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Personal grooming tips


Protect your skin and boost its natural renewal process and you will keep it looking younger for longer.

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									How to be look well groomed?

Only 20% of the lines are inescapable, the rest is down to the way you live. Protect your skin and boost
its natural renewal process and you will keep it looking younger for longer.

Be gentle to your skin. Don’t be over zealous with cleansing. A good product will leave your skin clean
without rubbing. If your skin is acne-prone, go gentler and avoid scrubbing. Less is better, less rubbing,
less tugging, less stress and less cream to have balanced and clear complexion.

Use hot towel methods to relax and smooth your skin. Heats draw our impurities.

Do facial steam once a week is greatly beneficial for most skin type. It helps to clear blackheads for oily
skin and leaving your skin glowing.

Try not to apply moisturizer to T zone a few days if you suffer from shiny T-zone.

Massage your face can brighten your skin.

Replace coffee with a cup of hot water. It’s refreshing.

Personal grooming tips

Grooming is all about getting a professional finish, whether you’ve paid someone else or done it yourself.
We are talking about perfect nails, glossy hair and flawless make up. All these enhance your looks and
build your confidence.

Gives nails a groomed that look natural by a French manicure. Paint the tips white and coat the entire
nail in pale pink.

Always paint toenails. It makes them look prettier and give you positive feeling about yourself especially
if you don’t like your feet.

Blow-dry your hair.

Choose a shampoo to suit your scalp and conditioner to suit your hair.

Groom your brows. It will open up your eyes and enhance the shape. If plucking is too painful for you,
try it after a bath when the pores are open. Going to beauty salon for a wax will give your brows looks

Use foundation for flawless looking skin. Always apply in natural light so that you can see how well
you’ve blended it. After applying make-up, always check that no powder particle have settled in your
brows or lashes. Brush through to remove.

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