Sencha Green Tea With Dried Spinach: The Cancer Prevention Tea! by davidbeck123


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									    Sencha Green Tea With Dried Spinach:
         The Cancer Prevention Tea!
Here, is another good and healthy Sencha green tea recipe. This one is made by Michel Nischan
for everyone to enjoy and benefit good nutrients from. It is a Sencha green tea recipe that provide
as with the flavor of caffeine without worrying the anxiety effects of it. Here, is a recipe that will
surely give you an uplifting boost of energy to make your day lively and fun!

With The Rush Of The Orange Twist, Here Is The Sencha Green Tea With Dried

As we all know, spinach is another healthy treat like the Sencha green tea. It originated from the
middle-east part of the globe. The spinach is used, by the ancients, to treat their lungs and throat.
It even reached the far borders of France and Spain where it was also grown. Today, since we are
capable of making studies with the technology we have. The men of science have stated that
spinach has properties that are able to prevent cancer. Pair it with the Sencha green tea and it will
surely aid in avoiding cancer cells from developing in our bodies. The spinach is also known for
its potent content of iron.

The Sencha green tea as we all know has the property that can avoid cancers. It is also a very
good antioxidant that is usually used in detoxifying the body form harmful substances such as
toxins. The Sencha green tea is said to exhibit a very elegant flavor. It is said to have a taste that
differs with every cup.

With this unique Sencha green tea and spinach, we shall be able to prevent cancers effectively!

The Ingredients needed in making Sencha green tea with dried spinach:

      Three cups of spinach leaves (packed; remove stems)
      An orange rind (remove pith)
      Three tablespoons of Sencha green tea leaves (Please buy the authenticated one for good flavor
       and health benefits)
How to make the Sencha green tea with dried spinach?

The first step is to prepare your ingredients. Be sure that the stems of the spinach are all
removed. The orange rind should have its pith removed, as well. This is to be sure that it won’t
give a bitter taste. While doing so, heat the oven to about one hundred fifty degrees to two
hundred degrees maximum.

Next step is to prepare your spinach on two baking sheets. Be sure that they are non-stick.
Position them all on the sheets with only a layer. So, do not stack them on top of the other. Bake
the spinach for about an hour or until it is wholly dried. After this, crush the spinach. However,
they should still be large enough to use as tea. The size should be big enough for a strainer.

The final step is making our lovely tea. First, get a saucepan. Put it over high heat. Pour four
cups water in the pan. When it boils, remove it from the fire. Prepare and put in a pot the
following: dried spinach pieces together with the orange rind and the Sencha leaves. After this,
pour in the hot water to the pot where all our ingredients are. Let it brew for about forty-five
minutes to an hour. After this, strain the tea. Be sure that there are no pieces of the spinach or the
Sencha leaves and the orange rind is left.

Then, serve it to your family and friends and enjoy a wonderful Sencha green tea time!

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