Kaydana and the Lost City by P-LyricalpressInc


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									Kaydana and the Lost City
Author: Nyki Blatchley

As Kaydana seeks the magical lost city of Arlh, will she recognize its real treasure?Kaydana the
Sorceress has found the location of the lost city of Arlh, the source of her Staff of Ishlun, but she has
problems. Several other people also want to find Arlh and its magical treasures—including her former
lover and enemy, King Makreth. And she finds herself saddled with a pretty but naive peasant girl called
Serenith, whom Kaydana finds delightfully distracting. Her problems pale into insignificance, though,
when she and Serenith find Arlh and its immortal wizard-king Ishlun, who seeks to set himself above the
seven hundred gods of the world. Can Kaydana break Ishlun's control of her mind and save the world from
slavery? Can she save Serenith from a terrible fate? And, in the end, can she decide where her heart truly
lies?Warning: this title contains the following: explicit sex—mf, ff, fff, mind control, bondage, graphic

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