it has been decided
Heads/Section Chiefs/Regional Managers be              that transfer TA in respect of family in such
sent to Coordination Division in quadruplicate         cases may be granted from a station other than
immediately and in any case not later than one         the old headquarters to the new headquarters or
week of the completion of the respective tours.        from the old head-quarters to the new
                                                       headquarter whichever is less.
(Ref.HO/Coord/10/TR-Cir/81-82 dated 17.12.81)
                                                           This order          comes      into      force   with
K.    Payment     of    transfer   travelling          immediate effect.
      allowance to Departmental Candidates
      appointed against Direct Quota.                        (Ref. O.O. No. 34, dated 20.03.1985)

       According to the Recruitment & Pro-             M.     Service Charges for Railway Booking
motion Rules, a number of posts are to be filled              Admissible
up by direct recruitment. For such posts
normally an advertisement is issued and the                  As per the existing rules of the Federation,
interested persons are asked to apply for the          the Service charges on Railway booking
same. Some of the departmental candidates              arranged through a travel agent are not
also send their applications. It is observed that a    admissible to the employees.
few of such candidates are selected for
appointment. On selection they are posted to                  The matter has been examined and in
different stations. A question has been raised by      order to avoid financial loss to the touring
a number of branch offices as to how TA/DA,            employees, it has been decided that the service
transfer benefits etc. should be paid to these         charges payable to an authorised travel agency
employees. The matter has been examined and            for arranging railway booking shall, hereinafter,
it has been decided that such employees shall          be reimbursed to the employees on production
be eligible to draw all benefits on account of         of cash memo from the travel agency. The
transfer TA/DA etc. as is admissible to an             amount reimbursable, shall be as per actuals

but not exceeding Rs. 25/-* per ticket. This            State Buses viz. Expr-    vel by Ordinary State
                                                        ess, Deluxe, Ordinary,    Buses/Private Buses.
facility shall be admissible only for official tours.   what will be the class    But, incase such Bus-
                                                        of entitlement in case    es are not available,
       (Ref. O.O. No. 48, dated 25.06.1985)             of employees under        an employee may tra-
                                                        Category III and IV.      vel with the permission
                                                                                  of the Branch Manag-
N.      TA/DA Rules – clarification reg.
                                                                                  er/Regional Manager/
                                                                                  Divisional Head by Ex-
The TA/DA Rules of the Federation were                                            press/Deluxe Buses.
revised vide office order no. 47 and 49 both                 iii.      Whether          This may be
dated 22.01.1986. According to the modified             Incidental Allowance is   regulated in terms of
rules, the rate of mileage allowance and daily          payable in case the       office order No. 78,
allowance of the employees were revised w.e.f.          journeys are perform-     dated 02.06.1996.
                                                        ed by office vehicle or
16.12.1985. A number of doubts in regard to             any other free vehicle.
interpretation of the above office orders were
raised by various branches. These have been                    All Regional/Branch Managers are
examined and the following clarifications are           requested to keep the above clarification in mind
issued to enable the branches to settle the TA          while settling the TA/DA bills of the employees
bills of the concerned employees :                      working under them.
                                                              (Ref. O.O. No. 81, dated 26.06.1996)
                                                        O.     In partial modification of office order No.
Point of Doubt              Clarification               81, dated 26.06.1986, it has been decided that it
        1                         2                     will not longer be necessary to produce bus
1. Cochin Branch:
     Whether half/full           Since the total        tickets by the employees for the purpose of
DA     is    admissible     stay at the touring st-     reimbursement, in respect of the journeys
under the revised ord-      ations comes to 5 ¼         performed on tour by ordinary buses. Production
ers for tours where         hours, only half DA is      of bus ticket will, however, be compulsory when
due to frequent joune-      admissible as DA is
ys and short period of      not payable during jo-      the journey is undertaken by higher mode of
stay at number of           urney time for which        transportation like Express/Deluxe/Air-condi-
places (excluding jour-     Incidental Allowance        tioned buses.
ney time), the total halt   at the rate of 6 paise
comes to 5 ¼ hours.         per km. is paid.                   This order takes effect from 30.07.1986.
Although the empl-                                             (Ref. O.O. No. 07, dated 25.08.1986)
oyee concerned was
away from his head-
quarter for mor than                                    P.     Payment of Local Conveyance to LCT
12 hours.                                                      Candidates
  2. Ahmedabad Branch

