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Steve Reynolds - Resume


The resume of sound engineer Steve Reynolds.

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									     STEPHEN                   J     REYNOLDS

               6331 N. 10TH ST. # 6

              PHOENIX, AZ 85014



 Seeking long-term employment with an established Production
 company, Audio Visual Provider, full season venue, or Touring Act.
 Utilizing my skills and experience in Audio engineering,
 Production, Project, Tour and Crew management. To ensure that
 all clients receive the professional production services they
 expect and All events are of the utmost success.

 25+ years experience in all aspects of sound reinforcement,
 Tour,Production,Project Management and Technical direction for
 Live Corporate, Concert, Theater and Sporting events. Small to
 large size crew management

 Well-versed in the setup and operation of analog and digital sound
 consoles, amplifiers, microphones, loudspeakers, processing
 equipment, recording equipment, wedge and PEM’s. Proficient in
 the use of Smaart Live, Eaase and Soundvision.

 I can read and implement shows from most drawings

 Additional experience with Conventional\Intelligent            lighting
 systems, Projection and Video Equipment.


 K 1, V Dosc , Kudo, DV Dosc, Kiva, Soundvision

 Yamaha PM1D. PM5D, M7Cl, 01V, DM2000, 02R

 JBL Vertec , Meyers, D&B and EV Trained




 May 2011- October 2011

 The Foundry On First Phoenix, AZ.
 Production Manager, FOH Engineer/ Mon Engineer
 This is a 1600 capacity Live Music/ Corporate event venue with 6 to 10
  shows per month
 Advance all shows with Artist Management, Event Management Ensure
  all band ryders are complied with. Maintain,oversee and operate
  house sound and lighting system Mix FOH sound and monitors for
  live events
 Manage local crews of up to 20 members for all events held at the

October 2010- February 2012     Precise -Corporate -Staging           Phoenix,
                Audio Dept.
    QC, Prep and maintain all of the company’s audio equipment for
  concerts and corporate events, consisting of L-Acoustic,and Nexo
  line array systems, EAW and Nexo conventional box's Yamaha and
  Avid Digital consoles. Yamaha, and Midas, Analog Consoles. Set up
  processing for systems going out to shows or on tour (XTA - LA-8 ).
  Pull as to order specs. Audio, Video and Lighting gear to be shipped
  out on shows or tours, Keep maintenance records on all audio
  equipment. Order replacement parts for damaged equipment. Bench
  tech and fix all audio equipment that needs repair. System tech and
  mix FOH / MON on shows as needed.. Supervise crews at show
  load ins and load outs
     Will discuss many other duties upon request

Aug.2009 – May 2010       Jason Allen Band       New Braunfels, TX.

            Tour Manager / FOH Engineer
 Advance all shows for tour with Promoter, Venues and Production
  company’s. Advance lodging accommodations for all personal
  involved with tour. Ensure that tour costs stay within financial
  budget per artist management company. Oversee show and
  merchandise settlement per show. Create and Implement Show,
  Week and Day schedules for artist and band. Plan and oversee
  routing and trip schedules with bus driver and busing company.
  Advance and Escort Artist to all scheduled Media events and
  interviews. FOH Engineer for all artist Live performances.

 Nov. 2007 -Aug. 2009    SRH Audio

Freelance Engineer, Production, Project and Tour Manager
    Freelance FOH / Mon, Engineering services, Tour, Project and
  Production Management for live events and touring artist's as well
  as Studio Engineering
Jan 2004- Nov 2007       OKC-BACKUP           Oklahoma City, OK.
          Audio Dept. Lead/ Production Manager/ FOH Audio Engineer
     Supervise and assist all aspects of load in and set up of Arena and
     festival sound systems for concert and corporate events. Tune
     system to venue acoustics. FOH engineer for acts not providing
     engineer. Schedule, oversee and preform maintenance of all audio
     inventory. Advance all shows with artist liaison / Venue. Manage
     show crews of up to 50 persons at all shows.
Create Venue Models      with Soundvision or Eaase to get system
  specifications and placement for events.

