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									Direct Mail is an effective marketing medium for some industries but the
costs can build up if you don't source the correct suppliers. You ideally
would like to send out a final promotional mailer that is sent out on
time, has high visual impact and stays within your budget. Creative mail
packaging is only effective if it is delivered with these three aspects
in mind.

Whether you are looking for mailer bags or envelopes you will need to
source a style that looks great and protects the contents within. Buying
mail packaging direct from the manufacturer makes sense if you want
expert advice on durability and the different types of finishes
available. Are you looking to convey energy with bright colours or calm
assertiveness with opalescent luxury finishes? Do you want flashy
metallic envelopes, custom branded containers or protective bubble bags?
Most manufacturers have a range of samples and will be able to advise on
the best way to balance budget and impact.

For the best budget options when it comes to creative mail packaging ask
about over-runs and clear out stock items. Quite often a manufacturer
will have such items available at discounted prices. Why reinvent the
wheel when you can get a bargain? Using items that are already in stock
also means that you can expect a speedier turnaround time for envelopes
and mailer bags.

If in stock items are not 'your bag' then you might want to ask about
bulk packaging discounts and whether or not the mail packaging supplier
provides delivery discounts. Printing branding or sales messages directly
onto standard sized envelopes can be cheaper than making custom
envelopes. Similarly you may wish to consider printing in one colour or
two colours to reduce costs. It must be noted that black is also
considered to be a 'colour'. So in essence an envelope printed with
different shades of the same colour blue as well as having black printed
areas is a two-colour project. 2 colours do not have to be boring and
finding the right manufacturer/printer can make your money go a lot

Creative mail packaging needs to be functional. If it is not memorable,
durable and affordable then your hard work could go to waste.

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