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Article Marketing
  Strategy - for
 High Rankings
                                BY: RAM GUPTA

Wondering How to Write Articles for increasing traffic for your MLM

How about following the secret article marketing strategy with proven
results for the MLM leaders!

The way you write your content is not different weather you create
articles for submission to an article marketing service or for your own
site. Keep that fact in mind for your article marketing strategy. The use
of targeted keywords is extremely crucial for every single article. Use of
keyword and important key phrase options are definitely the most
crucial way in which readers, Google, Yahoo and Bing discover you
giving your sit traffic. Every keyword must be cautiously researched,
and then further investigated to see which web sites are using those
keywords and phrases. You must make sure that you will be able to
compete with other sites using the same key words and key phrases at
the same point in time.

What is needed for a Well Written Article?
If you do not have the inclination or interest in writing an article or a
piece of content, a great way is to brows the net to find out how others
are writing. How are they composing content and what key words they
are targeting? Further, this exercise will not only give you an insight into
other’s article marketing strategy, but it will also expose you to their
strategy of how to easily guide readers to their resource box at the end of
the article.

Good articles are not written as a story. The content is broken down
into logically sequenced short pares with easy to read and understand
language. Popular writer use every day spoken language in their content
and avoid high sounding words which may flow above the heads of the
readers. Your viewers should not find your content to be a scholarly
research paper. You should use friendly style, easy language and well
flowing content complied in short sections or pares.

An important tip for successful article marketing strategy that some
writers overlook is that they implant links to their product or website in
the body of the article. This could spell disaster. Reader may pass your
content as a promotion. Even most article directories will reject such
articles. Links can only be given in your resource box.

Use Smart Headings!
Most viewers or reader glance through a content and read the whole
piece only if they find the content unique and value laden. Readers look
for specific words, terms or phrases in your content that identifies
closest to the issues for which they are looking for an answer. This will
bring them straight to the point in the article which interests them. You
could do this by using catchy, smart and short sub headings in the article
to draw reader’s attention. Make this aspect as an integral part of your
article marketing strategy.

Eye Catching and Informative Body
Always ensure to use the primary keyword or key phrase in the opening
line or sentence of the article. You should repeat the key words a couple
of times in the body of the article and at least one more time in the
concluding pare of the article. If you could logically place the primary
keyword in the last sentence of the article, that will be just great.

Remember that people do not come to read your article from literary or
academic angle, they read your article because they feel your article has
the answer or solution to their problems or issues. So make sure that
your article is value packed with crisp tips, answers on how’s, what’s
and when’s, giving them a sense that they have ultimately found what
they were looking for. The flow of your article should smoothly guides
your readers down towards the bottom of the page to your resource box.

Resource Box
Your resource box is a place where you offer a call to action to the
readers, the readers clicks a forwarding link to either get more
information on the issues addressed in the article or come to your
landing page. Keep in mind that your article is being read by human
beings and therefore you should have no problem to compose a good
resource box which prompts people to click. You should also keep track
of traffic for your various articles which will tell you the popularity of
articles or the liking of the reader. This way you can follow a particular
style which is liked by the viewers.

I am sure you know that major search engines and specially Google will
index your article once only. Therefore it is important that your rewrite
your article or spin your article to create logically readable hundreds of
different unique versions of your article before submitting to various
article marketing service or directories. You are thus increasing the
chances of multiple indexing of your article increasing your exposure.
This should form a vital part of your article marketing strategy.
So now, why don’t you start writing your first articles now...let’s say on
“a successful article marketing strategy”

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Description: Your article writing style should be defined by your article marketing strategy. It should not get influenced by the nature of directories or article marketing service that you use for publishing your articles. The task of key word research, article structuring, composing an inviting resource box etc. must confirm to your overall article marketing strategy. Your best bet to be successful in article marketing should be to follow the proven article marketing strategy of successful MLM leaders and garnish the content with a dash of your style to make it unique.