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					The Mozilla Firefox download browser has long
been hailed as a very personal browser. That's
because users can actually create their own
plug-ins and extensions, which they can
eventually integrate into the browser. But this
time, 'fox went beyond "function." Today, users of
this browser can also scream "fashion!" That's all
thanks to the free skins that suit each
individual's personality.
The Firefox download browser may be "dressed"
depending on the user's personality. It can even be
done based on the mood because the installation of
a new skin takes only a few clicks of a mouse. But
unlike other programs where users are limited to
choosing what is made available by the product
creator, the themes of the Mozilla Firefox
download browser are different. They are
That is because these Firefox download skins are
mostly created and submitted by users themselves.
That means that you too can create a skin that
features your loved ones, your dog, your company's
logo, your band's name, your crush, and if you're
leaning a bit into vanity, yes even your own face.
However, you can only include photos of non-
celebrities If you have their permission. That is clear
with the rules of creating your own "Persona," which
is what Firefox calls the skins.
But before you even try creating your own Mozilla
Firefox download Persona, you would have to try the
designs that are already ready to use. You can either
search by typing the relevant keyword on the search
box of the Persona website or by deducing your
choices from Categories. You'll find these Categories
to be quite helpful. Are you a sports lover? Then
click Sports. If you want beaches, maple trees, blue
skies, and rain forests, then you'll find a lot of such
themes under Nature. You get the drill.
To install your chosen theme, simple click "Wear
It." This option though will only appear once you
point your mouse on the thumbnail image. After
clicking Wear It, verify the action by clicking
Allow. This button, meanwhile, will appear as a
prompt message on the top portion of the Firefox
download window.
If you loved what you installed, then click close (x)
on the prompt and proceed with browsing. If you
don't like it, click Undo and it will revert into your
old skin. If you like to keep the theme but you don't
want to use it right now, click the Manage Themes
option on the prompt. That will open a new window
where you can choose from the previous themes
that you had installed in your Mozilla Firefox
download browser. To choose from the skins in the
selection, simply click Install or Uninstall. It's that
easy to dress your browser.

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