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Financial Modeling


The Financial Modeling Course from Pristine offers a practical approach for financial analysts to come to the business valuation of any organization.

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									                                Financial Modeling
About Financial Modeling

•The task of building a model (usually a spreadsheet) depicting financial statements/ business
model, which can help you in decision making
•For Example, if you are looking to invest in a blockbuster IPO of latest internet company (Lets say
Zynga), how do you analyze. Look at the complete financial model here
•It could also be used to represent the performance of a business, a project, or any other investment
•Useful tools that allow business options and risks to be evaluated in a cost-effective manner against
a range of assumptions
•Helps in identifying optimal solutions and evaluating financial returns
•It could mean different things to different users Either accounting, corporate finance, quantitative
finance applications!
Target Audience
•Most suitable fpr people in investment banking, Equity research, Business planning & strategy,
Private management, or commercial banking
•Also a good plus for people pursuing CA, CFA , FRM, MBA Finance
•Ideal for candidates with Degree, Diploma, B .TECH in engineering and Commerce who want a
career in finance
•Basics of Finance and accounting
•Corporate Valuation Methodologies
•Usage of Excel

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