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					Intervju z Flex Blur-om, eklektičnim                    enough space for the talented ones who have
producentom elektronske glasbe iz                       something new to show.
                                                        "Can you say something about HjärnaLigg?
                                                        Is it still active?"
                                                        Oh... HjärnaLigg! The time I used to think I could
"How old are you? When did you start                    run a netlabel at 16 years old with my mate
making music?"                                          Sheldon Fung (aka 09xx)**, haha! My aim was to
O hai! I am 20 years old at the moment. I started       gather electronic musicians who needed exposure
making electronic music at the age of 9 or 10,          from around the world, not because they had
when I was trying to make something out of              9837948723487 fans, but because I loved their
Music 2000, a nice basic music maker on                 music and, because I wanted for all of us to
PlayStation.                                            collaborate altogether, bringing something new to
                                                        the musical universe. The main thing we did was
"When do you plan to release a new                      that opening compilation (that is worth
album? Will it also be on Jamendo?"                     listening!***). We had a certain amount of great
I don't really know when I will release a new           electronic musicians, and I'm really glad I met
album yet, but I can tell that I already have the       them! Sometimes I miss the times I talked with
concept and the title in mind at the moment, as         them. I kept contact with 09xx, a bit with Boonk,
well as 3 or 4 tracks ready for the album. And it       cozi the end of stream, GabbaVoodoo and
might be...creepier. And of course, it will be          Rhythmic Disorder. I was the only one to run the
available on Jamendo!                                   netlabel, sometimes making the artworks but
                                                        mostly uploading the albums on Jamendo and
"Why did you change the name from DJ                    also on Megaupload and stuff, and that was
Burn? Or is it dj_burn?"                                already too much for me. I ran out of time, so the
Neither of them do matter anymore! I changed            netlabel died. But my wish of broadcasting
my alias (from dj_burn to Flex Blur) because I felt     unknown talented artists didn't die yet, so I kept
that my music had to change. I wanted to take it        on promoting them through a webradio show I'm
to a higher level, plus I wanted the letter "x" in my   hosting since last year, formerly dedicated to
alias 'cause it looks nice to me. And I'm no DJ,        "electronic music and unknown artists", but there
even though I'm trying myself at mixing                 again it was hard to keep on browsing the
sometimes!                                              internet, searching for such thing.

"How big is DJ Burn's (dj_burn's) opus?"
I know that my "dj_burn" releases have known a
certain success on Jamendo for example, and I
was much less shy to show my works to my
friends and mates, that may explain my success.
Now it has got different: I prefer not to put too
much of my music on the Internet. Once a track is
finished, polished and available on here, what's
the point to hear it again, once released?

"Why Jamendo? Why not"
I am not familiar with The website is
not user-friendly and good-looking enough for
people to come on here, I guess! But I may be
wrong about this.
Jamendo* has got better, but still the artists who
have made this website famous (tryAd, David
TMX, Professor Kliq) are still promoted here and
there, on the first page too, and this doesn't let
"Did you release some CDs physically too?"            my Aira Mitsuki's Parameter remix: I have three
Well, I have the habit to burn my albums into CDs     slightly different versions, and I wanted to use
once I have them all made and finished. And I         greek letters, just to make it look cool (I know, it's
have succeeded in selling a few of them physically,   a shame). So there you are!
even in South Korea! I am really proud of this.
There are some that I sent in Japan too, as a gift    "Can you say something about Capsule?
for fans.                                             How was it to remix Capsule?"
                                                      capsule is one of my favourite bands ever. Even
"Can you say something about your track               though capsule is more the work of Yasutaka
Swedish House Mafia?"                                 Nakata than the female vocalist, they bring a fresh
Oh yes. When I dug deeper in SHM's works, I was       wave in the Japanese electronic landscape,
enjoying their music more and more, so much           continuously evolving (not that much, but still
that I would really have loved to make a track like   trying things). They've gone a bit messy in their
them. But I couldn't do that and say "this is my      last albums, but the last last one is a really good
track", because it was THEIR style, not mine. So I    work, and I feel that they're back!
turned this into an exercise, and tried to do it      I was listening to their album "WORLD OF
anyway, and put the title "Swedish House Mafia"       FANTASY". But I was interested in the opening
as a tribute to them and their great songs. This      track, named "OPEN THE GATE". There are
way, no one can say I stole them, 'cause you know,    some beautiful chords in it, but they didn't make
now it's so easy to copy each other. Everyone does    anything out of it: why? So I decided to take this
this, lack of originality/creativity, money and       charge, and build something around it, maybe
success appeal, no matter the reason.                 trying to keep the capsule style somehow. When I
                                                      hear it now, I realise that there is nothing much
                                                      special about it. I mean, it's cool to hear, to dance
                                                      on, but there might be plenty of tracks like that in
                                                      the world.

