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									Empower yourself now.
Our site and its information will empower you in many areas of your life. Whether
you are looking to generate abundance, a better relationship, start a business, a job
search, or simply trying to change your life for the better, you will get results.

We are in a time where we need to look to ourselves to get empowered. No one is
going to do it for us. No government officials, no gimmicks and certainly no ads on
the television.

We have many tools to share with you. You will find that our site is unique.

We empower people to empower themselves. This is our motto.

Wouldn't it be great to change your life for the better? Have you ever thought, "I wish
I could better myself?" Then this is the site for you.

Every day we look in the mirror want to change our life for the better. What can I do
to empower me? How can have a better life? I wish my life was more in the flow.
How can I generate more abundance? You know the questions, we all have asked

This site and its information will give you tools to become self empowered. Our site
focuses on the empowerment of women and the empowerment of men. Everyone
should become empowered and share that effect with each other to make this world a
better place.

Our site will help you become the change you wish to see in the world. If you have
ever said I want to change my life then this site is the one for you.

Take your time and read the information we have posted. Put it to use to help your self
and others get empowered.

You will find a lot of useful information in our site. In addition to our self
empowerment guides, there are several self help resources. The best self help guide is
here waiting for you. We have them here to help you get yourself empowered and on
track. Our information is unique and well tested over several years with proven
results. Our site has useful information for empowerment of both women and men.

Inside our site, you will find the best self help book around. Over twenty years of
research went into designing this book. We have self help audio books. We also have
several self improvement guides that will help you in different areas. If you are
looking for self help in the area of spirituality and many other areas, we have some
incredible information to share with you.

All of us want you to get your life on track and empowered the way you want it to be.

One of our members said to us, "The free information alone on your website more
than funded my purchase." There are not many places on the web that can make that

Give the information a chance to work for you.

Now that you are ready to make an empowered change to your life, let our site be
your guide.

Are you ready?

Of course you are.

Be the effect you wish others to be affected by - Jase Peck

Here is a look at some of the information in the guide. Enjoy!

Let's start with the levels of empowerment.

There are essentially four levels of empowerment.

      Physical Empowerment
      Emotional Empowerment
      Mental Empowerment
      Spiritual Empowerment

I have included a fifth level Financial Empowerment. I feel that financial
empowerment is a combination of several of the others and wanted to give people
additional tools to help achieve it for their own help and to help their family. In
addition to tools to better understand and generate abundance. I included some tips for
saving right now.

Physical Empowerment
Let’s take a look at the aspects of physical empowerment. Your life, your health, your
physical environment. All of the physical things around you both living and not

How are you going to get what is out of balance into balance?

First off what do you want to change? Your weight perhaps? The way you look?

Of course there is diet and exercise. What about acid and base? How about conscious
and unconscious eating?

When you learn more about how to be aware and observe, then when you ask yourself
"How can change the way I look and feel, you will have a system to help make some

I was at a friend’s house recently. One person came in, sat down and proceeded to
finish off half a bowl of potato chips. I tried to stop her by calling her name a couple
times in an attempt to wake her.

She stopped with eyes wide open and she woke up to what she was doing to herself.
She was as shocked at what she was doing as she was because someone was calling
her name.

People walk around in a state of sleep. They do things like a robot on automatic pilot.
After a while they look in the mirror and say "Oh my gosh, what happened?" Its time
to wake up before it becomes too late to really live.

Emotional Empowerment

What does your life feel like? What factors are preventing you from getting out of that
chair and into a different state of being?

The first thing you have to look at is, do you have control over your emotions or do
they have control over you. Achieving the balance is the key. Even if you have no
emotions, it means that you are way out of balance.
How can you generate happiness? How do you remove the barriers to having happier
more balanced life? When you say, I want to be happy. What does that mean?
How can your world give you something unless you define it?

Think about all the things you wish to change about your life. How do you neutralize
the bad things? How can you draw in more of the positive life force giving things?
Are you still looking for peace of mind?

Emotions flow, thoughts flow, your life flows. When we learn how to adjust the flow
we can use what is a natural process to enhance our lives and the lives of many others.

Stress puts a negative effect on out bodies. Once we learn how to eliminate stress at
the source then we have more energy for our own health. There are many resources
for stress management. I am going to give you one for preemptive stress elimination.
You can remove stress at its source by taking some action towards eliminating the
factors that cause stress.

Mental Empowerment

Feed your body feed your head. Let's take an honest look at is what you are allowing
to go into your head. If you eat bad food you will have a bad body. If you feed your
head with bad images, bad words, and bad thoughts you will get a bad head. Sounds
simple enough.

