Growing Grapefruits for Grapefruit Juice by shoaib190


									Growing Grapefruits for Grapefruit Juice

Anyone who lives in a northern part of the country has spent a
considerable part of their winters fantasizing about moving away from the
snow and wind, and living somewhere sunny and tropical. A few souls get
so fed up with the cold that they even start to look for ways that they
can make money in a warmer climate. One of the ways that some people
seriously consider is growing the grapefruits that are used to make
grapefruit juice.

In theory the idea of growing grapefruits is sound. An increasing number
of people are starting to drink grapefruit juice. In addition to tasting
good and being an excellent source of Vitamin C which helps boost the
immune system. In addition to that the juice also can help people lose
weight, help prevent certain types of cancer, assists in digestion, and
can help lower cholesterol.

The reality of growing the grapefruits needed to make the juice is vastly
different. The first thing the person needs is land. Just because the
place where you are living happens to be warm, does not mean that it is
ideal for growing citrus. Grapefruits require a very specific type of
soil. They do best when grown in soil that is. The place where the
grapefruit trees are planted needs to be an area that drains well.
Standing water can lead to all sorts of problems including root rot and
other fungus's.

The biggest factor that needs to be consider when it comes to raising
grapefruits is time. Grapefruits are grown on trees, and it is going to
take time before the tree reaches a fruit bearing age. The length of time
it takes a grapefruit tree to reach fruit producing maturity is usually
seven years.

It would be nice if all that you needed to do was plant the trees and
leave them alone until they are starting to produce grapefruit trees, but
you are not going to be able to. The trees require constant attention.
The trees need to be pruned each year and they also need regular
applications of fertilizer. The trees need to be examined on a weekly
basis to make sure that they are not developing any health problems.

Growing the grapefruits is only part of the grapefruit juice making
process. Once the fruit is harvested, the grower is going to have to have
some way to turn the fruit into juice. This is usually done be a
processing plant which pays the farmer for the fruit and then sells the
juice for a profit.

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