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Activities & Accomplishments

Staff in the YRL Access Services Department worked throughout 2000/01 to improve our services to
users by implementing new system functionality on ORION2 and Melvyl, reviewing and changing our
work procedures to achieve efficiencies, and reconfiguring work spaces to facilitate new workflows.
Department staff are to be commended for providing leadership roles in circulation, reserves, and
interlibrary loan & document delivery functions, serving as resources in those areas for other Library

Circulation Services

The release of new ORION2 functionality such as the recall feature and the introduction of overdue
notices and replacement bills allowed us to improve our services to users and reduce staff time in
maintaining and updating paper and online records required since the implementation of Taos. Ongoing
training of student employees in new procedures continued throughout the year. ASD staff also
provided training and guidance for circulation staff in other libraries and developed new work
procedures that were distributed library-wide. Some other accomplishments included:

   Retraining of all staff at the YRL entrance station to increase awareness of the importance of
    security and theft issues, including distribution of new written materials
   Training East Asian Library staff in general circulation client and SRLF paging functionality
   Coordinating inventory and replacement procedures for more than 1000 items lost in the Mitzi
    Myers fire
   Working with Reprographics Services to improve customer service response to continuing problems
    with debit card machines in YRL

Graduate Reserve Service

Staff in the Graduate Reserve Service spent several months preparing for the reduction of space in their
area to allow for the relocation of the stack sorting and discharge functions. Coordinated faculty
reviews of permanent reserve items and selector review of the Non-Circulating Reading Center
collection allowed us to reduce the reserve stack shelving areas and return items to the YRL stacks or
transfer materials to the SRLF. Additional accomplishments included:

   Assuming responsibility for direct updating of the GRS course webpage
   Installing Dragon Dictate on the workstation of a staff member with carpal tunnel
   Adding the database control number to thousands of items in the reserves database to facilitate
    migration to the ERes system

Interlibrary Loan Services

Motivated by many of the ideas presented at the ILL Best Practices Workshop, staff participated in
weekly meetings to review work procedures with a goal of improving operations and eliminating
unnecessary steps. These discussions resulted in many changes to workflows. Although much of the
interlibrary loan work here is impacted by the absence of automation improvements present elsewhere,
we were able to make some changes that eliminated duplicative or unnecessary procedures and reduced
the number of paper files. Expanded ILL space provided much improved work areas with which to
achieve new efficiencies. Other changes included:

   Requiring patrons to submit ILL requests electronically
   Increasing lending fees to recoup billing costs
   Increasing the maximum cost we are willing to pay for items we wish to borrow
   Adding new career and student staff in borrowing resulting in improved turnaround time for
    obtaining materials for users
   Expanding patron use of the Request feature on Melvyl to include undergraduates and special
    collections materials
   Assuming responsibility for processing items with missing pages resulting in a significantly reduced

Stack Maintenance

With the re-location of the stack sorting and discharge areas to the second floor, staff developed new
workflows and procedures required to move materials between floors. The transfer of monographic
materials from the 4th floor to the YRL backlog at the SRLF was completed and work commenced on 3rd
floor materials. Unfortunately, overflow shelving space in out of sequence areas continues to be needed
for items from both the 3rd and 4th floors. This has resulted in at least one memorable complaint from a
faculty member. Despite continuing YRL shelving constraints, other accomplishments included:

   Re-training of all students in discharge procedures to address problems with claims returned items
   Ongoing shifting projects on the 3rd and 4th floors to provide space for overflow items
   Assignment of brittle book processing to the section
   Hiring and training 109 students throughout the year

Library-Wide Access Services

In the millennial year of 2000-2001, significant changes to Access Services Departments across campus
were implemented. These changes included: the re-establishment of automatic replacement bills for
unreturned books, implementation of new phases of ORION 2 circulation, planning for ERes – an
electronic reserves system, and planning for web document delivery in the ILL and document delivery

In late 2000, it became possible to extract billing data from the Taos system. The Billing Committee,
led by Alison Bunting and consisting of Don Sloane, Sonia Luna, Clark Thompson, Pat Cross, Gary
Thompson, Judy Davis and Claire Bellanti, planned data transfer from Taos to an Access system to be
maintained by Library Business Services. Data transfers sometimes developed glitches and holes often
during the next six months, and much work needs to be done to set up bill follow-up mechanisms. But it
was a major accomplishment to stop manually keying in replacement bills for unreturned books, and
providing bills for staff to send to borrowers.
New ORION2 circulation functions became available during the year. The implementation of automatic
recalls, user initiated recalls, recall cancellation notices, and the availability of billing information
occupied much time in Circulation Services Committee meetings and made vast improvements in the
services provided to UCLA library patrons.