                                                      "Can you describe the process of remixing
                                                      a track?"
                                                      The main trigger was the inspiration for the few
                                                      remixes I have remixed. The moment you hear a
                                                      song, but you feel that something is missing,
                                                      something is wrong in that song. You just want to
                                                      edit it and make it your way. Then the ideas come!
                                                      When I remix a track, I like to keep an element of
                                                      it all along. A theme/melody most likely, its key,
                                                      whatever. And I just build around it, fill what is
                                                      missing until I think it's enough. I am putting my
                                                      style on it but I still want the original track
                                                      I don't remix many tracks though, but it's the
"What does γ-Form mean?"                              thing that works the best at the moment.
I see you're thinking about my Aira Mitsuki remix
                                                      "What is the software that you use to
here! This is related to those tracks with a number
                                                      produce music? How did you record your
at the end, like Fenixfunk 5 for Aphex Twin,
chenc9 for Autechre, something like that. I've
                                                      I've been using Ableton Live most of the time last
always been wondering why there were here.
                                                      years, but since I realised that Propellerhead
Maybe it's telling the number of takes of a track,
                                                      Reason was making such clean sound quality, I
when recorded in real time. Maybe it's also telling
                                                      decided to re-use it and I feel quite comfortable
the number of edits they had to make until they
                                                      with it. It's hard getting back to Live! I also use
had what they wanted. I chose the last solution for
                                                      Native Instrument VSTs. One "good" thing with
Reason is that you can't use VSTs with it: it has its   Our band name was Kuvastin Reuna**** (actually
own instruments and effects, a few ones, so you         "Kuvastimen Reuna" would be more correct),
feel limitated. But you can combine them, edit          which means "the mirror's edge" in Finnish. Does
them. Of course you have presets, but the               it remind you any video game?
instruments' graphics are simple to understand
and to handle, and you're most likely invited to        "You also make photos. Can you send
create new sounds and effects, rather than using        one?"
them as in VSTs.                                        Of course! I recently bought a digital Reflex
I've learned a few about recording a voice, or at       camera. AT LAST!!! It's a Sony NEX-5, I just love
least processing it. You can't just record a voice      it.
directly from your microphone, and put it over a        I took this picture a few days ago (May 13th,
track: you have to adjust the EQ, add some reverb       2012). I kinda like it, because it tells a bit about
and it is REALLY IMPORTANT since a voice                me. Maybe you can find out?
without reverb (even at less than -30dB) sounds
dry as hell. I don't use the Autotune though, I like    "You speak Japanese? Where did you learn
my voice to be natural. I don't claim to be a singer    it?"
even if I try to sing correctly, but using a pitch      I can speak and write Japanese a little bit. I've
correcting software doesn't make us any better at       learned it on the Internet, there are some French
singing.                                                websites that have well-written Japanese lessons.
                                                        I've even printed a lot of these lessons and filed
"You are a multistyle producer. How come                them in a binder- that was very useful! But it is
you don't produce only one style of music?              hard to find Japanese people to talk with. Tokyo
Like deep house for example."                           sleeps when it's 7PM in France...
The reason is simple: I like my music evolving
with time. I always want to try myself at new
styles. I'm interested in global electronic music,
and this field is really vast! There are so much
things waiting to be created. I also want to be able
to make any kind of electronic music if I'm ever
asked to.

"You like to dance. Why? Can you say
something about your style of dancing?"
Dance is, just like music or painting and many
others, a way to express ourselves. I've learned a
few styles in my life, mostly urban: 2-Step, Hip-
Hop, Melbourne Shuffle (which is quite poor,
therefore calling for one's imagination), C-Walk,
House, and even Dance Dance Revolution! I try to
combine all of them, that's what makes my style.
One tip to all dancers: once you got a move that
you like, keep on practising it and never give up
even though it looks like shit at the beginning!

