; Getting Pregnant with PCOS Naturally - Is It Possible?
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Getting Pregnant with PCOS Naturally - Is It Possible?


Understand what PCOS is and find out if getting pregnant with PCOS naturally is possible.

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									        Getting Pregnant with PCOS Naturally - Is It Possible?
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                    Getting pregnant with PCOS naturally is possible. The bottom
                    line is to learn how to manage PCOS, thereby helping to increase
                    your chances of getting pregnant and bringing it to full term.

                    PCOS (polycystic ovarian syndrome) is one of the main causes of
                    infertility in women. While it is more difficult for women with PCOS
                    to become pregnant and there is a significant risk for miscarriage,
                    many women with this condition successfully gave birth to healthy
                    children, proving that getting pregnant with PCOS is achievable.

Discover how you can overcome infertility and get pregnant naturally...

What is PCOS?
Women with PCOS have multiple small cysts (fluid-filled sacs) on their ovaries that
prevent the ovaries from functioning normally, interfering with ovulation and hormone
production. This leads to hormonal imbalance and thus affects fertility.

PCOS has been related to elevated male hormone levels (e.g. testosterone), insulin levels
and glucose levels. These abnormalities can meddle with implantation and development
of the embryo. Abnormal insulin levels may also lead to poor egg quality.

The exact cause of PCOS remains uncertain. It may be inherited, may be linked to
diabetes and the use of certain seizure medications.

Besides the presence of cysts, other common PCOS symptoms include: amenorrhea (no
period) or infrequent periods (infrequent or no ovulation); irregular bleeding;
overweight; abnormal production of male hormone testosterone (symptoms include
excess facial and body hair growth); and infertility.

PCOS cannot be cured, but can be managed effectively through several methods, thereby
improving the woman’s fertility.

Medical treatments
Since there is a hormonal imbalance issue, doctors usually prescribe oral contraceptive
pills to women with PCOS to help restore hormonal balance and regulate menstruation.
However, this may not be what you want since your intention is to get pregnant and not
to avoid pregnancy.
To stimulate ovulation, doctors may prescribe ovulation medications, such as Clomid.
Fertility drugs like this stimulate your body to produce multiple eggs, while by nature
your body only releases one egg every cycle.

Sometimes, doctors may use the drug metformin, which is used to treat diabetes, to
restore normal ovulation and fertility in women with PCOS.

Lifestyle changes
There are a number of things you can do to improve your odds of getting pregnant with
PCOS naturally. Adopting a healthy diet and exercising regularly helps a great deal in
improving fertility. If you are overweight, losing even just 5% of body weight can make
a huge difference in fertility. Cut down fat and carbohydrates consumption helps
regulate insulin levels and promote fertility in PCOS.

Natural remedies
Natural herbal remedies are available to help getting pregnant with PCOS naturally, by
stimulating ovulation and balancing your hormones. Traditional Chinese medicine
(TCM), which includes the use of herbs and acupuncture, are also quite useful. TCM has
been reported to resolve a high percentage of PCOS-related infertility within a few
months of treatment. However, don’t mix herbal treatment with the medicines your
doctor prescribed to avoid undesirable effects.

Be optimistic!
PCOS is not a death sentence; it doesn’t mean that you’ll never have children. Getting
pregnant with PCOS is possible, it just means that you have more work to do, and may
need more care and intervention than other women.

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                            control of your fertility, and increase your chances
                            of getting pregnant naturally, even when you have

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