Because DRA’s original concept of Taos patron records proved to be different from their actual
implementation, UCLA chose to set up very complicated patron statistical categories. In addition to
their complicated nature, Taos provided no means of verifying the words typed in to the patron category
fields. Therefore, there are thousands of patrons with mis-keyed statistical information. Every three
months, Pat Cross produces a list of the obvious mistakes and staff members in the various card issuance
units spend time correcting them.

In January 2001, a committee was appointed by PSC, under the direction of Claire Bellanti to implement
ERes, electronic reserves software. The committee consists of Charlene Vinetz (Chair), Stephen
Davison, Stan Patrick, Linda Warren, Pat Cross and Darrow Cole. That committee spent its first six
months from January through June learning the system, figuring out how to adapt it for UCLA,
recommending that the system be used for hard copy reserves as well as electronic documents, and
planning data migration. By June, one data migration from existing reserve files had been carried out.
The project was on target for a Fall Quarter implementation.

Finally, in FY 2000-2001 funds were transferred to campuses to purchase new Minolta 7000 scanners in
order to expedite document delivery over the web for ILL and fee patrons.

Goals for 2001/02

Improve Space Problems in YRL Stacks

As we near completion of the project begun in 1997 to transfer circa 450,000 monographic items from
the YRL stacks to the SRLF, it is disappointing to report that this plan has not achieved the desired
result of improved shelving conditions. The amount of new material added to the stacks each year
combined with the slow pace of identifying new titles to be transferred and SRLF processing limitations
has resulted in only a modest gain of 50,000 fewer volumes than there were four years ago.
Identification and transfer of serial titles has recently begun concurrently with monographic titles,
however these items are subject to processing quotas. New strategies for selecting and processing more
materials are needed as well as consideration of new shelving in the YRL stacks. Until appropriate staff
can be consulted about how to manage this continuing problem more astutely, we will assist patrons in
locating these materials by providing better stack signage and maps, using woodblocks for multiple
volume titles, and re-training circulation desk staff to direct patrons to out-of-sequence areas.

Merger of Periodicals Public Service Operations

With the decision to merge the Serials Department public service operations with the Access Services
Department, any changes will be undertaken with a goal of minimizing disruptions to the services
previously provided there. Some consolidation benefits that patrons might find useful are greater self-
service access, online chargeouts, self-service renewals and recalls, and more frequent shelving of
materials. As plans for YRL renovations proceed, we will consider issues associated with the
circulation and maintenance of unbound periodicals as part of the consolidation of our first floor

Implementation of Consortial Borrowing System and Web Delivery

The announcement of CDL’s intention to purchase and implement a UC-wide consortial borrowing
system is a positive step for the ILL centers at UCLA. For this department’s ILL operations, in
particular, software to distribute OCLC requests to each ILL center will save considerable staff time.
We are hopeful that implementation of the CBS will provide further progress in our efforts to streamline
workflow, reduce or eliminate paper files, and improve turnaround time and patron satisfaction with
interlibrary loan services. The purchase of new scanning equipment at all UC campuses will allow web
delivery of articles directly to our patrons and perhaps serve as a step to consideration of direct loans to
patrons as well.

Implementation of ERes

A preliminary evaluation indicates that staff reserve processing time is increased when using the ERes
system. We will need to monitor how this affects our ability to process reserve materials efficiently and
make them available within reasonable turnaround times. Establishing web access to electronic journal
articles and scanning materials will also require additional staff resources. With our new Minolta
scanner, we plan to integrate some of this workflow into ILL web delivery processes.

