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The software is a general term for data that is formatted and stored digitally,including computer
programs, documentation, and a variety of information that can be read and written by a computer. In
other words, the computer system that is not tangible. These terms highlight the differences with the
computer hardware.[1] [2] [3]

Below are some examples of kinds of software, namely:

Application software (application software) such as word processing, spreadsheet tables count, media
player and office applications such package.

Operating system (operating system) such as Ubuntu.

Software development tools (software development tools) such as compilers forhigh level programming
languages such as Pascal and low-level programminglanguage is assembly language.

Controller hardware (device drivers) that is a liaison between the helper and thecomputer hardware is
software that is widely used in supermarkets and schools,the use of barcode scanners in other database
applications. [4]

Settle the software (firmware) as it is installed in a digital wristwatch and remote control.

Free software (free 'libre' software) and open source software (open sourcesoftware)

Free software (freeware)
Test software (shareware / 'trialware)

Destroyer software (malware)

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