Branding Yourself Online The Discovery Process

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					Branding yourself online is a self discovery process as it involves
displaying your personal internet domain to others and selling yourself
online. You try out different forms of promotion, tweak your website
pages and try to make your site attractive to prospective visitors and
customers online. The key is to progress through all of this by gaining
recognition in the major search engines, monetizing your site so you get
revenue from it and making your site distinct and unique. Quite a
balancing act, but it can be done.

 Let's look at some basics for branding yourself online:

 Put your face on your place. Your photo   is the one item that is unique
to you that lends instant credibility to   your business. Just like in the
real world, people want to interact with   you personally when they do
business with you. Let them know who you   are by getting your photo on
your web pages and get yourself known.

 Take your time and build your personal internet domain. This is a
continuous process but you should start organizing at the beginning so it
is easier to add on and make changes in the future as you grow. Some
things to think about:

 An index or site map to help people get to where they want to go on your

 Content. I can't tell you what to put here but it should be relevant to
the theme of your site. Basically, you should offer your visitors
something of value and "goodies" that show them just how much you
appreciate them. This is where your online creativity should kick in and
where you can make your site different from your competition.

 Site revenue. Guide your visitors toward your recommended offers and
make sure you capture their name and email so you can contact them
through email or instant messenger to build a relationship with them for
future sales. When you build traffic to your site, you can consider ad
venues to take advantage of your growing online presence.

 Interact and communicate with others. Exchange links with other site
owners. Participate in forums and advertise your site. Post articles and
build your reputation as an expert in your field. There are lots of
things you can do to let others know about you and to make branding
yourself online a fairly easy process.

 You will also want to work on getting traffic to your site. Web design
optimization for the search engines is one good place to start. The key
item is obtaining good targeted traffic. Keywords are a great place to
start and can help bring you the right kind of visitors to your site. You
will also need to do some promotion by doing blog postings, writing
articles, visiting forums and such so the search engines pick you up on
their radar. Using traffic exchanges, online classifieds and safe lists
to run ads for your site are also a great idea.

 Social networking sites are also a good idea. Keeping up with these can
be a bit of a chore but what I've found that works for me is choosing
about three or four these to work with and then sticking to them. Be sure
to pick sites that have tools (like blogs and places you can post links)
and that are business friendly. Make lots of friends and use the soft
touch to get word around about yourself. People will come to identify
with you and will check you out if what you have interests them.

 Branding yourself online is not an overnight process but it is a bit
like building a building one brick at a time. Ignore people who tell you
you can "get rich" overnight and resolve that you will take the time to
build your business properly. Taking the time to do it right now will
give you a business you can proud of and a sterling reputation online.

Description: First you need to have a domain that includes your brand as well as your keywords. This is not always an easy task. If you can't cover both, you will have to decide which element is most important. If you are wanting to build your brand, then pick a domain with you brand name. If your priority is getting found in the search engines, then find a domain with your main search term. Secondly, start building your business brand or name online. You will want to have a website created that is the center of your online network hub. This will be your main website where you eventually want all potential customers to visit. Next build your business name or brand on the major social network websites.