     Whether revised        No.                                It is notified for the information of all that
rates of Daily/Alloawa-                                 such of the outstation employees as are invited
nce are applicable to                                   to take up the Limited Competitive Test (LCT)
casual/ad hoc employ-
ees working on daily                                    shall be entitled to local conveyance as per their
wages/consolidated                                      admissibility from the residence/office to the
salary.                                                 Railway/Bus-station/Airport in their Head
3. Kolkata Branch
                                                        Quarters and from Rly. Station/Bus Station/
     i. Whether Office           The     rates   of     Airport to the place of stay or venue of the Test
Order No. 47, dated         Mileage allowance for       as the case may be, and vice-versa.
22.01.1986 is applica-      the journeys perform-
ble only to travel by       ed by Taxi or Scooters
State Transport Buses       as laid down in Rule               The admissibility of local conveyance to
or other modes like         5(A) (a) (b) of TA/DA       employees who attended the LCT on
Taxi, Ordinary Buses        Rules have not been         28.07.1991 from outstation may also be dealt
other than State Tran-      revised. Therefore, the     with in terms on this order.
sport.                      rates of Mileage Allow-
                            ance modified vide
                            Office Order No. 47                (Ref. O.O. No. 50, dated 10.10.1991)
                            ibid are applicable
                            only to such journeys       Q.     Entitlement of students/trainees on
                            performed by State                 summer placement with NAFED for
                            Road Transport or
                            other Buses.                       Travelling/Daily Allowance

      ii. Since there are       Ordinarily,
different categories of     employees should tra-

      It has been decided that the students/             duty and daily allowance will be admissible for
trainees from different training institutions who        such halts at the rates prescribed for ordinary
are taken for summer placement by NAFED will             localities. Accordingly, Rules 5 (c) of travelling
be entitled to TA/DA as per the entitlement of an        allowance & daily allowance rules of the
Assistant Manager of NAFED, if they are                  Federation shall stand modified to the above
required to undertake tours as part of the               extent w.e.f. 14.08.1993.
projects assigned to them by the Federation.
                                                               (Ref. O.O. No. 15, dated 02.09.1993)
       (Ref. O.O. No. 06, dated 18.06.1993)
                                                         U.    Some branches have raised certain
S.     TA/DA for Management Trainees                     doubts about various provisions of the travelling
                                                         allowance & daily allowance rules of the
       It has been decided that the Management           Federation. The same have been examined and
Trainees appointed in the Federation will                the position is clarified as under: -
henceforth be entitled to the benefits of
travelling     allowance     daily    allowance,         Sl.No.      Point of Doubt
remuneration for attending office on Holidays
and local conveyance at par with the Assistant           1.    Whether an employee who is deputed on
Managers of the Federation.                                    tour to a place, which happens to be his
      (Ref. O.O. No. 05, dated 10.05.1994)                     place of stay also, is entitled for travelling
S.     Stay arrangement for employees who                2.    Whether taxes/levies charged in the hotel
       visit Mumbai on official tour                           bills are to be allowed if the billed amount
                                                               exceeds the entitlement of the employees
       It has been observed that as and when                   prescribed in the rules.
any official of the Federation goes on tour to
Mumbai, he has to face a lot of difficulty in
finding accommodation there. In order to solve           Clarification
this problem, Mumbai Branch was asked to find
out a suitable accommodation on actual                          Even if the place where the employee is
occupancy basis. Mumbai Branch has now                   being deputed on tour, happens to be place of
made arrangements with some specified                    his stay, he has to incur travelling expenses.
Hotels/Guest Houses, at Mumbai.                          Since these expenses are being incurred for an
                                                         official purpose the employees will be entitled for
      The officials who visit on tour to Mumbai          travelling allowance.
may give their requisition to Branch Manager,
                                                                Taxes/levies etc. are not be included in
Mumbai for reservation of accommodation. The
                                                         entitlement of room rent. As such to be allowed
employees utilising said accommodation during
tour at Mumbai shall be paid DA @ 50% of the
amount admissible to them under the TA/DA                     These clarifications may kindly be kept in
Rules of the Federation.                                 view while settling the TA/DA claims of the
        (Ref. O.O. No. 15, dated 13.11.1984,
     issued from file NO. HO/AD/G-14(f)/84-85)                 (Ref. O.O. No. 41, dated 01.01.1994)