    Jan 2001- Dec 2004   TERRI CLARK           Nashville, TN.

         PEM Engineer / Production Manager
    Advance all shows for tours, Coordinate between Management
    Company, Production company and Venues, All aspects of Tour
    requirements and needs. Supervise Equipment prep for all tours.
    Oversee semi unload and load. Advance, Schedule and supervise all
    crews up to and at times exceeding 70 persons for and at all shows
    on tour schedule. Calculate and oversee all production costs for
    tours to keep within allotted budgets.


    Mar 1998 - Dec 2001 Gaylord Ent.   WILDHORSE SALOON
    FOH Engineer \ Production Manager.
Many duties were included with this position.
Rick Crabtree / Jack Funk       Supervisors

                                          Nashville, TN.

                                          Orlando, Fla.
Previous employment upon request
Written Recommendations

I can't say enough about my business experience(s) with Stephen as an Audio
Engineer   and    Project    Manager.      Steve   has     always   been    punctual,   reliable,
professional and trust worthy beyond comparison. His workmanship is second to
none and the quality of his leadership with crew and his peers is the best. I highly
recommend Stephen without any reservations whatsoever!!

                   Johnny D (Eulo) (Owner) Johnny D Management Inc.
Steve is one of the best in the industry for audio production and Management.
Steve's ear and Management skills are among his strongest suits. Steve has the
ability to communicate to others in such a way, that it makes personnel want to do
their job as well as enjoy the task assigned them.
My class and I were honored to have Steve come to our school to Engineer some
studio tracks for an up and coming Country Artist. During these sessions, Steve
eagerly took the time to speak with my students about his years in the industry.
Steve had the students more involved and excited during his question and answer
segment than I have ever seen them. Steve's attention to detail had myself
rethinking my way of teaching my courses. If my budget would permit, I would offer
Steve a teaching position here with me.

                    Joe Kelly (Audio Instructor) ESBOCES Long Island, NY.
I have worked with Steve for about a year both in the shop and at shows. Steve has
worked with me as Monitor tech and Systems Tech as well as Project Manager and
has always displayed professionalism with Clients and Talent. His prep work is great
and he is always looking ahead for possibilities that only an experienced tech would
anticipate. I would work with or for Steve on any show at any time.

                   Michael "Woody" Woods (FOH and Systems Engineer), PCS

“It was a pleasure working with Steve across the many shows where he was hired
as   Production     Manager      \   FOH    Engineer.      His   extensive    knowledge     and
implementation of everything from stage to FOH provided us with a worry-free
performance. His live mixing is something that is worthy of special mention as well.
His FOH mixes were always dynamic and powerful and essentially brought out the
very best in our live performance. I recommend Steve highly for any situation where
you need a FOH Engineer, Production or Project Manager. Steve will exceed your
expectations, both, as a professional and for the very best in live audio engineering.

                            Bryan Wilson (Guitar Player) Casey Berry Band
 Stephen is an excellent audio engineer and a dedicated, hard worker. He always goes the
extra mile to provide the best sound possible. He is professional and reliable, and his
relational skills with clients is impeccable. He is also able to go above and beyond the
call of duty to help the stage or lighting crew and get the job done
Ryan Terry (Owner, Lighting Designer) - Focal Point, LLC
Kenny Thurman FOH / Phil Vassar                       Nashville, TN
Marc Earp            Mon. Eng./ Eric Church           Nashville, TN.
Jeff (PIG) Parson Production Mgr./FOH / Blake Shelton Nashville, TN
Brett (Scoop) Blanden FOH / Lady Antebellum           Nashville, TN.

Erik Rogers      FOH / Systems Engineer/ Apocalypca 937-602-4598

Jim Meredith Project Manager Chase Michael Event Services 602-904-2685

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