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									                           PRE-INTERVIEW QUESTIONNAIRE

                                                                                                           TRUE FALSE

1. I prefer when change is introduced slowly:                                                                T    F

2. Rumors are never worth listening to:                                                                      T    F

3. Group discussions are a good way to improve communications at work:                                       T    F

4. People who say less usually have less to offer:                                                           T    F

5. People work best if they have a say in the way they do their work:                                        T    F

6. When I fear criticism, I am less likely to talk:                                                          T    F

7. I understand that discrimination or harassment towards different races, ages, sexes,                      T    F
   religions, our employees, customers or others will not be tolerated at this company:

8. People are created with equal abilities:                                                                  T    F

9. The best form of health protection is to exercise and eat a well balanced diet:                           T    F

10. I take nutritional supplements to help support my health and energy levels:                              T    F

11. I am very concerned about what I eat because it significantly affects my energy level and                T    F
    overall health status:

12. I understand that if I come to work for this company, sexual harassment and discrimination               T    F
    is prohibited by law. I will not do it. I agree to report it if I see it, hear about it, or become a
    victim of it:

13. I understand that a company is allowed to test for drug use where an employee’s actions                  T    F
    can affect the health or safety of others, or where there is a reasonable suspicion of drug

14. I understand there may be times when it is in a company’s best interest to eliminate an                  T    F
    employee from its operations and hire an outside consultant or employee leasing company
    to perform the work:

15. I would be willing to violate a law if it is necessary to protect the company’s interest:                T    F

16. I am comfortable working without supervision:                                                            T    F
1.   Employers have the legal right to terminate an employee for any reason, at any time:   T   F

2.   I have a computer that I use at home:                                                  T   F

3.   I have a library card:                                                                 T   F

4.   I like working in a team:                                                              T   F

5.   How do you intend to add value to this company if you are hired?

6.   What are the three greatest books you have read?

7.   What do you read that is related to the job you are applying for?

8.   I am working to improve my communication skills by:

9.   I engage in the following exercise on a regular basis:

10. What have you done to learn about our company and the business we are in?

11. In my experience, companies can improve themselves when they:

12. My greatest personal attributes are:

Signature:                                             Date:

 1.   True    6.    False   11.   True    16.   True
 2.   True    7.    True    12.   True    17.   False
 3.   False   8.    False   13.   True    18.   True
 4.   False   9.    True    14.   True    19.   True
 5.   False   10.   False   15.   False   20.   True

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