"You also play drums. Did you play in a
                                                        "You released an EP on Krep Productions.
rock band?"
                                                        How do you feel about that?"
I used to play in a band, as a drummer indeed. We
                                                        I didn't have much feedback about that, so I can't
were making some Post-Rock music. Much of the
                                                        know if people liked it or not. But I am really glad
members were influenced by bands such as
                                                        that my name is known at least by a few people
Radiohead, Porcupine Tree, Nine Inch Nails,
                                                        outside my country. It's always nice to have some
Oceansize, Envy. We tried to meet once per week
                                                        recognition, and it motivates me not to stop
and we actually could record a couple of tracks!
making music.                                           hjaernaligg
                                                        ****Kuvastin Reuna:
"What do you think about Myspace?"
And there is the cliché: "Myspace is dead". What
killed MySpace is MySpace itself, allowing anyone
to post his/her music freely. Everyone thought
that it was possible, so we suddenly got thousands
and thousands of new so-called artists who could
barely hold a guitar and play 3 chords, using
automatic friend adders and message senders to
tell the rest of the world about their music. A large
amount of people, a few artists: that's what
Myspace has become. Sadly, Soundcloud is
heading the same way: people are promoting their
stuff in inboxes or by commenting a track. Is
there any future for music on the Internet?
But I liked the way we could edit our profiles on
MySpace: we could build a whole universe, make
our own banners and put them, select our own
colours, cursors, etc... having our own space, like
it says.
                                                        Krep recenzije:
"You have 42 links to you music on various
sites, on your blog! Is the promotion                   Gradska
                                                        Blo je tm, no mogl je bit tm 2005. Po slišani plati
Oh well, this? True that I've made an account on
                                                        sm jih hotu vidt v živo. Pa sm šu, sploh ne vem s
several music websites, unfortunately I don't have
                                                        kom so špilal ali kdo je še šel. No bli so v Gromki.
time to care about all of them. Sometimes I feel
                                                        Bili so slabi. Kot bi bili neuigrani. Po moje je blo
nostalgic so I go to see how they look like, I even
                                                        krivo to, da niso bili dobri muzičari. Darči na
have the feeling of uploading a track or two, but
                                                        bobnih je bil kot malo prehlajen. Zdene na basu je
the laziness comes quickly. REALLY QUICKLY,
                                                        bil slab, zvok je bil slab. Verjetno sm slišal njihov
because I say "if I can do it for one website, I can
                                                        mali hitič Seljačina. No nism bil navdušen.
do it for the rest of them...ugh no I can't".
MUHAHAHA.                                               Mother Superior
"Can you tell us what does demo mean in                 Če sm prov gledal je blo 10. 3. 2006 v Orto Klubu.
electronic music?"                                      S koncerta se ne spomn nč, razen da je bla za
A demo is an unfinished piece of music that you         predskupino ena čudna slovenska grupa, k je bla
send to music labels, so they can evaluate your         preveč očitno navdušena nad Nirvano. Clo majco
creativity. It is not limited to the electronic music   od Nirvane je mel pevc in kitarist. No šli so dalj v
genre.                                                  svoji zanesenosti na grungeom. Zdi se mi, da so
I post "demos" sometimes on my Soundcloud               naredl presežek, ej ne spomn se kako je blo bendu
account, but what I call "demo" is just a sketch of     ime. Škoda. Ni pasal k Mother Superior prav nič.
a song that I want to show to my followers, to          Bolj bi pasali kakšni Metropolis. Sam oni se majo
tease them a little bit, and to make them wait          za prevelke za predskupino. Majo al so mel vsak
until I release a track or anything.                    let v Ortu solo koncert. Mother Superior se
                                                        spomnm sam prek poslušanih plat, k sm jih na
*Jamendo:                       RŠ-u poslušal. Ne vem, men njihov rock ni bil kul.
**09xx:                      Monika jih je delala od FV. Njej je všeč rock. Clo
*** HjärnaLigg netlabel opening compilation:            moj bend je bil najprej povabljen za predskupino,           kar sm si štel za čast. Nismo šli. Kmal sm nehal.
                PAS (Post Abortion Stress) so experimentatorji iz NYC-ja.

Delujejo že od leta 1995 in tukaj Vam predstavljamo nekaj njihovih zgodnjih

Sliši se takole:
Interview with Jaras Ramūnas                        talk about this now… This is connected with some

                                                    When did you start Endiche Vis. Sat?
What does Endiche Vis. Sat mean? Or is it
just Endiche?                                       1996. Before that I started other band called
                                                    “Echidna aukštyn”.
Endiche Vis. Sat must be written like this:
ENDICHE VIS. SAT. It is great to see this name      When did you start Ramūnas Yaras?
here. Good times were spent with ENDICHE VIS.       I think I decided to reincarnate around 1969.
SAT. It was intended to be a music band. But
appeared that this is only me, working on           What is the connection between Ramūnas
everything – starting from music creation ending    Yaras and Endiche Vis Sat?
in drums carrying. So, seems that ENDICHE VIS.
                                                    Now both are my pseudonyms.
SAT is my pseudonym now. And ENDICHE is just
short form of ENDICHE VIS. SAT.                     Can you say something about your latest
What does Ramūnas Yaras mean?
                                                    It was a presentation of my newest album “Būta
It is my earlier name written with Lithuanian “ū”
                                                    vandens”. For some press I told the intention of
(pronounced like “oo” in “moon”) and surname
                                                    this performance is to encourage Lithuanian
with transliterated “Y” to keep English reading
                                                    people to be more united. I crawled the bridge.
people pronouncing my surname correctly.
                                                    What was your latest release?
Or is it Ramūnas Jaras?
                                                    “Būta vandens” realeased in 2011.
This is my earlier name written entirely in
Lithuanian. So my surname is pronounced as          You are multistyle artist. Why?
“Yaras”. But you can pronounce it with English or
Spanish pronounciation.                             Not interesting to be on one road, much more
                                                    attractive to jump from one pass to another.
Or is it Jaras Ramūnas?

