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How they used to make bread in the early 1900's


Fabulous recepe on self raising bread. Made in the 1900's

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									How To Make Salt-Rising Bread
§ pint of milk, 2 tablespoons of corn meal, 1 teaspoon of salt, 1
tablespoon of lard, 1 tablespoon of white sugar. Pour boiling milk over
salt and meal and stir well. Set to rise at night. Next morning add hot
water to warm it; then flour enough to make it thick. Then add sugar and
melted lard.

Mould in loaves and put to rise in a warm place. When risen, bake in
moderately hot oven.

Salt-Rising Bread (No. 2)
1 pint of new milk, which boil and thicken with meal. Keep in a warm
place 12 hours. Pour in a teacup of lukewarm water, then stir in flour
enough to make thick batter. Set the batter in kettle of warm water to
rise and it will be high enough in 2 hours. Then take 6 pints of flour and
1 teacup of buttei or lard, after having mixed batter with flour, and knead
all thoroughly. Put in pans and let it rise, and then bake till it is light
brown. Open door of oven and let the bread stand for a while till it is
soaked well.

Steam Pone
Mrs. John W. Fox

1 teacup New Orleans molasses,

5 teacups corn meal,

2 teacups brown flour,

1 teaspoon salt,

1 quart buttermilk,

2 teaspoons soda.

Mix thoroughly and place in air-tight bucket. Set in kettle of boiling water
and boil for 6 hours. Then take from bucket, put in pan and bake slowly
for 2 hours till a rich brown.


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