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Coin Collection - How To Clean Your Coins by toriola1


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                                            How To Clean Your Coins
                                                  By Beverly Kane

   It seems that different coin collectors have different ideas about the best way to go about cleaning
your coin collection. But many of the basic principles seem to come up time and time again.

The single most important element is universal; whatever you do avoid damaging your coins. Coins
have usually been handled before, the older the coin the more handling it has endured. So you already
are faced with some wear and tear of the coins through time and handling, such as the basic elements
of scratches, corrosion and simply by the coin being exposed to air. Whatever you do, do not make it
worse once they are under your care.

Also you must decide the best time to clean a coin, if it has signs of corrosion or may have been
exposed to chemicals then by all means you must clean it, but clean it very gently. Your coins do not
need to be sparkling and look like new just make sure they are clean and not further exposed to
harmful elements. Like the corrosion on a penny that shows up green, you will definitely want to clean

What you use to clean your coins with will depend on what you are trying to remove from the coin.
There are many common, household substances that can do the job very well and safely.

Even your hands can have an effect on your coin so make sure when you start the job of cleaning
them that you wash your hands properly before getting started and have a clean area to work in. It’s
very important to remember to try anything you use on a regular coin first so that you can judge the

Dishwashing liquid is a common cleaner used for cleaning dirt and grime from coins, you can soak the
coins for a short time and also directly apply the liquid to the surface if they are particularly dirty. Just
use a little and rub the coin gently, one at a time.

Another popular and effective cleaner is lemon juice, especially good for removing oil that usually
layers on the coin from human handling. Oil can also serve as an effective defense against the air and
oxidation. Soaking the coin for a short length of time usually does the trick.

Air drying is best but very soft material can be used as well. Material that is cotton or the clothes that
are provided for cleaning eyeglasses are recommended. You also do not want to rub the coin too

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much. Remember to be very gentle!

The very best way to learn how to clean and handle your coin collection is to contact a coin dealer.
Sometimes over cleaning and removing the coins natural wear and tear as well as removing tarnish
can actually be detrimental to the coins value. It may look much more appealing but actually lower the
value of your collection. It’s best to be more safe than sorry, so when in doubt consult with a dealer.

Beverly Kane is a staff writer at and is an occasional contributor to
several other websites, including

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                                Challenge Coin Display Cases And Challenge Coins Tips
                                                                By Paton Jackson

 I find it amazing that the interest and popularity of challenge coins and challenge coin displays keeps
rising. I get many questions about military challenge coins so I have decided to gather some valuable
tips for you.

The most popular challenge coins are navy challenge coins, marine corps challenge coins, army
challenge coins, air force challenge coins and police challenge coins. Which one do you prefer?

Challenge coins are more precious than one can imagine – they usually worth a couple of bucks, but
they have a sentimental value no one can evaluate. That’s way; you must protect your military
challenge coins by using a challenge coin display case.

Buy a challenge coin display that totally answers your needs:

1. One that will make you proud of your challenge coins collection – Some have dozens of challenge
coins from navy challenge coin, marine corps challenge coins and army challenge coin to air force
challenge coins and police challenge coins. A collection like this could be really impressive.

2. One that will fully protect your challenge coins – Most of the challenge coin display cases have a
plastic capsule for each individual coin.

I find the military challenge coins a bit magical. Did you know that no one can point exactly when the
first challenge coin was made? Some say that the first one is date to World War 1. Others say that the
first military challenge coin is from the Vietnam War.

I believe that people are just starting now to understand the real value of challenge coins. A good
investment would be purchasing as many different challenge coins as you can. They are going to be
an expensive collectible item in a few years.

But one should remember that a challenge coin represents values before everything – support to the
organization minted on the coin whether it is a navy challenge coin, marine corps challenge coin or any
other organization.

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