Caring For Curly Hair Weaves

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Taking Care Of Your Curly Hair Weaves

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Curly hair weaves, regardless if sewed in or perhaps attached using alternative techniques, can
offer style, flexibility and excitement to your daily look and feel. To obtain a much longer lasting
beauty, purchase a good high quality remy hair. Stick to the techniques below to ensure your curly
hair weave looks amazing plus preserves its style for the maximum length of time.

1. Clean with a hair shampoo which has no sulfates. Just like natural curly locks, curly weave hair
is destined to be drier compared to other hair textures. A sulfate free shampoo can limit the degree
of dryness as well as damage resulting from normal hair shampoos. Sodium lauryl sulfate is the
components accountable for the creation of lather and in addition they strip your hair of necessary
oils and can damage the actual hair follicle, reducing the lifespan of your weave. A delicate non-
sulfate wash gets the head of hair nice and clean though controlling humidity levels.

2. Untangle tenderly. To maintain your curly hair weave looking good for a longer time, regular
untangling is essential. Segment the head of hair in to 3 or 4 portions and clip up the hair
segments. Focusing on one particular section at a time, tenderly comb your weave by using a
wide tooth or shower hair comb. Start from the bottom and then work your way upward to the
actual braided. A good leave in conditioning untangler will help the hair comb move effortlessly
throughout the hair weave easily.

3. Keep away from blow drying. To prevent frizz and dryness, let your curly hair weave air dry by
itself after washing or wetting. If this is not an option, invest in a ionic hair hair dryer with an
attached diffuser. Use warmth to smoothly dry curly hair without all the tough pressure of a typical
blow dryer. You have the actual benefit of diffused air with ionic technologies, which seals plus
smoothes the hair follicles. It will help to prevent frizziness while keeping your curl.

4. Condition good. Simply because of the nature of the curly hair has a tendency to call for a lot
more moisture in addition to curly hair weaves are no exclusion to the rule. Maintain your weave
and continue to keep it adequately hydrated by using thicker, hydrating hair conditioners following
every shampoo. For more hydration, apply a moisturizing hair mask or penetrating moisturizing
hair product on your hair weave at least one time a week. Wrapping the head of hair inside of a
warm, moist towel for 10-20 minutes in order to soak up the moisture.

Products and solutions that contains silicones help reduce friction when ever combing, reduces
static electricity, makes hair much softer and even improve curl preservations which is beneficial to
preventing frizz. They also give a glossy, healthy look and feel. After you have styled your curly
hair weave, spray to help prolong the style or use a little bit of silicone serum.

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Taking Care Of Your Curly Hair Weaves

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