This is my nowdays name written in Lithuanian.
Since I am not Ramūnas Jaras, I am Jaras

Or is it Ramūno Jaro?

This is my earlier name written in Lithuanian
with some declension.

Or only Ramunas Yaras?

This is my earlier name written in English.

Or Jaras Ramunas?

This is my present name written in English.

Can you tell us something about Singing
                                                    How is it for classical educated musician to
Revolution? Were you involved?
                                                    create pop music?
It was something unforgettable. The spirit, the
                                                    Great. Easy. Funny. Joke.
power. And solidarity that is not popular in LT
now. Yes, I was involved a bit. I am not ready to   Can you say something about Echidna
Ansamble “Echidna aukštyn” was intended to             Prose is bliss, music is bless. They are connected.
play “uunderstandable” music, contrary to
ENDICHE VIS.SAT.                                       Where do we find the list of your complete
                                                       discography? With 7'' and all? Can you
Can you say something about Didelis                    send a list?
Pasaulis and Sumirimas? Was any
slovenian artist ever included?                        Demo (1992)

Those are fests that I did from 1996 to 2003. I will   Paskutinė požemių muzika (1993)
do more of them. I tried to include anybody from
SLO. Too expensive to transportate anybody from        Apsakyms apė pradžią ir galą pasaulės (1994)
SLO. But everything is not lost.
                                                       Neklausomi echidnos gabalai (1995)
What's    the   connections              between       Ramybės studija (1996)
meditation and music?
                                                       Her Closed Eyes (1996)
Very concrete. Meditation is art and science, the
same as music.                                         Ar (1997)

                                                       The Cry (1997)
What's     the     connection     between
psychedelic drugs and music in your case?              Letūvos valstibė (1997)

No drugs, sorry…                                       Kernavė (1998)

Was any of your classical peaces ever                  Few from ENDICHE VIS.SAT (1999)
performed by an orchestra?
                                                       The Best of ENDICHE VIS.SAT (2000)
Yes, few times. Last time on 14th May 2012.
                                                       Transformacija (2000)

                                                       Šiauliai (2001)

                                                       Diana (Solanum Tuberosum) (2002)

                                                       Koncertas Žibučių g. (2003)

                                                       Music in Poland (2004)

                                                       Eanas uen Colectives (2005)

                                                       Nine Grass-snakes (2006)

                                                       Grojimas Paberžėje (2007)

                                                       Nida! ir Tomas! (2007)

                                                       Dzen dzen (2008)

                                                       Gumowa Róża (2009)

You've got some albums in your                         2001: A Cosmic Odyssey (2010)
discography. Were they ever pressed or
just CD-Rs? What about DVD?                            Būta vandens (2011)

Some albums were pressed. But this is too              What was the story about your record
                                                       deal? Did you release something official?
expensive. No DVD yet.
                                                       Some stuff is released officially: Apsakyms apė
How do prose and poetry go with the
                                                       pradžią ir galą pasaulės (Puke), Neklausomi
music? Are they connected?                             echidnos gabalai (Bianco), Ramybės studija
(Tundra (Zona)), Her Closed Eyes (Wreck Age          prosila, če ji dam en tobak. Dal sm ji tistga ful
Recordings), Ar (Ar music), The Cry (AZBI),          starga, najdenga. Ko je začela kaditi, me je tko
Letūvos valstibė (M.E.G.A.), Kernavė (Wreck Age      čudn pogledala, kot da je vidla, da je s tobakom
Recordings), Few from ENDICHE VIS.SAT (Black
                                                     nekaj narobe. Franclni so bli dobri. Ful hud zvok,
Orchid) , Grojimas Paberžėje (Kitos knygos),
Dzen dzen (Kitos knygos).                            ful dobri muzičari. Spejsi. Bi jih dal k Intimn
                                                     Frizurn. Pri Gogi so izdal album. Ne vem če niso
                                                     šli pol k Kapi.
Did you relesae any music cassettes?

Yes. They are: Demo (1992), Paskutinė požemių
muzika (1993), Apsakyms apė pradžią ir galą
pasaulės (1994), Neklausomi echidnos gabalai
(1995), Ramybės studija (1996), Her Closed Eyes
(1996), Ar (1997), The Cry (1997), Letūvos
valstibė (1997), Kernavė (1998), Few from

Would you be interested in releasing
limited edition mini CD-R EP with my

No problem.

You've been to Slovenia how many times?

