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									Welcome to your Business Studies Controlled
        Laura works in an office
• She has worked in an
  office for some time


      Is this a good
    background for a
    business person?
Laura wants to start her own business
• Laura wants more
  control over her
  working life so wants to
  start a business


  Is starting a business a
      good way to get
 Laura is keen to start a pizza delivery
• She likes pizza
• She has seen the
  growth of pizza delivery
  businesses over the


    Is this a good reason to
        start a business?
      Laura likes the idea of profit
• She realises that she
  will have to pay staff

• She has seen successful
  pizza delivery
  businesses make a

            Does Laura know
           enough about profit
              and wages?
    Laura has looked at franchises
• She feels that having a well known brand
  would help her to establish her new business.

                               DISCUSSION TOPIC

                           Do you think having a well
                         known brand is a better way to
                               start a business?
        Laura knows about costs
• Laura is aware that if
  she has a franchise her
  costs will be higher


   What kinds of costs?
    Can you think of
Laura has look at the pros and cons that a franchise will
        bring to the marketing of her product

Advantages                   Disadvantages
            Internet Research
• Does Laura have what it takes, 10 questions to
  ask before starting a business: Link

• Perfect Pizza Franchise information Link
                   DISCUSSION TOPIC

         Do you think (given the information you
        have) that Laura has what it takes to open
        her own business? Will she be successful –
                     in your opinion?
               Your Final Report

Investigation 1: Recommend whether or not a FRANCHISE is a suitable way
for Laura to MARKET her business [10 marks]

Investigation 2: Laura chose to run as an independent rather than a
franchise, so now recommend a PROMOTIONAL STRATEGY which Laura can
use [25 marks]

Investigation3: Recommend a PRICING STRATEGY for Laura if she was to
open her business in your area. [25 marks]

                   There is more to it than this, BUT this
                   should give you an overview of your
                   final report.
• You have 10 hours to complete all your analysis
  and research. During that time you can use
  school resources, Internet, or ask the Teacher for

• You then have 6 hours to type up / write up your
  report, you will not be allowed any help or
  reference material EXCEPT FOR your own notes
  and work. You must complete the report in that
  time. There are no extensions.
              Further Activities:
• Now try some of the FREE worksheets:

      Also available are PPTs on Investigation 1/ 2 and 3

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