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LEAP Newsletter


									                             LEAP Newsletter
                                                                                                                  Summer 2011 Component
         LEAP Welcomes New Executive Director While
                                                                                                                        LEAP Board of Directors
            Celebrating 20 Years in the Community                                                                                          Chair
                                                                                                                                 Ann Baker Pepe

                                     Subsequently, she held various         organization at THIS time. We                             Vice Chairs
                                     leadership positions in a wide         have a number of social activities                   John Nussbaum
                                     range of educational and youth         and professional development
                                     serving organizations around the       opportunities planned. It is my                              Treasurer
                                                                            hope that anyone who has been                               Ed Cleary
                                     country, including Director of
                                     Operations for Heads Up in             connected to LEAP over the last                               Secretary
                                     Washington, DC and Regional            20 years – whether they are in                           Rita Berkson
                                     Program Manager for Edison             New Haven, New London,
                                     Learning in Chicago.                   Hartford, Bridgeport or                                  Co-Founders,
                                           With the intensive summer        Waterbury – will come out, enjoy                          Past Chairs
                                     program complete, Esther reflects      the festivities, and share the                  Anne Tyler Calabresi
                                                                            positive impact that LEAP has                  Roslyn Milstein Meyer
                                     on her new position at LEAP: “I
                                     have been connected to LEAP            had in their life.” (see the next                            Directors
                                     since 1993 and it holds a very         page for a line-up of all the                       William Aseltyne
     This summer was highlighted     special place in my heart. The         events).                                    Honorable William Dyson
by LEAP celebrating its 20th year    personal and professional                    LEAP has had a number of                          Louise Endel
serving children and welcoming its   experiences I had with LEAP as a       challenges since its founding in                 Margaret Graustein
new Executive Director, Esther       counselor and an administrator in      1992. The organization has had                           Eliza Halsey
Massie. LEAP began serving                                                  its ups and downs, but after 20                        Cynthia Mann
                                     the 1990s have given me the tools                                                             Tracey Scheer
children in the summer of 1992       to be thoughtful, assertive,           years, LEAP is still here, LEAP                      Stephen Wizner
and will begin a year-long           strategic and impactful in various     is still relevant, and LEAP is
celebration of its 20 year impact    positions throughout my                about to do great things.”                                  Ex-officio
on the community, under Esther’s     professional career. And although            As Executive Director,                     Jerome Harris Meyer
leadership.                          I have been successful in other        Esther hopes to grow the
     Succeeding Erik Clemons,        positions, this is a position that I   organization by returning to                         Executive Director
Esther brings enthusiasm and                                                neighborhoods LEAP has had to                         Esther Massie
                                     am passionate about.”
experience to her new role. She            Board Chair, Rita Berkson        leave due to financial constraints,
began her relationship with LEAP     expressed her excitement in            as well as possibly add programs
in the summer of 1993 as a Senior    welcoming Esther: “[She] is a          in new neighborhoods. In
Counselor in the Westville Manor     terrific choice to lead LEAP at        addition, the organization is         Inside this issue:
neighborhood. She takes this         this critical moment of change         working on strengthening its
position as LEAP celebrates 20       and opportunities. She brings a        youth development program             20th Anniversary            2
years of operation and looks         combination of management              through partnerships with schools     Celebration Events
forward to new growth in the         skills, intellectual discipline and    and other organizations. She
future.                              personal leadership that will serve    hopes to improve LEAP’s ability
     Esther grew up in New Haven     the organization and our               to “play a key role in providing      Teenagers Have Their        3
and attended Wilbur Cross High       community well. We are lucky to        positive options for youth in the     Day in Court
School where she served as class     have her as our new Executive          city. LEAP has a long history of
president. She is a graduate of      Director and look forward to           preventing youth from choosing        Scaling New Heights         3
Wesleyan University and holds a      working with her as she and her        the wrong path and preparing
Masters Degree in Organizational     extraordinary staff lead LEAP to       them for a more positive one.”        What the Kids are Saying 3
Leadership from Teachers College     new heights.”                                Please join us in welcoming
at Columbia University.                    Esther expressed her feelings    Esther and celebrating 20 years       Jay Bovilsky Scholarship 4
     After graduating college,       in returning to LEAP in time for       of educating children, mentoring
Esther was appointed the LEAP        its 20th anniversary, saying “I am     youth, and inspiring leaders.
City Manager for New London.         so excited to lead THIS
   Join LEAP in celebrating 20 years of service
              to children and youth!
              LEAP is hosting events throughout the year to celebrate the 20th year of operation!
                                 Join us for one or all of these great events!
                                                  Chic for LEAP
                                Hair Showcase and Fashion Event to Benefit LEAP
                          Presented in partnership with WYBC and Cox Communications
                          Cascade Fine Catering •480 Sherman Ave •Hamden, CT 06514
                        Runway Show•Hors D'Oeuvres •Door Prizes •Dance Performance
                                        Sunday, October 16, 2011, 2:00-6:00pm
                           LEAP 20th Anniversary Panel Series on Youth Violence
         Join community leaders, educators, athletes, and partners as we discuss the causes and work towards
                                    solutions for creating a greater NewHaven.
          November 3, 2011: Panel One: Perspectives of Community Leaders and Educators
              May 2, 2012: Panel Two: Perspectives of Community Athletes and Partners
                               At the Yale LawSchool 127 Wall Street, New Haven (6-8:30 pm)