No idea. I would like to count. 10 times maybe? I
love this country somehow. I would like to talk
about this more in person with somebody from
SLO.                                                 Mara'akate

When will you come back?                             Mogl je bit tam 2004. Ne najdem več podatka.
                                                     Mam nek na kaseti še neki posnet, k sm snemal z
When there will be any places to play…               diktafonom po moje, sam ne najdem kasete.
                                                     Mogoče jo mam v MKC. En komad je na KP 27.
Can you say something about AZBI label?
                                                     Sm kupu tud en 7 inčer od njih, ga mam v MKC
This is some presently not existing LT label. It     po moje. Wolfenstein 3D. Kr kul komad mi je
released my shortest album “The Cry” that last 55    ratal. Vsekakor del zgodovinskega spomina.
secs.                                                Dokument časa. Sm jih še kontaktiral, če lahk
                                                     objavm, pa so dovolil. Sm jim poslal še ostale
                                                     komade, k sm snemal cel koncert po moje. Set je
                                                     bil dolg 20 minut. Kr kul screamo band iz ZDA.
Krep Recenzije pt. 2:                                Emo HC. Noizrockerji, kakor se je zapisalo
                                                     nekomu na RŠ sajtu. Ni več povezave do tja. Men
Od Franclna Možgani
                                                     je bil po moje kul koncert. Dobr HC. Moderen.
Blo je 09. 11. 2006, če sm prav videl. Promocijski   Mal na power violence. Ko sem imel drugo
koncert ob izdaji plate Pofrancljevanje. Sm šu sam   epizodo svoje bolezni, sm jih poslušal, sam sm
pogledat. Sm bil prej v Menzi, pa sm mel panični     mislu, da so iz Nemčije, k so v komadu na KP 27
napad. To je blo malo pred mojo odisejo v Polju.     rekl: 'This is a song from German discos.' Sploh
Nek na Študenti sm najdu en zelo star tobak. Pa      nism pokapčal, da so Američani. Naenkrat sm
sm mislu, da zarad njega nism dobr. Pa ni blo to.    vrtel njih in Road Kill Zombies in se je slišal, k da
No šu sm v Menzo, ej ne vem če nism bil zadet.       rakete po zraku letijo. Sm hotu it na en power
Lahk da je blo takrat, ko mi je Miha dal za kadit,   violence v Roga mal nazaj, pa nism šu. Sm hotu
pa sm mu pol moril, če ni še noben od trave umru.    tud snemat k Mara'akate. Škoda. Po moje bi blo
No notr nism zdržal. Not je bla tud Neža, pa me je   kul, pa tko malkrat pride dobr HC k nam v vas.
Intervju s Progetto Migala iz Italije                       Our first line-up (2008 - 2010) was: Davide Roberto
                                                            (Percussions and Vocals), Emilio Quaglieri (Guitar
Progetto migala so world band iz Italije.                   and Saz) Pasqualino Ubaldini
Pogovarjali smo se z njihovim bobnarjem                     (Guitar, Saz and Bouzoki); Mario Peperoni (Violin),
Davideom Robertom.                                          Francesca Palombo (Accordion and Vocals) and
                                                            Emanuele Lituri (Bass Guitar). From 2011, we are in 5,
What does Migala mean?                                      without              Francesca              Palombo
The name MIGALA is closely related to the name of           who is pursuing an artistic way different and equally
Pino Zimba: famous musician in traditional                  fascinating.
folk music of Salento. This wonderful spokesperson,
for traditional folk music of Salento, with his voice and
“tamburello”, died in 2008. “Zimba” is the pseudonym
of Giuseppe Mighali. “Mighali”derived from the
language of Grecěa Salentina: "Migala," which
indicates a type of tarantula.

Can you introduce yourself? You are
influenced by the music from all over the
world. Why not just italian folk music?

Migala combining ethnic music (Afro-Mediterranean,
Balkan, Latin and Irish) with the sounds of traditional
folk music of Southern Italy, looking for a personal
interpretation of folk music and world music, in a
world that is increasingly considered a "Global
Village". The group was founded in the spring of 2008.
Brainchild of Davide Roberto and Emilio Quaglieri,
students in Musicology at the University of Tor
Vergata in Rome. The group initially created with the
intention to reinterpreting traditional folk music of
Southern Italy, shifts his interest in World Music and
the creative possibilities given by the contamination of    What is your discography? You have 9 songs
different ethnic musical styles.                            on Soundcloud, 6 on myspace, 4 on
In this way we were able to combine the different           ReverbNation and 2 on Jamendo, EP on
artistic backgrounds of the group,combining different Where can a fan get your CDs? What
styles, cultures and music. So, our band also gives a       is your latest release?
modern interpretation of traditional
folk music of southern Italy. Our intent is a continuous    For the moment there is a demo cd released in 2010
research and experimentation in combining these             with 5 tracks. These are already on social networks
different sonority. Migala tries to be a bridge between     (myspace, soundcloud, etc...). The songs are:
different musical cultures. The explanation is to be        Pizzingara, Mercanzia, Tarantella Del 1600 e Viaggio
found in the same historical and cultural Italian roots.    Primo. These 5 songs are our first “work in progress”,
The peninsula was land of great rulers: Greeks,             which was more oriented to the reinterpretation of
Turkish, Spanish, French... It is a land reached by:        traditional folk music of southern Italy with elements
Balkan, African, Arab... These processes have               of ethnic music (listen Pizzingara, the first part of
led to cultural exchanges and interactions between          Viaggio Primo, and the second part in Tarantella 1600
different cultures. This – obviously - did not happen       – In SoundCloud
only in Italy but also in the rest of the world. The        and Youtube there are other tracks like Pietre,
Mediterranean Basin and the nations that surround it,       Passione Lunatica, Bicicletta and Antro Della Sibilla
have in terms of culture and music a lot of similarities.   Cumana, that represent our current musical path.
The combination of these different musical styles,          These sounds will be on the
allows us to express musically these similarities that      official CD, that we started recording. It will contain
unite humanity. Within the social-economic system in        10 original tracks in total, which will represent the
which we live, is much important rediscover the unity       best of our sound. The CD it will offer through online
between different cultures and the wealth given by the      sales (Itunes, etc...). If there will be some record label
culture and respect for nature. We can not just think       interested in our music, is welcome! In fact, we're
about globalization in financial and economic terms         looking for a distribution.
without paying attention to local communities, to
humanity, and the real wealth (which is certainly not       You've got more videos released than songs.
made by banks, financial giants and multinational).         Do you have some official videos out?