Would you like to know a little more about the power you have over your thoughts
and body?

Try this on for size.

Here is an experiment.
1. Close your eyes
2. Visualize biting into a lemon.
3. Remember the sour taste and texture.
4. Count to 10 while thinking about the lemon.
5. Is your mouth watering?

Now think about this for a second. Is there really the bite of a lemon in your mouth?
Did your body react though? Of course it did. Look at the command you have over
your body just by thinking.

What are the bad thoughts and images doing to you?

In the Self Empowerment Guide, there are several easy to use techniques to counter
the constant bombardment of thoughts and images that continue to give you dis-ease.
Do you like the discomfort that these thoughts and situations give you?
I didn’t think so.

Your thoughts can either help you or hurt you. You can learn to change your thoughts
and change your life for the better.

Spiritual Empowerment

Would you like to align your life with the positive things just outside your current

Here is a reminder of things about you.

You are an infinite being who decided came down to this place and these body to
endure the hardships and enjoyable times. Why did you do this? You might ask. It is
so you can evolve as a soul and by evolving as a soul, connected to all of the rest of
us, we are all evolving.

There are the things we evolve from and the things we don't evolve from. When we
have examples of hardship around us it is our choice to have them there to grow from.
It is also our choice to move those experiences away from us as well. Even when we
complain and whine about how hard things are, we are given an opportunity to evolve
from them. There is always free will choice even when we feel or have forgotten that
we truly have it. There is even the free will choice to remember or not that you have
free will choice.

Take a look around you at the people around you. Who are your friends, confidants
your mentors and your students? Why are they here? They are here to assist you in
your growth and evolution. Deep inside they all understand this and willingly
participate in helping you create the situations you need for the maximum amount of
growth that you can handle.

Whether you chose to see this or not is very truly up to you. Not seeing or not
believing a thing is there is your choice but the sooner you come to the realization that
we are all creators of our world and co-creators of “our” world it will be easier to
understand that putting effort into evolving will help not only ourselves but all of us.
All of us have been given the gift of free will. Making an effort to improving our lives
and the lives of others is a wonderful choice to have.

If you truly feel it is not worth the effort, how about doing it because you are going to
help that little girl on the swing set? That little boy playing in the sand box. How
about the friend or family member who just needs a push in the right direction. That
animal who is wondering where its next meal might come from. Working on your
evolution sends a rippling effect to all of us. You are worth it and so are we.

We are all truly courageous individuals to take on this evolution on behalf of all of us.

This is a beautiful thing.

Authors note: I wrote the above when my daughters asked me why we are here. There
are a lot of times we don't understand what our life’s purpose is or why we are
living. With some effort we can find our own answers to these questions and start
living self empowered lives.

Financial Self Empowerment

In the Self Empowerment Guide we have a section dedicated to generating
abundance. We want you to learn how to attract money and abundance into your life.
The author has taught how to attract abundance classes for over 15 years. In his
abundance class he gives an offer to refund the cost of the class to anyone who has not
attracted to themselves the money used to purchase the class. To this date there have
been no takers. When you understand that with a few changes it is easy to get
abundance to flow to you.

If you have ever felt bad about receiving money, or are perpetually without cash to
purchase something, or in a bad financial situation, then you need to invest in the

There are several techniques to help you undo the programming that keeps you from
generating abundance. People speak of the law of attraction. You attract to you what
you most think about. This law is actually a very old piece of wisdom. It has been
around long before movies like
The Secret.

In the guide we help you to understand the sources of programming and help you to
change the way you have allowed your self to think. You do the discovery and you do
the work. You also get the results.

The information works. You just need to engage it.

We have a save money guide along with the financial empowerment section of the
guide. There are over a hundred and ten ways to save money alone in that part of the
Self Empowerment Guide. Everyone can benefit by saving money these days. Not
everyone is aware of places to save some extra money.

All of us need to be focusing on getting financially empowered. Cutting your costs
and purchasing things that have value are two important lessons for us right now.

I have added the first ten of the more than one hundred ways to save guide here.
Please use some of the ways to save right now.

Right now people need ways to save money. Save money out of preparation not out of

The phrase save it for a rainy day was used to remind people that it’s good to have a
little extra when you cannot work outside.

There is a lot of programming that people allow themselves to be a part of. If you
allow yourself to be programmed you will be disempowered. Its time to change that
programming to believing in yourself and what you can do.

Here is a gift to help you to save enough money right now so that you can invest it in
something that can help you. I know someone who only used the ten we have listed to
save herself a couple hundred dollars in just two weeks.

If we can work together and empower each other we can truly make a change in this

Here are ten ways to help you financially right now.

