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									The Demands of
Deuteronomy 25:13-16
God’s Honesty Is Our Standard
   All righteous conduct is based on God’s holiness
       Lev. 19:1-2 This is basis for various laws to follow
       Deut. 6:1-9 Law based on person & character of God
       1 Pet. 1:16 Principle repeated in the N.T.
   One aspect of God’s holiness is absolute honesty
       Titus 1:2   “God, who cannot lie…”
       Heb. 6:18   “It is impossible for God to lie”
       2 Tim. 2:13 Abides faithful, “for cannot deny Himself”
   If we are honest as God is honest, we will reject all
    forms & cases of falsehood regardless of situation
The Honesty Required
      of Man
    Must Be Honesty With Others
   Honesty illustrated with fidelity in business practice
       Gen. 39:4-6    All in Joseph’s hand -- Potiphar’s full trust
       2 Kgs. 12:15   Trust workmen because “dealt faithfully”
       Deut. 25:13f   Just weights & measures important to God
       1 Cor. 4:2     Stewards required to be found faithful
   God’s word tells us to be honest in every case
       Rom. 12:17     “Provide things honest in sight of all men”
       Eph. 4:25      “Speak ye truth each man to his neighbor”
       Col. 3:9-10    Christians told not to lie to one another
       Prov. 6:16f    God hates dishonest - destroys all relations
   Lies & deceit are never allowed in any situation
        Must Be Honesty With God
   Man’s deception & dishonesty before God is futile
       Gen. 3:8f     Attempts to hide from God are futile
       Acts 5:1-11   Attempts at lying to God are futile
       Gal. 6:7-8    “Be not deceived; God is not mocked”
       1 Cor. 6:9f   All-knowing God controls kingdom gate
   To please God, we must be honest about His will
       Jn. 8:31-32 Free only by knowing & obeying truth
       Luke 8:4-15 Parable of sower -- various kinds of hearts
       Only “good & honest heart” properly receives word
   Most problems do not come from complexity of the
    Scripture, but from hearts unwilling to be honest
        Must Be Honesty With Self
   Men try various ways to delude self (Prov. 16:2)
       Jas. 1:13-16 “God made me depraved -- had to sin”
       Luke 10:27f “Too hard to understand law -- gray area”
       1 Sam. 15:15 “My way is really better than law given”
       Matt. 7:22f “Good I do will overshadow this one sin”
   Must honestly face thoughts & actions of self
       Jas. 1:22-27 How do we look at self compared to word?
       Matt. 26:20f Are we sincerely asking, “Is it I”?
       2 Cor. 13:5 Are we trying self or covering up?
       Lying to self brings destruction just like lying to others
   As I look at self, am I lost & needing to obey now?

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