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Travel History - Finding Cheap Travel Packages


									                                                   Presented by Daniel Toriola

   The opportunity to book hotels online worldwide exists. If you are looking for something special and you have a
   reasonable amount of money to spend it is worth weighing up your options, formulating an idea of what you are
                                            hoping to get from your trip
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      Finding Cheap Bahamas Packages For College Spring Break 2008 Vacations. Finding The
               Best All-inclusive Packages For Couples, Family, Or Honeymoon Trips.
                                                               By James Edmonds

   There are many choices out there when searching for the best Bahamas packages. Certain
vacation packages are best for college students, other trips are geared more toward families, couples,
and honeymoons. Step one is complete when you decide which best fits your situation. Lets begin with
the college spring break crowd. Top priority for the student is price and population. They want a
Bahamas vacation package that is cheap and they want the destination to be packed with spring break
students. They usually find after extensive research that Bahamas cruises are best for them. Spring
break cruises have become extremely popular over the last ten years. They are almost always cheaper
than flight packages and a cruise package gives them another venue to party and meet people before
they get to the hotel. A flight package has more restrictions. They can't move around, dance, and
socialize. A spring break cruise is less restrictive. They can swim in the pools, gamble in the casinos,
and dance in the clubs on the ship. The fun starts when you get to the hotel with a flight package. The
fun starts when you board the ship on a cruise package. If the trend continues, spring break 2008 will
be the biggest year yet for spring break cruise packages. Make your reservations early.

Families, couples, and honeymooners usually prefer a completely different Bahamas vacation
package. A cheap Bahamas trip is not necessarily top priority. They have jobs and tend to have more
income, so they want something a little more upscale. All inclusive Bahamas packages are popular for
families, couples, and honeymoons. An all-inclusive Bahamas package usually involves a nicer
Bahama hotel. Most travel agencies have a hotel list for Nassau vacation packages or Grand Bahamas
vacation packages. You will notice that both the Bahamas all-inclusive packages and the Nassau
all-inclusive packages include a very nice resort property. The cheap hotels in the Bahamas have no
need for this type of package because their target demographic is not interested in it. Family, couples,
and honeymoon vacations also call for quick transportation. They don't want to spend the extra time
associated with a Bahamas cruise package. They want to get there quick. A Bahamas flight package is
best for them.

If its a Bahamas spring break travel package, your options are Freeport, Grand Bahamas or Nassau,
Bahamas. If its a family, couple, or honeymoon Bahamas vacation package you have more choices.
You can choose Bimini, Abaco, Nassau, or Freeport.

Its important to note that Lucaya and Port Lucaya are both located on Grand Bahama. Many people

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                                          Presented by Daniel Toriola

traveling to the Bahamas are told to get a hotel near Lucaya or Port Lucaya, but do not know which
island they are on.

In conclusion, spring break cruises are cheaper, last longer, and are more fun for the college spring
break student. All-inclusive flight packages are quicker, and more upscale for the rest of us.

James Edmonds of has the best Bahama travel vacation
packages(including cheap college spring break 2008 trips, all-inclusive vacations, cruises and flight
packages, and the Bahamas party cruise. He also owns shops on Nassau and Freeport.

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                                          Presented by Daniel Toriola

                                      Spring Break Trips - Best Packages For 2009
                                                   By Francis Copa

Spring break trips are synonymous with fun, however, searching through spring break packages to find
the best one is not always a good time. If you keep some key elements in mind, it will make things
much easier when trying to plan your vacation for spring break 2009.

 First, lets talk price. I think most college students could agree that this is the number one factor in
determining which spring break package to choose. Lets face it, most students are up to their eyeballs
in debt. They can't afford to spend $1000 on spring break vacations. The good news is that everyone
else feels the same way. Because of this, the high-priced trips are typically exclusive to older couples
and families...not spring breakers. This is not the type of environment spring break students want to be
in anyway. They want crowds of other students to party with. Try to eliminate packages above the $700
mark. There are plenty of great trips out there that fall below $500 per person, you just need to google
harder to find them.

 Second, we need to talk about what is included. Spring break students don't like extra fees and
surprises. They want to pay one price and not worry about how much money they need to take with
them on the trip to pay for extra things that pop up along the way. Try to find packages that include
transportation(airfare or cruise). Don't try to purchase everything separate. Spring break vacations are
the only segment of travel where it is typically always best to book everything together through one
agency. Summer trips, New Years, and the family vacation is usually cheaper if you book everything
separate...but not spring break trips. This is an important fact that most people overlook.

 Third, everyone likes free stuff. Find packages that include free trips if you book before a certain date.
Many agencies offer summer trips or New Years vacations to those students that book five or six
months in advance. Don't wait until one or two months prior to book your spring break package.
Agencies don't feel they need to offer big incentives when demand is at its peak. When the bookings
start pouring in, the free trips and group discounts tend to disappear. Also, you will most likely not get a
room at your favorite hotel if you wait two months prior. Most popular spring break packages book out
four or five month prior to your departure date.

 Last, see what destination is hot right now. Cancun was popular in the late 90's, but in 2007
everything shifted to the Bahamas. This was due to a massive hurricane that left many of the hotel
lobbies with six feet of standing water and wind damage in the millions. This year, 2008 saw a record
number of college spring break students in the Bahamas. Most of the hotels were sold out six months
prior to March 2008.

 Spring break 2009 will be wild, crazy, and non-stop fun for college students worldwide. Do your
research and find the best option.

Francis Copa is the author of this article. is a great source for the best
spring break trips.

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