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									 PROJEX GROUP
Providing Engineered Solutions
Engineered Solutions including Waterproofing products at Projex Group Pty. Limited

  Choosing the right Waterproofing Products to solve your waterproofing problem is
  almost as important as installing the waterproofing products correctly.
  Projex Group offers various waterproofing products to suit most waterproofing
  applications. The range consists of the Wolfin Polyester/PVC Sheet Membrane
  system, Cosmofin PVC Sheet Membrane & the Koster range of cementitious &
  reverse side waterproof coatings.
         Cable & Pip Penetration Seals
Engineered Solutions including Waterproofing products at Projex Group Pty. Limited

  Link-Seal Pipe Penetration Seals & UGA Cable Seals are designed to provide
  long term watertight permanent seals for pipe & cable penetrations going through
  critical applications where seals are of the utmost importance.

  Link-Seal pipe penetration seals are a series of links that form a band & are
  simply installed with a socket set. The links tighten & form a permanent pipe
  penetration seal. They area available in oil, temperature & fire resistant models.

  UGA provide Cable Seals & External Pipe Sleeves that can be retrofitted to
  existing pipe or cable penetrations. Multi cable seals are also available with the
  capacity to carry numerous cables & also cater for future wiring requirements.
                   Protection Matting
      Shockmat’s many Applications including Rubber Flooring for Gyms

Shockmat has many commercial and industrial applications and is ideal as a
protective matting medium. It is also widely used on railway bridges for ballast
protection, waterproofing membranes, or as a sound reducing medium.
As a membrane protective medium Shockmat is cheaper and easier to install
than tiles or concrete screeds - you simply just roll it out. Excellent economical
solution as gym flooring rubber.
                       Ballast Matting
 Discover our engineered solutions for ballast matting, cable seals and more

Sub Ballast Matting (SBM)

Ballast matting is a decoupling mat beneath rail systems. In the railway (railroad
/am.) construction it is used as sub ballast matting, and in mass spring systems it
is an elastic layer. These track-bed mats reduce structure-borne noise as well as
vibration emissions. The service life of the ballast matting is lengthened by lower
and more even stress.
 A special mixture of rubber granulates, microcellular
rubber and polyurethane foam on a recycling basis, bonded with PU-elastomer,
provides the desired effects.

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