1. Turn off those lights. No I am not saying live in the darkness. (Actually I hope to
get you out of the darkness) Just shut off the lights in the other rooms. Unplug devices
that you are not using. Most household devices draw a small amount of electricity
even when they are powered off. At the end of the month you captured a few dollars
as a gift to your self for making the effort.

2. Go on a diet. I have a friend who was reading on a snack box one portion. She
counted out seventeen cheese nips, put them in a bowl and that was her snack for the
night. At the time I couldn’t help laughing as I finished my box. The next night she
had a bowl of cheese nips while I sat hungry contemplating a drive to the store. (More
money) She even lost 5 pounds from eating only one portion at a time.

3.   Empty the glove box. If you drive, spending gas money carting around objects is
pretty silly. I used to let my kids leave a ton of toys in the car to keep them occupied.
One day I looked in the back seat and saw that I was the chauffer for passengers who
were literally along for the ride. When next I looked I saw a bunch of things in the
trunk I had forgotten too. Instead of hauling everything up and down hills and in and
out of stop and go traffic. I put the kid’s toys in a backpack (a bag or box will do just
as well) the other items in the house. In the end I think I saved a mile per every four or
five gallons. I was quite literally paying to taxi around objects.

4. Buy bigger now, save bigger later. No I am not saying buy that new car you
always wanted. Although if you really focus your efforts you will most likely be able
to save and generate enough money to do so. I am saying there are some lower cost
food places like Aldi's, even Wal-Mart has some discounted food items. Next take a
look at the price per ounce. Very often the item that is 32 ounces is 5 cents per ounce
and the item that is 16 ounces is 7 cents per ounce. Do the math you are saving 2 cents
per ounce or 64 cents for the bigger item. Here is an example. What does a bottle of
water cost these days? 16 ounces for about a dollar. If you buy 8 bottles of water you
spend 8 dollars for a gallon of water. Yes and you thought gas was high.

5. Entertain yourself for free. Yes there are dozens of free events. Free concerts,
DVD night with family and friends, a walk in the park, a trip to the library. Take a
friend they probably need to become empowered too. Reward yourself with beauty
not food. If you had a good day at work, take a walk, if you had a bad day at work,
take a walk. If you take a friend the conversation is free. If you are alone and are
talking to yourself, people might look at you funny.

6. If you don’t use it then lose it. Take some of those old books to the used book
dealer, sell them on eBay or give them away to friends. (A book exchange) My
mother used to have a bunch of books in a room. For a long time I thought she just
moved them around. I found out later she was sharing them with friends and her
friends were sharing with her. Take those old clothes and drop them off at the
goodwill store. If you have been on a diet from the info above then instead of an
abundance of weight, you now have an abundance of clothes.

7. If you don’t need it, leave it. Do you really need that new issue of the latest
sports magazine? The bran new dress? The latest designer fashion? If you need a suit
for an interview then please do what you need to, but if you leave it at the store you
leave money in your pocket.

8. If you can make it then create it. The time to do so that is. Take the time to do
some simple crafts with your kids. Help them make games. Draw on the sidewalk
with a rock and things like that. Start a garden. Buy some seeds with a friend and
share them. One tomato seed can give you dozens of tomatoes. Plant good seeds in
your life.

9. Fix it or Pitch it. If the button fell off, sew a new one on. If someone else can
sew it for you then trade them something you can do. Take the old clothes put them in
a box to use when you are outside in the garden or just sitting watching television with
your one portion of cheese nips. If you cannot fix it then why heat it with your
furnace? Why spend gas on it by carrying it in your car?

10. Look around, save around. Take a look around your house or life. Is a neighbor
taking too much of your time complaining about their has-been exes? Do you keep
buying batteries when you can go get rechargeable ones that in the end last longer and
save being in a landfill? Learn to let go of the things you no longer need and extend
the things you do.

11. Of course there is an eleven. Wait three months before purchasing seasonal things.
Buy that windbreaker in the winter as well as some of the short sleeve shirts. Savings
50%. Buy next year’s winter jacket at the end of the winter season. I usually buy my
camping supplies in July. I bought a four wheel drive vehicle in March and saved
$6500 from the same vehicle I priced just 30 days before.

12. Here is a great trick. When you save some money on something, take it as cash
and put it into a piggy bank or some storage. This way you will physically see the
result of your efforts. Think of ways to invest this new cash into things that can make
more money for you. A garden? Some type of account that will gain you some

Every time you save money on something, take the cash or coins and put them
somewhere. Try it! It is pretty fun to do and see. One of our members funded a week
long vacation at the beach from the money she saved and stored. When she was down
at the beach they laughed because they saved some money by going to the grocery
store for food and put the money they saved from the restaurant in storage for next
years vacation.