Circulation-on-the-fly Records

In last year’s annual report, we expressed concern about the number of unprocessed circulation-on-the
fly (COTF) records for YRL items. Because of the labor-intensive and poor system response time
required to cleanup these records in cataloging, more than 10,000 COTF records exist. With
implementation of a new integrated library system in our future, additional staff resources will be
required to cleanup these records prior to migration to a new system; otherwise these items will not
migrate. We should be looking at staffing and funding options to address this problem.
                                                APPENDIX 1
                                       SELECTED WORKLOAD STATISTICS
                                                                  One Year          Percent   Two Year    Percent
                                2000-01 1999-00 1998-99 1997-98 Difference Change             Difference Change
Items Circulated, Loan Desk      588,767   818,423   814,002   897,766   -229,656 -28.06%      -225,235 -27.67%
Items Shelved, Stacks            473,285   552,944   562,697   616,470    -79,659 -14.41%       -89,412 -15.89%
Items Billed for Replacement      10,743     1,441     7,393    15,851      9,302 645.52%         3,350 45.31%
Items Recalled                    13,892       N/A       N/A    32,514        N/A      N/A          N/A      N/A
Search Requests                   14,934    17,221    17,832    18,039     -2,287 -13.28%        -2,898 -16.25%
States Returned Searches           3,037     1,392     1,313     1,474      1,645 118.18%         1,724 131.30%
Items Held                        15,933    16,621    29,182    49,077       -688  -4.14%       -13,249 -45.40%
SRLF Paging Requests              21,955    18,785    26,885    29,010      3,170 16.88%         -4,930 -18.34%
Library Cards Issued               5,955     7,369    10,017    10,738     -1,414 -19.19%        -4,062 -40.55%
Telephone Renewals                 9,344    11,704    12,975    13,585     -2,360 -20.16%        -3,631 -27.98%
Telephone Questions                9,480       N/A       N/A       N/A        N/A      N/A          N/A      N/A

Reserve Items Circulated           9,398    13,215    12,859    13,117     -3,817   -28.88%      -3,461   -26.92%
Building Use Items Circulated        948     1,052       912     1,228       -104    -9.89%          36     3.95%
Lists Requested for Reserve          308       262       191       271         46    17.56%         117    61.26%
Items Shelved                     15,536    16,862    19,718    20,223     -1,326    -7.86%      -4,182   -21.21%

Items Circulated                  37,608    52,627    45,510    54,983    -15,019   -28.54%     -7,902    -17.36%
Items Received & Processed        28,747    20,355    24,206    29,612      8,392    41.23%      4,541     18.76%
Total Items Shelved               92,545    72,982    69,716    84,595     19,563    26.81%     22,829     32.75%

CIRCULATION                      635,773   884,265   873,283   967,094   -248,492   -28.10%    -237,510   -27.20%
                                       APPENDIX 1
                              SELECTED WORKLOAD STATISTICS
                                                         One Year       Percent   Two Year    Percent
                                  1999-00 1998-99 1997-98 Difference Change       Difference Change
Items sent for:
   Repair/Rebind          1,692      1,938    1,465    1,420    -246    -12.69%        227     15.49%
   Marking                1,747      1,965    1,559    1,320    -218    -11.09%        188     12.06%

Borrowing Requests       20,837     20,034   12,343   12,279      803     4.01%       7,755    62.83%
Lending Requests         41,621     43,592   43,426   46,580   -1,971    -4.52%      -2,988    -6.88%
ORION Express Requests    2,601      2,522    1,664    1,765       79     3.13%         757    45.49%
                                                            He ad, Acce ss Se rv ice s
                                                                  Don Sloane

                                                                                                               Head, Stacks
Head, Microform    Head, Circulation    Head, Circulation                     Head, ILL Lending,                                     Administrative
                                                                                                              Maintenance &
& Media Service         Services            Support                          DDS, ILL Borrowing                                         Support
 Sharron Huling   Valerie Rom-Hawkins      Judy Dav is                           Jennif er Lee                                        Holly O'Meara
                                                                                                              Antigone Kutay
     LA IV                LA IV              LA IV                                   LA V                                            Admin Asst. III
                                                                                                                   LA IV

 Microform &       Night & Weekend      Holds & Recalls,
                                                                 ILL Borrowing Asst.      ILL Lending Asst.     Maintenance
 Media Asst.          Supervisor         Cashier Asst.
                                                                      Rey noir I            Marta Martinez    & Retrieval Asst.
 Diane Howell      Catherine Roy alty    Bonnie Dennis
                                                                       LA III                   LA III        George Nicholas
     LA II               LA III              LA II
                                                                                                                   LA III

                    Reserves Asst.      Telephone Asst.         ILL Borrowing Asst.       ILL Lending Asst.
  Students                                                                                                       Students
                     Dav id Poepoe           v acant            Sandra Farf an-Gracia     Rachel Szatkowski
  1.75 FTE                                                                                                       21.25 FTE
                         LA III               Clerk                    LA III                   LA II

                     Searching &
                                                                 ILL Borrowing Asst.
                      SRLF Asst.
                       v acant
                                            5.1 FTE
                                                                   Cindy Hollmichel                              YRL Access Services
                                                                        LA II
                        LA II
                                                                                                                              November 2001

                      Students                                       Students                 Students
                       9.8 FTE                                        5.0 FTE                 8.75 FTE