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					About Fair Trade Tea, Coffee, and More

You'll see the mark of fair trade in tea, coffee, bananas, and many other
foods and beverages that you can have your refrigerator and cupboard full
of them. Products with this mark generally mean that they were made and
distributed under the conditions of fairness in all aspects of the
business. For instance, the farms where they were cultivated employ just
labor practices. Another example is that these products' manufacturers
see to it that their employees always have favorable working conditions.

Tea that has been certified as a fair-trade product is made by companies
of different sizes - from small- to large-scale. Certifying bodies are
challenged about helping the whole industry since they can't just focus
on the independent farmers and ignore the large tea plantations that
employ hundreds of laborers. To solve this, tea plantations now have
joint organizations where the work conditions, benefits, and other plans
for the laborers and farmers are discussed.

One interesting story is that of the 100 percent organic fair trade tea
in Sri Lanka's Uva district. Their black tea from Koslanda helps about
600 families by giving them jobs in the plantation, making available
micro-lending programs, and buying other resources that can give them
added income.

If you're a chocolate lover, you'll definitely love even more chocolate
bars and candies that passed the standards of any of the certifying
bodies. Aside from enjoying the rich, smooth taste of the confections,
you'll feel good that these products support the movement on maintaining
decent wages, prohibiting child labor, and helping many farmers across
the globe to have better lives. Many companies can afford to sell cheap
cocoa products, because they use minors to work in their farms and pay
substandard wages. With these chocolate products, you are assured that
that the producers of the product do not do these illegal schemes.

There are also chocolates that are not only fair trade-certified, but
also organic. Many cocoa plantations now that are earning their fair
trade certifications also strive to lessen the pesticides and hazardous
chemicals that they use in cocoa cultivation.

There is an increasing awareness about the importance of providing
benefits for farmers and all other workers involved in manufacturing
various food products. Aside from tea and chocolate, there are also other
food items all over the world that are made under fair trade rules and
regulations. You'll now also find fair trade spices, oils, and rice. And
the list just keeps on growing.

Fairtrade tea bags and loose leaves are available on the Oxfam Shop
website. Visit their site today to also check out their fair trade
chocolate bars, coffee beans, and more.

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