T.     Payment of Daily allowance during                 V.    Grant of Transfer incidentals
       journey period for enforced halts
                                                                According to Rule 9 of Travelling
      The Board of Directors in their meeting            Allowance and Daily Allowance Rules, the terms
held on 14.09.1993 have decided that in the              and conditions regarding grant of TA on transfer
case of enforced halts occurring enroute on              of the Federation’s employees shall be the same
journey on tour, transfer, temporary transfer and        as are applicable the employees of the Central
in connection with training, necessitated by             Government. However, it is observed that the
breakdown of communication due to blockage of            employees of the Federation are being paid
roads/railway tracks on account of floods, rains,        incidental allowance at the prescribed rates for
heavy snowfall, landslide and accidents or               journeys undertaken in connection with both tour
delayed sailing of ships or awaiting for air lift, the   as well as transfer. This position is not in
period of such enforced halt will be treated as

conformity with the Government Rules.
According to Supplementary Rule 116 (III)
relating to payment of transfer incidentals to the
employees of the Government of India, the
Government servant, in addition to the fare for
himself and members of the family, draw one
daily allowance for himself and each member of
family for every completed day occupied in the
journey from residence reckoned from midnight
to midnight. For the period less than 24 hours on
any day, the daily allowance is admissible as
follows: -

      Up to 6 hours                    Nil

      Exceeding 6 hours              70%
      But not exceeding
      12 hours

      Exceeding 12 hours              Full

       The children below 12 years are allowed
daily allowance at half of the rates for adults.

      Therefore, the above instructions may
kindly be kept in view while settling TA bills of
the employees for journeys on transfer.
However, past cases will not be reopened.

     (Ref. O.O. No. 16, dated 22.11.1995)

                                                                                                                           (Annexure Form A)

                                          TRAVELLING ALLOWANCE BILL

Name ………………………………………                                         Headquarters ………………….                  Month …………..

Designation ……………………………….                                    Pay …………………………….                       Voucher No. …..

PARTICULARS OF JOURNEY 7 HALTS                               ROAD MILEAGE                        DAILY

      Departure           Arrival          Mode of
                                           journey      Means    Actual   No. Rate   Amount   No.  Rate   Amount   Total   Purpose   REMARKS
                                           i.e. by      of       fare     of                  of                   of      of
                                           road, air,   conve-   paid     kms.                Days                 each    Journey
                                           sea, rail    yance                                                      line

Station Date Hour Station Date      Hour

  1      2        3   4        5    6        7           8         9      10   11     12      13    14     15      16       17
                                                                                                          Rs. P

                                                                 Grand Total

                                                                                               Signature of the Travelling Officer


            ABSTRACT OF CHARGES                              Rs.         P.

1.   Actual fare i.e. by Air/Rail/Road ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
                                                                                   Certified that I have un-
2.   Mileage Allowance for …………….. kms.                                            Undertaken travel on tour
     at the rate of ……….. per km. …………...                                          (name of the class) or the
                                                                                   class to which I am en-
3.   Incidental expenses for ……………….. km,                                          titled and have incurred
                                                                                   the expenditure stated in
     at the rate of ………. per km. ……………                                             the TA bill.

4.   Daily Allowance for ………………. Days.

     At the rate of …… per day for …. days …..

5.   Others ……………………………………………

     Received vide voucher No, ……. Dated …..
     Other items as per details:


     …………………………………Total deduction

                                   Net Claim

Rupees …………………………………………..
Debitable to TA …………………………………                                      Signature of the Travelling Officer
Cr. TA Advance …………………………………
Passed for payment of Rs. ………… P……….                                           Designation
(Rupees …………………………………………)

Accounts Asstt.                               A.O.                 M(F&A)      Controlling Officer

                                                                             Annexure (Form B)


Name of the Officer …………………………………………………………………………………………

Designation …………………………………………………………………………………………………

City    Date    From      To      Purpose of local    Mode of Conveyance        Fare
                                  Journey             i.e. Taxi, Rickshaw,      Paid
                                                      Tonga, Bus, etc.

       Certified that the amounts mentioned in the above schedule were actually paid by me and
that I did not use any conveyance of any institution for these trips.

                                                                    Signature …………………


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