Why doing MBA? part 2 by amalbcyriac


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									according to management with an engineering background you cannot reach the top level
management until u establish a firm or u become an enterprenuer. with MBA along with BE u
can reach the top level management in a shorter period of time .....

"BE has enhanced my logical and analytical abilities. MBA gives me the whole picture of how
an organization works. MBA is a practitioners degree and BE gives me a sound base to adapt,
adopt and understand domain knowledge quickly to apply the same for Corporate Growth"

What I feel is tell what actually happened in ur case.In my case I was not so sure on my goal or
target while I was doing BE.Just I did it to become an engineer...even my parents and relatives
had influence on that.But b4 finishing the course i started doing reserch on the current industry
and career options....and matched with my present skill sets.I found my self in a better way doing
managerial kind of job,interacting with people,making decisions,helping and motivating others
and able to convince others.....I realy enjoy doing this kind of this.....I have a few examples to
justify this...always state things with examples supporting that...Now I am very clear on what I
can do and what I have to do...

Technical knowledge will help to do technical interviews,interacting with engineers,understand
ther requirements,technical recruitment,performance appraisals in IT COMPANIES .......its
always an asset to have technical backgrnd.

1) In India when we are 18yrs, we do not really understand what we really want to be. By Merit
we get whatever we deserve or whatever our parents think is the best for us. After we spend 3-
4yrs we get to know what would be expected out of us after we complete this professional
course. But do we really want to pursue the same? or is it something else that would be more
exciting? and you end up finding Management more fascinating than E&C Engineering.

2) How many Engineering graduates every year end up with really doing what they studied?
Majority (infact more than 80%) enter the Software Engineering field though they come from
EEE, E&C,Mechanical,Chemical etc.,and they are welcome. So, why not after BE, do MBA and
enter Management...

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