Dilan Re Velazquez and Israel by CelesteKatz


									                          DILAW              for Congress
                                           May 2Ol2

I am running to becomethe next U.S. Representative                              District
                                                 from New York's 7thCongressional
encompassing                in
               neighborhoods Lower Manhattan,  Brooklyn and Queens. The Lower East Side
is one of thoseneighborhoods.

I believethat the job of a Member of Congress to advocate constituents,
                                                is             for            articulatetheir
concerns, protect their interests,and serveas their voice in domesticand nationalissues.The
reasonthat I am challenging10+ermCongresswoman          Nydia Yelinquez in the upcoming
DemocraticPrimary is that I believethis fundamental    duty hasbeenoverlooked.Our district
needsa voice in Congress    that will commit wholeheartedly our priorities; and one priority
where I differ most significantlyfrom my opponent,is United States'supportof Israel.

Nydia Yelilzquez has the worst voting record on Israel in the New York congressional
delegation. In her 20 yearsin office shefailed to supportthe pro-Israelcommunity on nearly
half of the measuresbroughtbeforethe Housein defense our ally. Suchinaction over the
courseof a tumultuoustwo decades Israelbegsthe question:Where was my opponentwhen
Israelneededher? And how doesher recordstackup?

When comparingthe voting recordsof your former congresswoman,   Carolyn Maloney and Rep.
Yel1zquezon92 key votes,including Lettersof Supportand Co-sponsorships issuesranging
from Foreign Aid, Jerusalem,
                           Arms Sales,Iran, and other Miscellaneous Issuesaffecting Israel
and the Middle East,Maloney differed with the pro-Israelcommunity'sefforts for only six of
thosevotes.My opponent went against Israel's interests 38 times! That's a whopping 40
percent disagreementwith what the pro-Israel community deemed proper and correct!

If that is the type of representationyou want, then read no further. However, if you want
someone who will support America's strongest_allyin the Middle East, the region's only
democracy-the State of Israel----coupledwith a recordof delivering constituentservicesfor the
last 1l yearsas a NYC councilman, thenplease continuereading.


                                       W|*lLErik Dilan
                                                      for                     District
                                            Candidate New York's7thConsressional

                       Primary is June 26
New York's Congressional                                            www.dilanforcongress.com
                             DILAW              fur Congress
       In April 2010,my opponentdeclinedto sign-onto a letter urging President
       imposesanctions Iran in an effort to preventIran from obtainingnuclearweapons.
       The letter was signedby more than 80 percentof HouseMembers.

       As a memberof CongressI will standwith Israel,and the majority of New York
       Delegates, publicly denouncing
                in                    hostileregimeslike Iran and Syria.

       Peacewith Palestinians...

       True and lasting peacebetweenIsraelisand Palestinians only be accomplished
                                                             can                          by
       direct diplomatic talks betweenthe two parties.The U.S. can help lead efforts to allow
       for discussions peaceprovidingthat:
           o Peace   talksbegin with no pre-conditions;
           o Israelis recognized   unconditionally a JewishState(a realitythat too many
               Middle Easternnationshavefailed to accept);
           . All actsof violence and terror must ceaseand be denounced;
           o And Israelmust have recognized    and defensibleborders,NOT the pre-'67
               borders.There can be no compromise on this issue.

       In Support of Jerusalem...

       Jerusalem beenthe focal point of the hopesand prayersof the Jewishpeoplefor
       3,000 years.It's beenIsrael'scapitalcity sincenearly 2,500yearsbefore Columbus
       discovered  America. And just as WashingtonD.C. marks the cornerstone our
       democracyand housesour President                                   for
                                            and Congress, doesJerusalem Israel.
       However, my opponentchosenot to supportthe 1995Jerusalem      EmbassyRelocation
       Act, nor did she sign on to any Jerusalem letters.

As troubling as someof theseactionsare,my opponent'snaivetdspansthe length of her tenure
in Congress when it comesto U.S. - Israelrelations.Her inactionas a U.S. Representative
inadvertentlyexacerbated decades
                         the         long strugglein Israel and the region.

Now more thaneverour valuesand our interests      demandthat the cornerstone U.S. policy
must be the unbreakable   bond of solidaritybetweenthe United Statesand Israel,our only true
ally in the Middle East for the last 64 years.My opponentcannotbe countedon to standby
Israel.Our district deserves more from its Representatives. deservesomebodywho will
supportIsraelwhen it mattersmost.

As a your Representative Congress, look forward to playing a major role in further
                          in           I
strengthening  that bond and provide the kind of proud supportfor Israel that is consistentwith
our district'svalues.
                            DILA                for
A strongU.S.-Israelallianceis a moral and strategicnecessity both our interests.
                                                             to                  Our bond
with Israelis groundedin common valuesand interests.  Israel is a bastionof democracy,stability
and freedomin a region long marredby tyranny, violenceand religious fanaticism.

Israel is America's most dependable  ally in an uncertainMiddle East.As a Member of Congress,
I will bolsterIsrael'sstandingin the region and continueto build upon our critical working
relationships there.When it comesto U.S. - Israelpolicy, my actionsin Congress    will alwaysbe
guidedby what'sbestfor both countries.

Sadly, when it comesto standingwith Israel,my opponentfalls short.

       Foreign Aid...

       The stability of Israel is of vital nationalinterestto the United States.Israel lives in one
       of the most dangerous    neighborhoods the world and because that it must be given
                                                 in                       of
       every possibleedge,militarily and economically.      I would be a reliable vote to continue
       foreign aid to Israel. Untike my opponent who voted against the following foreign aid
       bills - FY 2001, FY 2000 conf Report, FY 1999, FY 1997,FY 1996,FY 96/97, FY
       1994,FY 1994 Conf Report.

       In defenseof Israel...

       As Israel sufferedcivilian casualtiesduring the SecondIntifada, 361 of her colleaguesin
       the Housevoted for a resolutioncondemningthe InternationalCourt of Justice'sbiased
       ruling that Israel'slife-savingsecurityfence was illegal. My opponentonly voted

       In 2010, when the American JewishCommitteeurged Congress supportIsrael'sright
       to defendherself from Hamasattacks,shechoseNOT to standby Israel;even after three-
       quartersof the Housedid.

        My opponentfailed to supportnumerouslettersand resolutionscondemningterrorist acts
        againstIsrael going so far as to vote NO on the PalestinianAnti-Terror Act of 2006. She
        was one of 37 U.S. Representatives do so.

        On Iran and Syria...

        In July 2006,after Israel conductedmilitary operationsagainstHezbollah in defenseof
        its northerncommunities,my opponentoptedto standwith the notoriously anti-Semitic
        Rep. Cynthia McKinney in calling for an immediateend to the military campaign.It is
        estimatedthat as many as 5,000rocketswere fired as far as 12 miles into Israel during the
        conflict, somebelievedto be Iranian-made.

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