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					                    Employment Opportunities in South Africa

Although many parts of the country are still under developed, plenty of Jobs in South Africa
still await job seekers. Some of the sectors that have openings are in the following areas.

What Work is Available?

There are several openings in the finance sector, in particular banking and insurance. Work
related to the stock market are also in demand. You can also look for jobs in the government.
Almost all the departments are looking for workers both in permanent and temporary basis.

There are several companies in the country and they are in need of business executives. These
companies are in various businesses ranging from IT, banks, software development and many
others. The health industry is one of the fastest emerging sectors. Nurses and other health
professionals can expect to get paid well.

Skilled Workers

Qualified workers will have an easier time getting jobs than others. Keep in mind that job
openings for foreigners are open only in select parts of the country. Aside from the job
requirements, you must also meet the government requirements.

Your passport and visa are required. Check the company if they have other requirements too.
These issues must be resolved prior to entering the country. English is widely spoken, but
there are other languages used. It's to your advantage if you can speak one of them.

Facts Expatriates Should Know

Before you become one of the many South African Expats, you must have a job in the
country. The steps vary per country. In Britain for instance, your employer has to get the
proper immigration permits.

This permit is good for five years. If you’ve been holding the permit for four years, an
application for full residency is possible. This procedure may or may not be the same in other

Cost of Living

If you've been living in Africa, the cost will be much higher in the US and Europe. However,
the pay you get should be commensurate to the living standards there. Also important is
health care. Be certain your employer provides health insurance. International health
insurance is available for those who have to travel a lot.

One more thing should be considered, and that is the culture. There is no need to give up your
sense of national identity. But you should learn and respect the culture, practices and habits of
the locals. This will make it easier to find a job and get along with people.

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