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									3 steps to smooth skin

Glowing skin made easy

Some people are born with perfect skin. The rest of us have to fight against blemishes, wrinkles on a
daily basis. If there is one thing that will make you look like a new you. It is a smoother and softer skin.
Below are 3 steps for smooth skin, radiant complexion.

Scrub up

Exfoliation can speed up skin renewal process naturally, removing dull and dead skin cells that
accumulate on the surface of your skin. This can cause dull appearance, clog pores and uneven skin tone.
Exfoliating immediately reduces these problems and leaves you with noticeably smoother and softer
skin. There are 4 types of common skin type, dry, oily, sensitive and normal. Choose the scrubs that best
suit your skin type for better effects.

Eat and drink healthily

Eat more of green, leafy vegetables or fresh fruits. Swapping white starchy food for whole grains and
make sure your diet is rich in essential fatty acids such as fish and avocado. Keep the skin hydrated by
drinking at least 8 glasses of pure water every day. Pure water can flushes out toxins in the body and
delivers nutrients to your body.

Sleep for beauty

Your skin is busy renewing themselves while you sleep. They work twice as fast as it works on day time.
Having a good night sleep can relax your facial muscles thus reduce lines, bags and shadows. Don’t drink
coffee or any food containing caffeine after 6pm. Take a warm bath and try to go to bed before 10pm.

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