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					Start personally branding yourself to become a marketing politician - a
powerful leader - to start a massive following online. Think about it,
minus any negative connotation you may have towards politics. What
exactly does a politician do? A politician is someone who is involved in
influencing the public and decision making. That is exactly what
personally branding yourself is all about - empowering your followers,
your prospects and influencing their decision making!

Speaking of personal branding and branding yourself, we all know Kim
Kardashian has branded herself as a sexy, not sleazy, professional
independent woman. She inspires me with her hard work and entrepreneurial
spirit! I appreciate anyone who works hard to be successful and enjoys
sharing that success with others. Sunday I was watching the Super Bowl
and next thing I know I feel like I am watching something I shouldn't be
in front of my son... lol! Come to find out branding yourself 150x150 4
Secrets to Personally Branding Yourself Online Politician Style!it was
only Ms. Kardashian at her best! Needless to say I went out to purchase a
pair of those Sketcher Step Ups she was promoting! Okay, not just yet,
but I can't stop wondering if they work as well as they are branded. I
honestly will pick up a pair the next time I am out and about. Why?
Because Sketchers has successfully used Kim Kardashian to plant a seed in
my brain. Whether you like her or not personally, you have to admit that
was one of the commercials that really stood out.

4 Steps to Start Branding Yourself

#1 Create Your Unique Perspective Online

* The first thing you need to do is a little brain storming. It's
important to not spend too much time consumed in making everything
perfect, but it is important that you communicate value when branding
yourself. You want your brand surfaced immediately so people can start to
identify with you. Focus on one or two marketing methods, if you are not
already, until you have completely mastered them. This will help you
become valuable, and have more to offer. So, intertwine your story with
your niche (leadership, family, blogging, financial awareness, etc..),
your marketing method, and go for it! Then create a company brand name
and buy domain name. My brand is Successful Marketing Branch.
Yours can be more specific in nature to your niche if you like. It
doesn't matter, as long as it's something creative that you want to
represent whole heartedly! Remember the broader you go the more people
you will reach, but the narrower you go the higher quality your leads
will be. So, you just have to decide what's best for you. If you are new
to the internet marketing world, it is best that you stick with a broad
range until you start to naturally narrow down your niche (Social Media
Marketing vs. Facebook Marketing).

#2 Create Your Unique Selling Proposition (USP)

* Your unique selling proposition is what differentiates your business
from others. Branding yourself personalizes your business, so people can
see a person to relate to and not a just a "building" - a company.
Your USP sets your brand and business apart from others. That is why it
is called UNIQUE! Make sure you stay consistent and utilize the same
picture or logo that represents your USP to spread across the web. This
will help you become recognized by your audience.

#3 Your Offer Angle

* When you give people something for free, they often feel obligated to
return the favor and stay connected. So offer a free base product or
service so your followers can get a little taste of what they can benefit
from in the future. Try to offer something extra special. An audio
interview with a top producer, even one in your direct up-line. Something
different they can appreciate. A great video with extreme value to help
them prosper. The more advance you become, then you can start to create
your own E-Books and Boot Camps. These take time and experience, so you
don't want to focus on that now. Right now it's about branding yourself
with value and getting your face and name out there.

#4 Network

* Don't be afraid to tell people about your new brand, but in moderation.
You want to represent your brand at all times, offline and online, but
self promoting can be a little tricky, because people get annoyed with
hearing you talk about yourself and your brand. Change a few things up on
your main social media sites to reflect your innovations. It's okay to
build some anticipation about what's to come, your activities and
thoughts as you are branding yourself. You never know who will read your
posts and who they may share it with. THE best stepping stone to getting
your brand out there though, is by helping others do the same thing. Make
sure you take the time to read a few quality blogs each and every day
that truly interest you. The key is to leave comments and share their
articles. This creates compassion and goodwill for others to see. Not
only are you distributing value to others based on your offer, your
expertise, you are setting yourself up for success! You will notice that
other people will start distributing your content as well, and other
network marketer's decree is more powerful than your own! It's important
to not spam other blogs, but legitimately connect with other topics that
share common value on how you are branding yourself!

Branding yourself is key to building a massive following online. People
want to see who you are, connect with real people they can relate to.
That is why the reality buzz is still kicking. Although you stand behind
your network marketing business, it's essential personally brand yourself
- to be unique, be you, and have fun with it! Follow these 4 steps to
personally branding yourself online, and in no time you will be
recognized and raking in the doe!

Description: First you need to have a domain that includes your brand as well as your keywords. This is not always an easy task. If you can't cover both, you will have to decide which element is most important. If you are wanting to build your brand, then pick a domain with you brand name. If your priority is getting found in the search engines, then find a domain with your main search term. Secondly, start building your business brand or name online. You will want to have a website created that is the center of your online network hub. This will be your main website where you eventually want all potential customers to visit. Next build your business name or brand on the major social network websites.