In the guide there are over 100 more ways to save money. Everyone wants value for
their money. Not many can say that they bought something that saved them hundreds
more than they spent.

It is your right to have a happy abundant life. We want that for you as well.

Here is the reason why you need to purchase The Self Empowerment Guide.
It will change your life.

How to start an eefective business in Nigeria

Most people desire to work for themselves. Yes, say bye bye to those obnoxious bosses and have
the title- Entrepreneur. And for the millions of the unemployed Nigerians, self employment is the
best route out of their situation. Whatever your reason for wanting to start your business, I am
guessing you wouldn’t want the business to fail. And that is what this write-up is about—starting
a failure proof business in Nigeria.

First, you need to understand that starting a successful business is not hard. But it
requirespreparation, hard work, persistence and a positive attitude.

I have been there. Employed, unemployed; awash with cash, broke. I have started both
successful and unsuccessful businesses. The following are not some abstract ideas learned from
books (and I have read quite a lot of them), they are lessons learned in the trenches of the market
place. So, let’s start.

   1. Choose the right business. Let us start by understanding that there is no good or bad
      business. However, some businesses are more likely to succeed at a particular time, in a
      particular place if established by a particular kind of person. Figuring which business to
      be in is one of the most important things you can do to ensure the success of your new
      venture. There are some common denominators that must characterize your business
      idea. The most important ones can be summed-up this way: PASSION

      Do a business that allows you to do what you love.
      Choose a marketable business. You must pick a product or service people are ready to
       pay for. It doesn’t need to be groundbreaking or overly innovative but, it must be
       something people are ready to pay good money for.
      Cut your coat according to your cloth. One e-zine article puts it best when it says “There
       is little point in searching for capital-intensive or knowledge based business ideas if you
       have slim/no prospects of raising the necessary capital or if your educational background
       is unsuitable.

   1. 2. Assess the viability of the business idea: this is one of the most important tasks you
      will perform in the start-up phase. Unfortunately, it is the most ignored function. There is
      really no need to learn from your mistakes if you don’t make any in the first place. Doing
      feasibility study will help you avoid spending your resources on a business venture with
      slim/no chance of success in the market place.
Most books on entrepreneurship will tell you to take risk. Well, this is all fine and good if you
live in a western country with social security and relatively easy access to capital. But if you are
in Nigeria or any other developing country for that matter, you have got to avoid taking
unnecessary risk because if it falls in your face, you are O.Y.O (on your own). Of course there is
no way you can divorce entrepreneurship from risk taking. But you can mitigate your risk
exposure by taking only calculated risk. And that is what a viability assessment does for you.

There are a lot of good materials out there on assessing the viability of your business ideas. You
may also utilize resources available on our website to help you. But, please, do feasibility study.

   1. 3. Start small: despite everything said above, the fact still remains that there is no way
      to know for sure whether your business is going to work. That is why it is better to start
      in a small scale. This gives you the opportunity and flexibility to learn and adjust to the
      market reality with marginal vulnerability. That may mean opening a smaller shop than
      you aspire to operate, just to see how customers respond. As you start your operation,
      opportunities will appear and your business model will change.

   1. 4. Avoid unnecessary expenses. If you want your new business to succeed, then you
      have to take this axiom to heart: don’t spend a dime on anything unless you absolutely
      have to. Because most of the businesses you see around or read about have secretaries,
      fancy offices and a lot of employees, you believe that is the only way to run a business.
      That I can tell you is not true. With only a few exceptions, most businesses can be started
      from your home. Even if you need an external office, first, explore the possibility of
      sharing and, where this is not feasible, get the best deal available.

Explore all alternatives. For instance if you are in distribution business, you might consider using
motorcycles and dispatch riders for deliveries instead of pickup vans (Of course this depends on
what you distribute). You can acquire ten motorcycles for less than half the cost of a van and, if
you are in a place like Lagos with its hectic traffic, motorcycle becomes even more attractive.

Do you subscribe to 24hours internet access or day-time-only package? Should you buy a copier
or take your photocopying needs to business centers? These are the types of questions that can
help you avoid unnecessary expenses.

   1. 5. Get market savvy: you must have heard the saying: nothing happens until someone
      buys something. Marketing is the machine that drives your business- the one thing that
      determine whether your business will be a resounding success or otherwise.

First, you must understand that marketing is simply making the right presentation of the right
message to the right people. To successfully market your business, you must identify the people
who will buy your product; give them compelling reasons to buy and make the buying process
easy for them.

Proficiency in marketing is a must if you want to succeed in business.

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