What is your lineup?                                        As I said before, the official CD is being prepared. The
                                                            videos on youtube are part of our official
channel. The presence of many videos is due to the          take into account not only this reinterpretation of
fact, of trying to give visibility to the dimension of      traditional folk music, but also the world music, the
group live on stage.                                        landscape becomes wide and varied. At first instinct
Can      you    say    something        about    your       would tell you: Orchestra Di Piazza Vittorio, Antonio
relationship with Pasqualino Ubaldini?                      Forcione, Banda Adriatica, Daniele Sepe, Enzo
                                                            Avitabile, etc...It's here that Migala would like to
I had the pleasure of knowing Pasqualino Ubaldini           operate. Try as much as possible to combine our
since 2006. We met in a variety of ethnic and folk          musical roots with world music and ethnic music.
music projects. For me and the group is a wonderful
person and musician. Musically it has a lot of              You are quite active on Facebook. Can you say
experience. An open mind. Able to move among many           something about your promotion? Do you have
musical styles. You can hear many of his works on           a
Jamendo. Some of these tracks are performed by our          manager? What about record deal?
group. In our group, his
songs and his ideas were very inspiring. This is the url    The management is entrusted to me, Emilio Quaglieri,
of Pasqualino Ubaldini on Jamendo:                          and in general to the group. For this reason, our self-                promotion is very active online. The web is for many
ubaldini.                                                   independent artists, a good way to be able to promote,
                                                            because the official channels (normally devoted to pop
                                                            music) do not care much to the artistic quality of the
                                                            proposal. As I have already said our official CD will be
                                                            distributed online, and during the concerts. A possible
                                                            distribution through record company, can take place
                                                            with independent labels. But, we live - and not just in
                                                            Italy - in an economic and cultural setting in which to
                                                            reveal the quality and niche sectors is very difficult. In
                                                            fact, as you can see, the record market is in crisis.
                                                            Moreover, the artistic proposals of Major, online, are
                                                            still being oriented towards the music and commercial

                                                            Were you in Slovenia yet? Do you intend to

                                                            In all these years, we had the pleasure of playing in
                                                            Italy in important festivals, with prestigious artistic
                                                            directions (Mimmo Epifani, Franco Battiato...). We
                                                            have not done dates abroad. We have a lot of desire to
                                                            play our music outside Italy. We believe that by
                                                            offering our official CD online, and with the interest of
                                                            an independent label, we would be able to play our
                                                            music abroad. We would love to play outside Italy.
                                                            And playing, even in Slovenia ... it would be great! Play
What is the etno movement in Italia like? Can               our music for you, it would be a good test for our
you name some cool etno bands from Italy?                   balkan sound in songs like Saltimbanco or Pizzingara.