                     17th Annual LEAP Year Event, Honoring Distinguished LEAP Alumni
            LEAP Year Event is an evening of terrific food, conversations, and culture to raise money to
           support LEAP’s programs. The event kicks off with a cocktail party followed by elegant dinner
         parties in the Greater NewHaven area hosted by LEAP supporters. Join us for either cocktails and
                                          dinner or just the reception.
                                      Wednesday, February 29, 2012
                           * Please contact the development department directlyfor more information on LEAP Year Event

                                         LEAP Alumni Reunion Weekend
                                                 June 22-June 24, 2012*
         Connect with old friends, colleagues, and program participants during our Alumni Reunion weekend.
                                          It will be a weekend to remember!
                             Friday, 5pm-until: Casual dinner at Olde School Restaurant and Bar
                                  Saturday, 12:00pm-3:00pm: LEAP Backyard Cookout
                                          Saturday, 6:00-11:00pm: Gala Dinner
                                        Sunday, 10:00am-12:00pm: Alumni brunch
                                              *Registration ends June 13, 2012 for all Reunion events

            For more information and to register for all events, please visit:
                                You must RSVP for all events, including free events.
                For questions, please contact Lucy Diaz, Director of Development, (203)773-0770 or
                                                                                         *Events are subject to change.

Page 2                                                                                                                   LEAP Newsletter
                        LEAP Teenagers Have Their Day in Court
                                                an automobile accident resulted from a            “because it was my first time being inside
                                                driver texting at the wheel, and let them         a courthouse, even though I pass one
                                                try the case. They also observed a                every day. I liked the mock case that we
                                                courtroom in session, listened while a            did because it made me re-evaluate what I
                                                prosecutor and public defender explained          want to be in the future, and I had a lot of
                                                their respective roles, and learned about         fun. I got to learn about the whole court
                                                the importance of serving on a jury.              system, including the duties of a jury.”
                                                      Youth Development Coordinator                     Another 16-year-old CPS, Raheem,
                                                Erica Pretty reported that our teens              had the hardest and, in his words, “most
                                                enjoyed the morning, and learned a lot            exciting part.” In the mock trial, he
                                                from the visit.                                   played the judge. “I learned that being a
                                                      “I think the courthouse was a very          judge doesn’t seem as easy as it looks;
                                                interesting visit,” reported Chanelle, a 14-      I’ve also learned that the jury has the
                                                year-old LIT. “I learned a lot by doing           hardest part, which is picking whether the
                                                the mock trial and what it can actually be        defendant/plaintiff is guilty as charged or
      On June 28, LEAP’s Leaders-in-            like in a case like that. I enjoyed seeing        innocent.”
Training and College Prep Scholars              all the actual roles that would have to be              “Judge” Raheem summed up the
kicked off their summer programming             played in a real courtroom case. Lastly, it       most important lesson our teenagers took
with an informative visit to the New            was a very beneficial experience, because         home with them from the court visit:
Haven County Court House at 235                 it enabled me to develop good persuasive                “The court system is something you
Church Street.                                  skills which I can utilize in high school as      don’t want to mess with. Follow the
      Under the direction of Judge              well as the future, if I ever want to be a        rules!”
Stephen C. Robinson, the ten LITs and           lawyer.”
eight CPS’s participated in a mock trial.             Kyla, a 16-year-old College Prep
Attorneys gave them a scenario in which         Scholar, also enjoyed the court visit
                                                                                                  LEFT: New Haven County Superior Court

