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This project is a derivative of a case in the textbooks written by Kathy Schwalbe. Examples of the needed project management documentation maybe found in any one of the editions of her project management textbooks.

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									                   GREEN COMPUTING RE SEARCH PROJECT

Ben has decided to use the weighted decision matrix as a tool to support him in the
decision of which candidate to invite for an interview for the position of Project Manager
for the Green Computing Research Project and which one to chose for the position. For
this purpose, Ben has defined five criteria he estimates are necessary for a good Project
Manager to have success in the project and he has attributed a weight to every single one
of the criteria being of different importance for making a good Project Manager. Ben has
used his own professional experience within which in the past he has managed several
projects and his knowledge of the PMBOK guide and the support books of Rita Mulcahy
regarding the chapters on what makes a good Project Manager, what his/her tasks are and
reasons for projects failure to define the five evaluation criteria to find his/her Project
Those criteria are: Knowledge of Project Management and its methodologies,
instruments, tools. From his own experience Ben knows that it is important that a Project
Manager does not only manage a project in practice as he or she thinks it is appropriate to
do or as Management tells him/her to do but that he has a sound background knowledge
to be able to effectively manage the project. Ben has chosen the PMP® certification as
the formal attestation of this knowledge because it is recognized on an international level,
and in particular in the US where the Project Management Institute has its basis, and also
because it is an exhaustive and all compassing standard that is regularly reviewed and
updated by its members.
Secondly, as Ben knows that not only the theoretical instruments knowledge counts, he
has defined as a second evaluation criteria the candidate’s proven Project Management
experience that shows that he is able to practically apply the PMP methodology,
instruments and tools, in particular in regards to the management of the critical success
factors time, budget and quality.
Thirdly, a Project Manager has to guide and manage the project and the team in the
different processes and phases. He/she will have to deal with different personalities,
cultural identities, conflicts, issues, risk. For this purpose, some important personal
characteristics are required for the Project Manager, in particular such soft skills as
empathy, leadership, excellent communication skills, the capacity to manage conflicts,
the orientation versus objectives and others.
As Ben wants to have the best people in his team, he has decided to find them globally
exactly where they are and to build up a virtual project team which has particular
opportunities and challenges, in particular communication is a critical success factor for
virtual project teams. Therefore it is important that the Project Manager has an excellent
knowledge of the English language in written and spoken form, any additional languages
as Spanish, French, etc. are highly welcome.
Finally, although a Project Management Professional has the necessary experience and
knowledge of methodology, instruments and tools that can be applied and tailored to any
sector, it is surely of advantage if he has already worked on or managed IT and in
particular Green Computing projects in the past.
Ben has the attributed a weight to every criteria in the sequence as describe here before,
from 25% to 10%. Based on these criteria he has selected the candidates he has
interviewed by posing the questions that check every single field, and has attributed
points to each candidate for every single criteria. Candidate 1 has a strong hands-on
practical Project Management experience and PMP certification but a shy personality and
speaks a broken language. Candidate 2 comes from the IT and Green computing sector,
has good knowledge of languages and Project Management methodology but his
personality seems to be very harsh and not apt to deal with the project resources.
Although Candidate 3 seems to have excellent personality qualities and good overall
PMP and IT knowledge he lacks the language skills that allow her to manage virtual
teams. Candidate 4, John, has excellent English and some basic French and Spanish
knowledge and has excellent PMP, IT, Project Management knowledge and seems to
have a leadership personality that will allow him to guide the team throughout the
project. He will be the Green Computing Research Project Manager.

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