When we talking about a "movement of ethnic music,"         When will your next show gonna be? And
is very difficult to determine the "boundaries". Give       Where?
the “boundaries” of ethnic music, folk and world
music, would not make sense. In fact, we talk about         The next show is in Rome, in a club called “Le Mura”.
cultures and musical styles that are constantly in          The club is in a neighborhood of Rome, where you can
touch. In Italy we must consider the period of the year     breathe much of live music.
60/70 called "folk revival". In this period, there was an
interest in rediscovering and reinterpreting, the           Can you name some etno labels from Italy?
traditional repertoire of Italian music (especially
southern Italy). Many researchers were active,              Cni, Finisterre, Altipiani, Anima Mundi, Taranta
ethnomusicologists, and many musicians who started          Power, etc...
out a personal approach to traditional folk music of
southern Italy. For example: Carnascialia, Canzoniere       Are there some venues for etno music in Italy?
Del Lazio, Canzoniere Greganico Salentino, Antonio
Infantino, Re Niliu... Recently, with Eugenio Bennato,      There are: Folkest (Friuli Venezia Giulia), Roma Villa
Taranta Power, La Notte Della Taranta, folk revival         Ada, Suoni Dal Mediterraneo (Puglia), Etnie
had again a new wave of interest with the "taranta          (Calabria), Carpino Folk Fest (Puglia), Radicazioni
music". That is another modern reinterpretation of the      (Calabria), Festival Popoli (Salento), La Notte Della
traditional folk music of southern Italy. If, instead, we   Taranta (Salento), Kaulonia Festival (Calabria), etc...
Krep recenzije pt. 3:                                 izzveneli zlo nedoživeto. Manjkal jim je fidbek od
                                                      publike po moje. Men so bli vseen zakon. Sm se
Intimn Frizurn                                        ful dru po komadih. Po moje edin. Pa so me po
                                                      moje opazl. Pa mi je Dule po moje lubčka poslal
Blo je v sredo, 25. 10. 2006. Po moje je bil to ta    po zraku. Al pa ga je Sabini. Ne vem. Men se je
špil. Orto je bil nabito poln, tla se se majala.      zdel, da je letel nekam prot men. Sm takrat
Intimn Frizurn so bli po moje takrat najbolj hud      napisal po moje svojo prvo recenzijo. Na
slovenski bend na sceni. Malo za tem so imeli špil    Undermuzi. Sm neki spluval MIKK, pa so oni to
v Zerotu, pa ni blo tko polno. Je po moje Jizah       bral, pa so mi mal zamerl. En mi je reku, naj ne
recenziral. Sm mel z njimi intervju prej ta dan pri   pišem recenzij, ko sm tko zagrenjen. V Bazenu je
Decibelih. Sm mislu da je tolk folka zato, ker sm     bla čist druga slika. V majhnem prostoru je njihov
jst naredu dobro reklamo. Mel so RŠ hit takrat na     masten zvok prišel res do izraza. Niko je bil velik
Radiu. Orto je bil, kot bi kdo v zrak pršel LSD.      do stropa. Pod odrom je skakal Dan. Skejter. Blo
Love. Ja. Bli so hudi. Hudi komadi, hudi              je fino.
glasbeniki, dobr frontman, dobri pop komadi. Pa
lih prav alter. K sm jih vidu na Maratonu v
Bazenu, so mi bili brezvezni. Sam tam je bla taka
atmosfera, v ta velki dvorani so bli, pa mal folka.

                                                      Crazed Farmers
                                                      Hm. Kolkrat sm jih vidu. In slišal. V Bazenu
                                                      dvakrat po moje. Pa enkrat na enem rojstnem
MDC                                                   dnevu Radia v Cvetličarni. Pa enkrat v Zerotu. Pa
                                                      na RŠ enkrat. Po moje je to vse. Aja v Kamniku.
A je blo 2003. Ne vem. Mal zgodi se mi zdi, al        Tam so se mi zdel najboljši bend na svetu. Sam
lahk bi blo. Igrali so v veliki dvorani Bazena. Po    sm bil zadet. Tm so bli skupi z Oberiu in tud
moje so bli še Barackca iz Madžarske. Pa ne vem       Oberiu so se mi zdel dobri. Takrat se mi je kot že
še kdo. Posnel sm del MDC koncerta na diktafon.       parkrat prej zadetmu nardil, da sm se po celem
Sm sedel na robu bazena in gledal dol na njih.
Una pička od pevca je bla tetovirana po cel glav.     telesu tresel. Zeblo me je do kosti. Ne vem zakaj.
Kva. MDC so bli zanič. Na KP 27 sm objavu en          Tko je trava delala name. Me je Tina pol vprašala,
njihov komad s tega špila. Chicken Squawk. Se         če me je blo kaj strah, ko sem začel vibrirat s
slabo sliš, a ne. Za kao čiste legende so se slišal   celim telesom, pa sm ji reku da ne, da se mi je že
zelo razglašeno. Prej sm poznal sam komad John        večkrat prej nardil. No CF so bili res dobri. V
Wayne Was A Nazi. Niso se mi zdeli tako zanič         cvetličarni so bli bl zanič. Na radiu so bli kr dobri.
kot v živo. Bend je bil po moje sestavljen iz pol     So igral tud en nov komad, eno balado, pa ne vem
starih, pol pa novih članov. Zdi se mi da je bil      kako je blo naslov. Tud nism vprašal, kaj naj bi
basist zlo mlad.                                      reku. Kako je naslov unga komada, k ste ga sred
                                                      igral, pa ne vem niti kako je šu besedil. Takrat
Kiks                                                  sem se ga tud zadel, pol pa nasledn dan nism
                                                      oddal Razširjamo obzorja. Prvič v bazenu so bli
Dvakrat sm jih mel čast vidt in slišat. Enkrat v
                                                      dobri, v mali dvorani. Sm cel koncert snemal na
mali dvorani Bazena in enkrat na MIKK festivalu.
                                                      kasetar, David je neki poprčkal, da s je snemalo z
V Murski so nastopl enkrat sred dneva in so
mize, pol se pa kitar sploh ni slišal, sam bobni so      after we get them...if we don't close slsk
se. Ta posnetek sm jim dal, pa so rekl, da so ga         afterward, it retains the original
poslal na RŠ za Maraton. Kao da vsak let pošlejo
                                                         filename, which will fail everytime as that
na RŠ najslabši posnetek od tistega leta. In takrat
je ta čast doletela moj posnetek. Dost sm se tud         file no longer exists..if you run into this
ukvarjal s tem posnetkom in en komad s tega              problem, please contact us immediately so
špila je tud objavljen na KP. Lena Kata na KP 27.        we can ensure that you get what you
Sm ga tud mal poslušal pred drugo epizodo in sm          want when you want it....I value all of you
mislu, da je komad posvečen moji leni sestrici           on my list as you have all shared with me
Katji. Je bla takrat noseča. U drugo. Drugič v
                                                         generously (thank you all) to make it on
Bazenu so bli v velki dvorani in so bli predskupina
enih Japonk, po moje so ble Dirtrucks. So bli vsi
                                                         my userlist I download from you & if the
zlo trezni. Tko je tud koncert izpadel. Nedoživeto.      file starts up I instantly add you since I'm
Pol sva se s Tino o tem pogovarjala, pa je rekla, da     userlist please feel free to
so bli res trezni.                                       contact us if you ever have any problems
                                                         & we will quickly work with you to fix the
Man In The Shadow
                                                         problem...remember without you soulseek
So bli v Jazzu tm enkrat 1997. Skupen koncert z          doesn't work...this is important to us that
Prulersi. So bli drugi na vrsti. Ko so začeli igrati,    all of you are happy with our
se je pevec vrgel na tla in se začel dreti, da je
                                                         relationships with you...especially those in
preglasil kitare. Pol poznej sm kupil en 7 inčer od
njih. So bli res poseben bend, a ne tko zlo dobri.       my top 10 favorite users...most of you
Ko je kiratristu odjenjala kitara, si jo je sposodu      know who you are (AlienMethod holds the
od Prulersov in slišala se je res bolje. Tud kitarist,   #1 spot, sorry other 9 favs, but he just
po mojem je bil to model od Moonlee, se je ful           rules) thank you for tolerating me
začudil na zvokom.                                       burning up your valuable time..we love
                                                         you all

