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									IIJT- fostering practice-based learning

The education system of India is highly recognized all over the world. Its academic
curriculum and practice-based study techniques are widely appreciated and acknowledged.
However, one cannot deny the fact that there is always a scope for growth and
development. Besides the stressing on theoretical procedures of learning, there is also a
need to promote industry best practices and implement practical methodologies for
training and education. The Indian system of education demands more innovative and
practice-based teaching methodologies. Here comes in the need for vocational training and
practice. Those help instill advanced practical skills in aspiring students and make them
competent enough to meet the challenging needs of rapidly evolving industries.

Institutes like IIJT offer specialized study programs in relevance to the modern day
demands of the various professions. Determined to foster skilful education in the
promising sectors of today, IIJT offers a suite of multidisciplinary courses with an aim to
develop critical skills necessary for workplace success. Its expansion to over 120 training
centers across India is evident of the institute’s success as a practical education provider.
The aim is to grow further in this domain over a span of coming few years. IIJT endeavors
to impart holistic and industry relevant learning across the flourishing fields of Retail,
Finance, Infotech and Sales. With a focus on training students with up-to-date knowledge
and skill, IIJT completely caters to the mounting industry demands for professionally and
skillfully competent human resource.

Adding further value to the professional training imparted at IIJT, its tie-up with
TeamLease, India’s top most staffing company ensures promising employment
opportunities to the hard working and capable youth. Partnering with such a renowned
recruitment powerhouse, IIJT endeavors to bridge the gap between growing demand for
skilled workforce in the working sector and the availability of the same. Moreover, the
institute provides holistic job training to aspiring job seekers. By taking training to people
and people to jobs, the affiliation with TeamLease will vastly improve the efficiency of this

IIJT missions to expose young aspiring individuals to the dynamic industry trends and
demands and prepares them for the competitive global world.

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