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									Can Pizza Be Healthy

For those who are looking for a way to enjoy pizza but do not want to
overdo it on the calories and fat, there are some healthful options
available. This particularly favorite food option does not lend itself to
health all of the time. In fact, many times, it has a great deal of
saturated fat within the cheeses, meats, and crust. However, if you
choose the right products and you look for healthier options from your
favorite provider, you can lighten it up significantly. You may not be
able to reduce all of the calories, but you can make it better for you.

Making It Better

The good news is that with a few tweaks, you can have a pizza that is
healthier for you than other versions. However, it is up to you to
determine what limits you will set for yourself. After all, this is a
type of food that some people want and expect to have in a certain way.
For that reason, you will want to consider just how drastic you want to
make changes to it. Here are some tips that can help you to reduce some
of the bad elements of this favorite meal.

If you are making your own, look for whole-wheat crust dough. Most
restaurants do not carry this, but you may wish to suggest it. This will
reduce the overall carbohydrate surge of sugar you have after enjoying
this meal.

Reduce the amount of cheese used. You do not have to cover it with
cheese. Rather, add a few sprinkles to it. You may want to choose a lower
fat content cheese, if you are making it at home.

Use vegetables and a lot of them. As long as they are fresh, they are
good for you. Be sure that you add enough so that you feel as though you
are getting a large meal. There should not be a limit.

Determine if the sauce is good for you. In most cases, it will be if it
is not loaded with too much sodium or other ingredients that add
calories. Ask for a simple sauce rather than one with cheeses in it.

Hold the meat for the best option since most of the meats are not
particularly good for you. You can even look for leaner options, like
chicken instead of sausage.

By taking these steps, you can reduce some of the calories and fat
associated with pizza. However, eating a good quality product and
reducing the amount you eat is also an important factor. Look for options
that still allow you to enjoy your favorite pizza.

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