                       Scaling New Heights                                                               What the kids are
                                 Once a                It is also an opportunity for mentors                 saying:
                                 week this      and children to strengthen their bonds of
                                 summer, the    trust. The counselors served as belayers
                                 11&12                                                               “For me LEAP means a peaceful
                                                (the person on the ground who keeps the              place where we have fun, make
                                 boys and       rope taut during the climb and prevents              newfriends and where you are at
                                 girls groups   long falls) for the kids. Counselors and             only to have fun, but learn too.
                                 ventured       fellow children served as coaches and                You get good exercise and read
                                 over to        cheerleaders, aiding the kids on their ascent        the world’s best books too.”
                                 Prime          of walls or across tight ropes high in the air.
                                 Climb in                                                            - Ivan, age 9
                                 for a
                                 thrilling                                                           “LEAP means I can go some-
                                 experience                                                          where safe after school. . . . and it
– indoor rock climbing. Led by the owner,                                                            helps me get better grades. And
Brien Roscetti, the kids enjoyed 105                                                                 my counselors are like teachers to
minutes of weekly climbing at the facility.                                                          me, and LEAP is like my second
       A new resource activity this year,                                                            school.” – Taniya, age 9
rock climbing is a great way to have stay
fit, build stamina and learn a new skill in a
fun and friendly atmosphere. You need                                                                “LEAP means fun and encour-
good flexibility, strength, and mental                                                               agement to me being me, and
concentration to reach the top of the 40-                                                            being nice and helping.”
foot walls. In the end, participants gain a
                                                                                                     – Dylan, age 6
sense of accomplishment, self-awareness
and confidence in themselves and others.

Summer 2011 Component                                                                                                                  Page 3
      College Prep Scholar Awarded Jay Bovilsky Scholarship
                                     and computer science and to one            About the Jay Bovilsky
                                     day own his own business in New                Scholarship
                                     Haven fixing cars and computers.
                                     His dream is to provide the same       Jay Bovilsky was a teacher,
                                     opportunities for leadership de-       attorney, and administrator who
                                     velopment to New Haven youth           believed in the power of LEAP
                                     that LEAP has afforded to him.         to transform the lives of chil-
                                     Dave credits LEAP for helping          dren and youth. He provided
                                     him set goals and look toward the      countless hours in service to the
                                     future. He writes, “I know for a       New Haven community,
                                     fact that LEAP has transformed         including serving on the LEAP
Congratulations to College Prep      my life from doing nothing after       Board of Directors.          The
Scholar, Dave Cuffy, for being the   school to having some responsi-        scholarship is awarded in his
recipient of this year’s Jay         bilities. These responsibilities in-   memory to an outstanding
Bovilsky     Scholarship Award.      cluded training in becoming a bet-     LEAP public school student
Dave is a senior at Career High      ter person, a better student, and      who demonstrates excellence in
School in New Haven. He plans to     ultimately a better member of my       academics, leadership, and
major in mechanical engineering      community.”                            community         involvement.

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