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					What is the underlying core of Attraction Marketing?

It's all about Branding Yourself, as in your personal branding.

And just what does this really mean? This specifically means it's vitally
important to spend some serious time reflecting and thinking about
yourself. Who you are, what your values are, what you stand for and what
does integrity mean to you.

Figure out your passions, your values, your priorities. What fills you
with excitement when you think about it or actually do it?

And, what is personal branding? Ask yourself what do you stand for? How
do you want to portray yourself online?

Think about the people you have attracted into your life. Why are they in
your life?

Could it be because they like you and trust you? Bingo! (Now I want to
sing the Bingo song!).

Attraction marketing is branding yourself online. It's about building
relationships by being yourself and planting seeds of trust. These seeds
will grow as you consistently provide valued content and people will see
you as someone they want to work with.

They will be attracted to you because they like you and trust you. They
like your mindset, your personality, your approach and the valued content
you are providing because they can relate to it or it helps them.

Attraction marketing is all about taking action to personally brand
yourself. There are numerous marketing methods that can be used.

When I am coaching other internet marketers, they often ask how to choose
their marketing methods. I share the following advice.

First, I recommend they pick two methods. Yep, just two to start.

Why? Because they will NOT be even merely proficient at a bunch of
methods within a short period of time.

It's really important to make progress with the initial two methods of

There are a fair number of underlying factors such as understanding
personal branding and learning how you should proceed with it.

Copywriting is also extremely important (and a key component of all

Specific keyword research is one of the absolutely most important aspects
when it comes to attraction marketing. If you don't understand personal
branding and don't do it properly and in-depth (i.e., if you don't do the
work!), you will NOT attract your target audience.
Back to choosing marketing methods... The suggestion I make is to write
down how they view themselves. This includes the good, the positive, the
bad and the ugly. They need to write this down in detail.

Many people have areas in which they do not hold themselves in very high
esteem. It's important to write these down.

The next step is to write down a complete list of their strengths. Keep
going until they can't think of any more.

Prioritize the strengths and make a new list of the top five.

Then   I recommend they go to the two people who know them the best and ask
them   to write down a list of their strengths, prioritize it and write
down   the top give. It's important to not share their original list as
this   can plant distracting seeds.

They then ask for the lists from their two friends or family members.

Now it's time to compare the lists. Two or three of the listed strengths
are usually similar or the same. The other two or three are different.

There may be strengths listed by our friends that we actually had listed
as a weakness in our overview of ourselves. How ironic!

Our friends and family members can be much more objective than we are,
therefore the differences on the strength lists.

The final step for selecting an attraction marketing method is to figure
out the two methods where one's strengths can truly be utilized.

When an individual makes sure their underlying strengths are incorporated
into their marketing will empower their attraction marketing efforts and
make the process much more enjoyable.

Being yourself means figuring out who you are. It means doing your
homework so you can provide truly valued content for your attraction

It means relaxing and being yourself, almost as if you're putting
yourself out there to make friends.

The other main objective of course is to provide valued content, content
that people can either relate to or will learn and benefit from.

Attraction marketing is branding yourself, taking action, learning,
growing and transforming into the new you, an online leader. The leader
you've always dreamed about.

Description: As a business owner you know how important it is to brand your business. Your branding online is as important as your offline branding and the two need to be consistent. After all, isn't that a big piece of branding? A small business brand is much more sophisticated than a tag line, colors or logos.