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     Smoking addiction is generally nurtured during adolescence. Peer pressure is all pervasive and that can be
    hard to resist. Smoking addiction is a powerful enemy, but with the right motivations and support systems you
                                                      can beat it.
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                                                  Stop Smoking: A New Approach
                                                            By Vern Anderson

    It's tough to quit smoking. Some very smart and strong people have had their butts kicked by
tobacco. If you have tried and failed a few times like most of us we actually become afraid to even try
since we know how miserable it will make us. This is why we only succeed 3% of the time when we try
to quit "cold turkey". Although it is possible to quit without help the truth is that most of us need help to
quit. If you are a tough guy you might think that you can do it with out any help, but experience has
shown us that tough guys don't quit any more often that us wimps.

I have stumbled across a brand new stop smoking aid. The active ingredient comes from a plant called
Nicotiana attenuata also known as Indian tobacco. It's a close relative to smoking tobacco and when
taken with a skin patch it can block the withdrawal symptoms we all fear. When you are wearing the
patch and decide to sneak a smoke it is no longer gratifying, in fact it makes you feel unpleasant and
after a few times you find that you don' t want to cheat and light up anymore. Since it is non-addictive
you don't get the same withdrawal surge that you get when stopping the nicotine patch. Also the cost is
about a third lower than the nicotine patch. I particularly like the interesting dreams that occur as a side

I quit smoking 192 days ago and I still, from time to time want a cigarette again. The urge is much
milder than the first 10 days of quitting it's fairly easy to ignore it and stick to the plan. If you really want
to quit and can find an aid to get you through the first two weeks you can make it.

Vern Anderson is a famous smoker who is determined to quit. If you want to learn more about the
herbal patch please visit my site at Patch

Stop Smoking Once And For All
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                       Stop Smoking Programs - Advice For Smokers To Quit For Good!
                                                       By Linda E. Joy

 There are several stop smoking programs, but for millions of smokers, for reasons that they find
strange, none of these work. But I am going to tell you that none of this is really a mystery.

Smoking termination programs aren't the answer. I know as a former smoker who has not had a
cigarette in at least three years. I tried a slew of stop smoking programs, as well as nicotine gum,
cigarette rationing, and switching to lighter and lighter smokes, but nothing worked for me. The reason
was that stop smoking programs aren't really the answer.

No, I am not going to pitch some fresh product, or revolutionary fresh program to end smoking. Come
on, keep reading – I don't have anything to sell you. The simple truth is the only way to stop smoking is
to just discontinue. That's it. No stop smoking programs, no incentive systems, no rules about only
smoking with friends, or only smoking one day a week, or only smoking on days you sleep in or are
hung over. None of this works.

Whatever stop smoking programs tell you, the thing that is hard about not smoking is the re-arranging
of your social routine, not the actual nicotine cravings. It is nice to be able to grab a smoke with friends,
nice to be able to take a moment to step outside and enjoy a tasty cancer stick. So, you have to be
completely firm with yourself and not give an inch. The only successful stop smoking program is to tell
yourself that, from now on, I will not smoke.

Don't be too ambitious all at once. Many people suddenly get an impulse to transform every phase of
their life at once, enrolling in stop smoking programs in the same week that they start exercise
programs and new diet plans. This is a bad idea, and will not help you quit smoking.

The most excellent way to well and truly end smoking is to let yourself go a little in other ways. Its okay
to put on a small number of pounds, its okay to have some junk food, or let your exercise routine go. If
you have too many rules for yourself at once, you will lose all of them. And yes, for some people, stop
smoking programs can work because they provide a support group. But remember, the only real
crucial stop smoking program is your resolution to, once and for all, stop smoking.

Linda E. Joy provides readers with up-to-date commentaries, articles, and reviews for, as well as other
related information.

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