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Label Making Software


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									                  Label Making Software


Labels are important because they make easy for us to locate
anything. Label making software helps in generating creative
and interesting labels for any item to be labeled. Thus, it helps to
keep our surroundings clutter-free and organized. This software
provides many options like attractive images, shapes, hues, fonts
and colors to beautify labels, and also helps in choosing label
names for different items. It helps in saving effort and time in typing
particularities of the thing you wish to label.
    Features Available in Label Making Software

 Many templates for different uses, like - stickers, CDs, shipping,
passes, name tags and others.
 Option to use your own image & logo to generate personalized

 Option to customize the size of label.

 Feature to edit or resize.

 Feature to export the tags in different formats such as JPG, TIFF,

 Feature to save the label and reuse it later when required.

 Option to add visual effects / transparency effects to the tags.

 Option to print labels.
      Use of Label Making Software in Offices

 To make professional labels for different documents and folders.
Earlier, the businessmen had to keep all the business documents
in a folder and name it using a pen.

To create attractive labels for business products’ packages. This
creates a good impression on the minds of customers.

For handout and brochure distribution, especially by Insurance
and Real Estate agents.
            Use of Label Software in Homes

To label containers of different ingredients, like pulses, grains,
baby food etc.

To label kids’ storage boxes that contain pens, colors, notebooks
and other supplies.

   To arrange CDs & DVDs.
                   Label Design Studio

What is Label Design Studio?

Label Design Studio is one of the premium quality label making
software applications that is specially made for the users who
are using latest versions of Windows operating system, Windows 7
and Vista. Other label maker tools start giving problems when they
are used with Windows 7. Label Design Studio is also compatible
with Avery.

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