How About Flipping Aged Domains As an Online Home Business Opportunity

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					Aged domains, as the name suggests, have been around for awhile either as
addresses for active websites or as parked sites attracting traffic and
profits for the owner based on their name alone.

Buying these pieces of virtual real estate at auctions on domain
directories and then selling them immediately for a quick profit can be a
very lucrative home business model to adopt online. There are 5 important
considerations you should keep in mind when you're searching for older
domains to purchase from the different directories on the Web to resell
for a profit and here they are:

1. You should make sure you aren't infringing on any trademark
regulations before you register an aged domain. If you decide to build a
website around a keyword name for example, and then sell it at a later
date before checking for any trademarks you run the risk of having your
web page seized by the company owning the rights to the name. You may
also be sued and found liable for trademark violations by a court of law
and ordered to pay a dollar amount to the owner.

2. You should always try to find keyword rich domains which will turn up
on the first page of search results in the major search engines online.
If people are using your domain as a search term in Google the value of
your find will increase significantly giving you an excellent return from
your investment upon resale.

3. Before making an offer on an aged domain you should check to see if
there's any residual traffic still flowing to it. This of course will add
to its value because when you sell it and someone constructs a website
using your address they will have instant traffic flowing to it from its
previous existence.

These could be natural, organic visitors sent by Google and company or
people finding there way to the new website via existing back links on
the Internet.

4. As with any new name you should also consider the domain length with
an aged address. Two words is usually the cut off point because anything
any longer is more difficult to remember and is more prone to errors when
someone is trying to type it into the browser's address window thereby
making it more difficult to find on the Web.

5. Try to find out as much as possible about the history of the aged
domain before you buy it. For example, was the name used on a sales page
or on a blog? Was the domain associated with a positive and popular
website or did it have a bad reputation online. If it was related to a
negative situation then this could reduce its value drastically and make
it very difficult to resell.

If you keep all of these points in mind when you're looking for an aged
domain to flip for a quick profit you're more likely to make a wise and
profitable purchase for your online home business.

Description: Check for Handling Charges There are domain sellers who charge a handling charge for transferring the domain to the one who has bought it. Find out if there is a handling charge. Check the Registar Should you already have a domain registrar, make sure that the domain is already at that registrar. If you are willing to accept a domain at a different registrar, then ensure that registrar offers a free push.