                                                         [28May12 10:01:48][CRANESFOREVER]
                                                         Hey thanks

                                                         [28May12 10:54:51][Zaman Cheh] ni

Ma takrat so mi bili slabi. Neki neo punk.
Premoderni. Šele pozneje, ko sm poslušal njihov
CD sem jih začel ceniti. Bli so dobr bend. Pevc je
na koncertu skakal v zrak ko skejtar. To se

[28May12 17:18:52][buzzkiller] Greetings
friends on my list....It has come to my
                                                         śmiać się - PL
attention that alot of my files have been
failing when you attempt to download                     смеяться - RU
them...this is because we rename our files
                                                         смелый - brave - RU
Kul albumi, EP-ji in singli ki so izšli pred    V/A-Slovenian Music Scene 2012 Vol. 22 Part 5
kratkim in se jih da dobit na Soulseek-u


                                                [Me]-Another Story High
Byrds, The-Preflyte Plus                        Cohen, Leonard-Live In Fredericton EP
Cursive-I Am Gemini                             DMX-The Weigh In EP
fIREHOSE-lowFLOWs the Columbia Anthology        Enter Shikari-Live In London NW5 2012 EP
                                                Fau & Deam-Dream Act EP
Griffith, Nanci-Intersection
                                                Forward Strategy Group-Labour Division EP 1
Hot Water Music-Exister
                                                Foxes-Warrior EP
Iggy Pop-Apres
                                                Gigamesh-All My Life EP

                                                Marteaux-Efluente EP

                                                Metallica-The First 30 Years


                                                Plasmic Shape-Incognito Complex EP

                                                V/A-Garage Slovenia Pt. 2

                                                V/A-Warming Shots EP


Mr. Big Raw Like Sushi

Pains Of Being Pure At Heart, The-Acid Reflex


Santana-Shape Shifter
Spektor, Regina-What We Saw From The Cheap
                                                Intelligence, The & Stoltz, Kelley -The Galaxy
V/A-Slovenian Music Scene 2012 Vol. 22 Part 1
                                                Modeselektor And Yorke, Thom-This
V/A-Slovenian Music Scene 2012 Vol. 22 Part 2
V/A-Slovenian Music Scene 2012 Vol. 22 Part 3
                                                Sonvol-Underground Še Živi V EX-YU
V/A-Slovenian Music Scene 2012 Vol. 22 Part 4
                                                Useless Eaters-Addicted To The Blade 7''

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