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									     King Island

Everybody is a King on Marco
                Marco Island
It is situated at the northernmost point of the
   South of Naples, Florida. It is the King Island of
  Marco Island is graced with miles of
• White-sand beaches
• Luxurious real estate
• Beautiful year-round weather
• Fine shopping
• Fine restaurant and dining
• Lively entertainment
                   Marco Island
• Plenty of recreational activities from boating and
   If you are Boating lover then this King Island is very
  enjoyable and adventures free for you. Water activities are
  sure to keep every member of the family occupied, no
  matter what time of the day. With so many activities and
  festivals through out the year, Marco Island has become
  more than a tourist attraction.
                    Marco Island
Miles of white sand greet you, have fun in the sun in a natural
   paradise that will help your Stress of life go away. King
   Island (Marco Island)is an unforgettable place and you just
   might want to come back again and again with your family
   members and friends. It is a melting pot of various religions
   and ethnic groups. There are restaurants and shopping for
   any taste or desire.
                    Marco Island
The weather is a main draw of this island. There is very little
  rain in dry season and a lot of crystal blue skies with warm
  temperatures which enhance the Beauty and Charm of this
  King Island. During winter season this island can be
  crowded with snowbirds from all areas of world.
                    Marco Island
• Fishing on Marco Island
King Island(Marco Island)boast some of the best year round
   Sport fishing in the world. Backwater fishing is a specialty
   of fishing for Florida's most popular game-fish among the
   mangroves of the 10,000 islands. Backwater fishing offers
   calm waters, beautiful scenery. Offshore fishing ventures in
   to the Gulf of Mexico. Fishing the wrecks and reefs off of
   the coast of Marco Island and Naples.
                Marco Island

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