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                                    Toric Lenses: Best For Correcting Astigmatism
                                                            By Ashish Jain

   Astigmatism is condition where the patient experiences blurred vision due to the distortion of
cornea. It causes the light rays to fall on the retina from a number of different angles, which makes the
eye lose focus. The condition can be corrected by wearing Toric Lens.

Well, toric lens is not much different from an ordinary contact lens so far as the material it is made of is
concerned. It is different in that its one or both sides of the optical surface work as a cylindrical lens
often combining it with spherical lens effects. It may happen sometimes that only one eye has
astigmatism while the other is perfectly alright. In such cases the patients are advised to wear a Toric
lens in one eye and a normal vision correction lens in the other.

Toric lenses, though made of the same material as the ordinary contact lenses, are effective in
correcting both the cylindrical as well as spherical aberrations. Being asymmetrical around the center,
they should not be rotated. They are designed to remain unaffected by the movement of the eyes.

Toric lenses need to be custom fitted to suit your eyes and so they take a little longer to be checked
and re-checked to make sure that your vision is effectively corrected by the lenses and that they fit you
properly. It is then that you can leave the specialist's clinic and go home with your lenses.

It is not necessary that only Toric lenses can correct astigmatism. If it happens to be of a lesser degree
a normal lens can effectively mask it. However, a higher degree of astigmatism can only be corrected
by a soft toric lens, rigid contacts or spectacles. One may go for either a soft or rigid contacts. Soft
lenses have an edge over the rigid ones in terms of comfort and adaptability while the rigid lenses
score better than soft lenses in durability. Besides, rigid lenses are also a little easier to take care of
than the soft ones. Many users also feel that rigid lenses give a crispier vision compared to the soft

Another option that is sometimes explored is the gas permeable lenses. They do not have any ability to
correct astigmatism but their inflexibility makes them reshape the eyes. This helps correct the vision in
cases of mild astigmatism. However, for higher degree of astigmatism Toric lenses seem to be the best
available option.

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                                  Contact Lenses For Astigmatism
                                          By Cathy Peterson

 For many years, people with astigmatism were told that they could not wear contact lenses to correct
their vision. Now, not only can astigmatism be corrected with special contact lenses called torics, but
wearers have a choice across a broad range of materials, brands, and replacement schedules. They
even come in colors.

First it helps to understand what astigmatism is. Astigmatism occurs when part of your eye (usually
your cornea, though other types exist) is oval instead of round. This leads to problems with the way
that light and images are reflected through to the back of your eye, or retina, where nerve endings
translate those light waves into the images or pictures that you see. The result is that people with
astigmatism are neither nearsighted nor farsighted, but have blurry vision whether things are close to
them or far away.

The way that contact lenses correct this is that they are round and cover the oval shape of the cornea.
This way, the eye gets its signals from the properly shaped contact lens instead of the misshapen
cornea. Toric lenses have two types of correction in them, one to correct for the shape of your cornea,
and the other to correct for either nearsightedness or farsightedness. Because they have some rigidity
and thus keep their shape easily, your eye care professional may suggest gas permeable (GP) lenses
if your astigmatism is pronounced. Conversely, very mild forms of astigmatism may be corrected with
regular, non-toric lenses. If your level of astigmatism falls somewhere in the middle, soft toric lenses,
which are available even in disposable lenses, might be the best option for you.

If you need bifocal lenses and have astigmatism, there are even contacts available for you. The best
technique for this will probably prescribing toric lenses to compensate for the astigmatism and using
the monovision correction method for the bifocals. In this situation, one eye is corrected for distance
vision and the other is corrected for near vision, rather than having both corrections on the same lens.
While it might sound strange, your eyes adjust to this very quickly and most people will not even notice
the difference.

If you and your eye care professional decide that contact lenses are the best choice for your
astigmatism, be aware that because they require more complicated fitting and have two levels of
correction in them, both the fitting and the lenses themselves will be more expensive than other contact

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