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        Alcohol addiction is a serious case. Alcohol addiction is one of the most devastating illnesses around -
      affecting not only the individual but those nearby, especially the family. It is a life destroyer, an unforgiving
                                               companion. It can be treated
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                                 How To Stop Drinking Alcohol: Take Back Control
                                                       By Landau, Paddy

   Feelings of self-loathing, fear and helplessness are only some of the emotions that accompany the
alcoholic in his unhappy state. An alcoholic has no control, or not enough control, over his own
emotions. It can happen that the drinker is unable to cope, emotionally, with the world, and may use
other negative emotions - such as blame - to cope.

The alcohol is a way to numb feelings, but unfortunately it only works in the short term. The use of
alcohol only adds to the feelings of failure and self-pity, which of course reinforces the need to drink. In
the long term, alcohol addiction makes the problem grow steadily worse in a vicious cycle, because it
simply hides the problem instead of solving it.

For the alcoholic to get free of the addiction, it becomes vital to take back control. Without control, he
has no reason (in his perception) to change. But, when he has learned how to take charge of his own
emotional and mental state - something that even many non-alcoholics find hard - then there is an
excellent chance of lasting change.

And how can this be done? How can the alcoholic learn to take charge of his own mind and learn how
to stop drinking alcohol and have a good time instead? The mere idea that this is possible will seem
preposterous to a typical alcoholic, who is so wrapped in his own misery and self-shame that he cannot
see the possibilities.

The trick is to learn certain mental skills. The right types of mental skills allow the alcoholic to change
the way that he or she unconsciously views the world. It changes, sometimes subtly and sometimes
hugely, the way that this person thinks and feels about things, and what he says to himself.

These skills, fortunately, are easy to learn and practice.

There are several different "styles" of mental skills that can be learned. Some examples are EFT
(emotional freedom technique), NLP (neurolinguistic programming) and hypnosis.

Whilst therapists will "do" the work on the alcoholic, all of them should teach the skills for
self-application. For example, self-hypnosis is easy to learn and do. Learning to use these skills for
himself gives the alcoholic both the ability and the responsibility of getting better.

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In other words, it gives back control to the sufferer.

With persistence and practice, and help from therapists, the alcoholic can learn to take back control
and start to choose a better way to live.

Find more on alcohol addiction. Find some extra resources to learn these mind skills and how to stop
drinking alcohol.

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                                      7 Things You Know To Avoid Drinking Alcohol
                                                            By Gary Zivkovich

Drinking alcohol is one of the most dangerous addictions for the members. It is advisable for you to get
the proper treatment to stop the alcohol.

It is one of the most important tasks for you to admit yourselves into drug rehabilitation program to stop
drinking alcohol.

1. It is important for you to keep away from the location and condition that promote you to drink the
alcohol. Avoid your visit and attend the functions where alcohol get serve.

2. Take out alcohol from your house and also avoid such family member and friends who drink the

3. It is important for you to avoid such party and tell the friends and family circle to take the decision to
quite alcohol. Ask family member to support your initiatives to leave the alcohol.

4. Make self hypnosis and tell about drinking the alcohol. Take note into your diary and give yourself
credit to enhance the strength. It is important for you to take self initiatives to drink the alcohol.

5. Visualize yourself and put your big image and write “Alcohol Free” to get the better result to take
promote yourself as alcohol free image.

6. You must have to define the proper goal to quite the alcohol from your home. It is one of the
important tasks to get the proper goal to get the better images.

7. You must have to think about the psychological issues to avoid such task. It is important to select
the better task to get rid from the situation.

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