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									     Compare Bike Insurance with Apples to Apples
You might wonder why when you compare bike insurance with a friend you are paying
more. Comparing your insurance with a friend or family member is not an effective way
to find out if you are paying too much for your insurance. The main reason behind this
is that you are comparing a completely different bike and a completely different person.
Your friend may have more driving experience, a better claims record, a better driving
record, and a more affordable bike. The only way to truly see if you are paying too
much for your insurance is to request quotes and then compare. Have the following
information available and compare your insurance right.

Declarations Page
If you already have bike insurance, comparing rates is extremely easy. Make sure you
have a copy of your most recent declarations page and the agent can get most of the
information they need directly off of the page.

Driver License and Driver Info
Some declarations pages will not have information on the listed drivers of the policy.
Make sure you bring the date of birth of all of the drivers and their license numbers. It is
also helpful if you know if they have tickets or accidents and how long they have been

If your bike is financed, bring the name and mailing address of the lender. This makes
things easier when you choose to switch to a more affordable premium and will prevent
any extra charges from the lender.

There are so many different ways to request quotes. You can call an agent, call a 1-
800 number, or request quotes online. Make sure you compare premiums from a few
different companies and then you will find out if you have been paying too long for your
motorcycle insurance for the last 5 years.

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