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Computer hardware are all part of the physical computer, and are distinguished by the data in it or who
operate in it, and be with the software (software) that provides instructions for the hardware to complete
the task.Boundaries between hardware and software will be a little blurry when we speak about firmware,
because firmware is software that is "made" into the hardware.This firmware is the area of computer
science and computer engineering, which is rarely known by the general user.Computers in general is a
personal computer (PC) in the form of a desktop or tower case consists of the following:- System board /
parent who holds the CPU, memory, vga slot, and has slots for additional cards.- RAM - where to store
temporary data / short term, so the software we run is stored temporarily, so the computer does not have
to always access the hard disk for data. Larger amounts of RAM will help speed your PCBuses:- PCI Bus-
 ISA Bus- USB- AGP- ROM (Read Only Memory) in which the firmware is placed- CPU (Central
Processing Unit) as a major part of the brain and the computer- Power supply - a box that delivers power
to the main board transformers, voltage control and fan- Storage controllers of IDE, SCSI or SATA or
otherwise, that control hard disk, floppy disk, - CD-ROM, DVD-ROM and other drives; controller is located
on the motherboard (on-board) or the additional card- Video display controller that produces output for
computer displays- Computer bus controllers (parallel, serial, USB, Firewire) to connect the computer to
external peripheral devices such as printers or scanners- Several types of computer storage:

- CD - The most common type of removable media, cheap but fragile.


- CD-R





- Floppy disk- In storage - storing data in a computer for long term use.

- Hard disk - for long-term data storage

- Disk array controller

- Sound card

- translates signals from the system board into which can be understood by the speaker, and has
terminals to plug in speakers.

- Networking - to connect to the Internet and / or other computers.

- Modem - media connecting to the internet connection.

- Network card- for DSL / cable, and / or connect to another computer.

- Other tools.

- In addition, hardware can include external components. Below are either standard or commonly used.

- Input

- Keyboard

- Pointing device

- Mouse

- Trackball

- Joystick

- Gamepad
- Scanner images

- Webcam

- Graphic Tablet

- Output

- Printer

- Speaker

- Monitor

- Network / Networking

- Modem

- network card

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