; Brand Marketing Online_ Critical for Both Companies and Individuals
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Brand Marketing Online_ Critical for Both Companies and Individuals


As a business owner you know how important it is to brand your business. Your branding online is as important as your offline branding and the two need to be consistent. After all, isn't that a big piece of branding? A small business brand is much more sophisticated than a tag line, colors or logos.

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									So what exactly, or more importantly WHY exactly is brand marketing
online so important. In fact I believe it is one of the key factors in a
successful log term marketing plan. To understand why it is so important
we first have to understand the implications of branding and why it is so
important to our business, as well as ourselves.

Brand marketing online is relevant to companies, products as well as
individuals who market online. The internet is an arena for individuals
to research companies, products as well as people. It therefore only
makes sense that we market our brand in the same arena.

The first thing that branding does is that it creates an identity for
whatever brand it is you are marketing. This is very important, as it is
the first step in creating brand recognition. By starting to recognize a
brand a prospect will feel more comfortable when receiving information
about that brand. They will also start to recognize what the company,
product or individual stand for and is all about just by associating
their brand with them. People are always more willing to buy from people
(or brands) that they know rather than brands they don't recognize.

Next you need to show your prospects and customers that there is value in
the brand. People always want value, in fact people always want more
value than what they are paying for, and if you are able to create the
belief that your brand is associated with added value it will ensure that
your brand marketing online is a success.

Another important part of Brand marketing online is getting your
customers and prospects to see that they are consistently receiving added
value. It's no good getting value some of the time, what consumers love
is to get value all of the time. So it is critical that you ensure that
you can deliver consistent results in order to qualify your brand as a
consistent one.

Lastly what brand marketing online does, is it creates trust. One of the
greatest benefits of building a strong brand is building trust and if you
are able to build a good relationship with your customers based on trust
you end up building a lasting business. Good branding stands the test of

So what you are trying to do when brand marketing online for your
company, product or as an individual is you are trying to create a brand
that is recognizable as a consistent value added brand that can be

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