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					Branding yourself will result in targeted, quality leads coming in to
your business.

First, let's clarify what "branding yourself" means.

To begin with, you are a unique individual with talents, gifts,
abilities, experiences and a story that no one else has to offer. No
matter what you've been doing, there are people out there who have been
where you were, and they can relate to your story.

Your story and all that it entails makes you uniquely YOU.

So let's talk about "branding"...

When I say these brands, what do you think of?
Heinz 57




No matter who you are, you are thinking:


orange juice

(black and white) cookies

The top list are the brands... the second list is what the brand
provides. You see the logo, the brand name, the product everywhere. When
someone hands you a bowl of gelatin, you thank them for the Jell-O, even
if it is store brand gelatin.


Because the product and the brand are synonymous...there is almost no
distinction between them.

What does Jell-O have to do with YOU?

People know you for something. You have certain characteristics that draw
friends to you, that compel people to trust you, like you and have a
relationship with you. Your name becomes synonymous with those things
that they adore about you (or in some bad cases, what they deplore about

When someone says "Mary Smith" the people that love Mary automatically
feel that love, and it makes them smile. Of course, on the flip side is
"Pete Scam" which bring up the emotions of anger and resentment.
Your brand is who you ARE. You are unique based on the life you
experience and the things you share.

So, your brand is YOU. Your name and your experience, as well as what
emotions you invoke in others by their personal interaction with you.
What are you currently invoking in others right now?

Let's bring this around to business...your business.

Let's just work with your name. For this example, let's say you are Mary
Smith. Of course, it is a very common name, and if that bothers you, you
may feel more confident with a nickname. I would recommend not stressing
over this too much. You can be "Mary Smith from California." You are
still Mary.

Steer away from giving yourself a title that says you are an expert in
something you are not, ex: "Mary Smith, Facebook Expert" may get a lot of
attention, but at the same time, if you don't have the experience,
results, social proof to back it up, it can turn against you and soon,
you may be known as "Mary Smith, Facebook Scam Artist."

Here's a real life example of how you don't have to have some "fancy
brand". There is one gentleman who is a rocking gentleman in the online
industry. He is a top earner in his primary company, does training for
his team and other companies and is highly respected. His brand has
become... "Ed from Ohio". People only know him that way... and they seek
him out to work with, based on that brand he's created. His last name is
a bit tricky to say and to spell. But, if you googled "Ed from Ohio"
right now...yep, you'd find him on page 1 of Google! And, if you asked
people about him, they would have great things to say about him, probably
smiling and sharing their gratitude. That is branding.

As you gain credibility and respect from the people around you, as Ed
from Ohio did, people that you have already provided value to will want
to partner with you in business. And, people who "stumble" across you or
hear your name from others, will do the same. You will attract people in
to your business quite easily at that point.

Your Brand is What/How You Serve Others

So, Mary Smith from Cali... you've already got your name...that part is
easy. The next part is to get others to know your name; to speak of you
fondly and recommend you to others. If you have tried this before and it
didn't go the way you planned, no worries... you can start from here.

Let's begin with a list. You need to take inventory of all of the
talents, gifts, abilities you naturally possess. Include all of your real
world experiences as well as things that others have told you that you
were really good at doing. This is just for brainstorming, so don't worry
over the logistics right now. Write down hobbies that you enjoy,
interests you have a great deal of knowledge about and so on.
Where most online business owners miss the mark is they "brand"
themselves as a representative of XYZ company. You want to be Mary
Smith...the lady who gives tons of value...

...oh and happens to partner with XYZ company.

It's an afterthought.

It's what you only share when people say, "Hey, you've taught me so much.
I want to partner with you...what company are you with?"

You should go out there and start sharing some of what you know. Not
everything, or you'll end up broke. But, instead of trying to push XYZ
company, how about look at the people around you and see where they
struggle. Then, look at your inventory (brain storming list) and see what
YOU can offer to them for free or very inexpensively, that will help them
where they struggle.

Position yourself as an expert.

Create a stir around who YOU ARE.

Here's another real world example:

I know a lady named Sandi. She was known for calling thousands of leads
and never getting a sale. Once she plugged in to some training and
invested in herself, her business started to grow. From there, she went
in deep to learn copywriting. She now owns runs an International company
with thousands of people on her list (leads), not to mention making a 6-
figure income and helping others do the same. She is now highly respected
and sought after as a copywriting genius and a creator of 6-figure income
earners. Her name and the expertise she provides is synonymous.

Where to go from here?

I know this is long, so I will wrap it up here with some bullet points:

Stop branding yourself as (just another) XYZ company representative
Figure out in what way you can position yourself as an expert.
Provide value to your existing circle of influence and/or contacts, team
members, business partners
Create momentum from a free or low-cost service or product you can give
value with (of your own, ideally)
Ask for testimonials from those who you have shared your service/product

I believe in YOU,

Joy Marino

PS: If you are in need of coaching to get this process stream-lined, just
click on the Contact Us tab or the Coaching tab at the top of the page,
so we can connect and work through the process together.

Description: First you need to have a domain that includes your brand as well as your keywords. This is not always an easy task. If you can't cover both, you will have to decide which element is most important. If you are wanting to build your brand, then pick a domain with you brand name. If your priority is getting found in the search engines, then find a domain with your main search term. Secondly, start building your business brand or name online. You will want to have a website created that is the center of your online network hub. This will be your main website where you eventually want all potential customers to visit. Next build your business name or brand on the major social network websites.