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									                                            J AMES E. W HITE
                                    640 Parkway Avenue • Ewing, New Jersey 08618
                                        wjames3968@gmail.com • 609.638.5383

                                             PROFESSIONAL PROFILE
   Contract & Subcontract Administration / Regulatory & Corporate Compliance / Negotiation & Management
                         Document Drafting / Commercial Contracts / Risk Mitigation
Seasoned and detail-focused Legal professional with extensive and broad-ranging experience negotiating, drafting,
reviewing, and enforcing a variety of contracts and agreements. Possess outstanding critical thinking and problem
resolution skills, able to devise effective solutions to drive on-going business success. Exceptional grasp of
regulatory compliance, including federal, state, and corporate regulations.
Highly organized and self-motivated, adept at coordinating and executing complex projects with minimal
supervision. Solid leadership capabilities with track record of providing team direction and mentoring; skilled
communicator, able to interact with diverse individuals, including clients, colleagues, and management.
Key Strengths:
            Research & Analysis                                 Project Management
            Change Management                                   Team Leadership & Coaching
            Reporting & Tracking                                Relationship Management
            Problem / Issue Resolution                          Legal Interpretation
            Communication / Presentation                        Planning & Execution


Adroit Diversified Enterprises
ENGLISH CONTRACTS MANAGER – Rufusque, Senegal (2008 to present)
Telecommute position for Senegalese company to review and draft numerous agreements and contracts as it
pertains to the purchase and sale of commodities including but not limited to cement, construction equipment
grain, rice, sugar, corn, crude oil, diesel fuel, LPG, LNG, jet fuel, solar panels, wind energy, gold and rough
Selected Contributions:
    ♦       Demonstrated extensive, in-depth understanding of a range of agreements including but not limited to,
            memorandums of understanding, proposals, sale and purchase agreements for commodities, non-
            compete/non-disclosure and representation agreements.
    ♦       Successfully negotiated numerous deals relating to the sale and purchase of various commodities including
            but not limited to gold, rice, cement and construction equipment.
    ♦       Conducted market research and identified potential sources of commodities

Legal Consultant
CONTRACT ATTORNEY – New York, NY (1996 to 1997; 2002; 2005 to 2008)
Leveraged expertise in contract administration to review numerous agreements and contracts of parties in litigation
for breach of contract and noncompliance issues. Assisted various law firms throughout New York and New Jersey,
including recent long-term position with Patterson Belknap Webb & Tyler LLP. Researched, analyzed, and coded
legal documents and prepared reports in preparation for litigation. Utilized a variety of electronic discovery
applications. Ensured comprehensive documentation to support cases. Selected Contributions:
    ♦       Demonstrated extensive, in-depth understanding of a range of laws, regulations, and statues, including
            contributing to ERISA, SEC, antitrust, and fraud cases.

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    ♦   Successfully leveraged extensive network and solid professional reputation to develop client base.

Assistant Deputy Public Defender / Law Guardian
OFFICE OF THE PUBLIC DEFENDER – Trenton, NJ (2003 to 2005)
Served as legal representative for children in abuse, neglect, and termination of parental rights proceedings in the
Family Courts of the State of New Jersey. Wrote legal briefs, devised strategy, prepared arguments and testimony,
and presented cases in court. Communicated extensively with the Division of Youth and Family Services, the
Attorney General’s Office, and court personnel. Conducted one-on-one visits with clients in homes and institutional
settings. Selected Contributions:
    ♦   Ensured all prepared documents complied with applicable federal, state, local, and agency requirements.
    ♦   Collaborated with numerous professionals to build and present solid cases and attain judgments in the best
        interest of the child.
    ♦   Continually augmented knowledge of family law, the family court system, and the family services system.
    ♦   Successfully obtained legal status for non-citizen children involved in various legal proceedings.

JAMES E. W HITE, PC – New York, NY (1997 to 2002)
Advised small business clients on a range of commercial matters. Drafted, negotiated, and reviewed commercial
contracts such as pricing and customer relationship agreements, leases, distribution, consulting, confidentially, and
a broad rang of other business and legal documents. Prepared wills, trusts, transfers of assets, gifts, and other
documents. Gathered and analyzed evidence for civil and criminal cases to develop defense strategy. Handled
arbitration. Explained legal rights and recommended courses of action based on unique circumstances.
Represented clients in court and before quasi-judicial and government administrative agencies. Selected
    ♦   Advised corporate clients regarding business transactions involving internal affairs, stockholders, directors,
        officers, and relations with the general public.
    ♦   Expertly authored business contracts, handled tax payments, settled labor disputes, and resolved a range
        of other legal matters.
    ♦   Reviewed, researched, and interpreted laws, rulings, and regulations for individual and corporate clients.
    ♦   Communicated with colleagues to establish and verify basis for legal proceedings.

General Counsel
Provided day-to-day review, revision, and negotiation for customer, supplier, and vendor contracts; vetted all
contracts, agreements, licenses, and leases. Prepared nondisclosure agreements, confidentiality agreements, and
various other legal and corporate documents. Advised chief administrative officer regarding all aspects of corporate
governance, including creating / administering organizational policies. Monitored activities, costs / budgets,
operations, and data. Liaised with management and union officials in regards to devising, applying, and interpreting
labor relations policies. Composed and distributed internal communications on EEOC policies and opportunities,
compensation, and benefits packages. Presented industrial relations policies and practices to corporate officers
and government officials. Spearheaded meetings with employees and management to investigate and resolve a
range of grievances. Selected Contributions:
    ♦   Consistently anticipated, guarded against, and provided timely and clear mitigation strategies in response
        to risks associated with contractual, regulatory, revenue recognition, compliance, financial, and legal
    ♦   Reviewed Constitution, statutes, decisions, and ordinances of quasi-judicial bodies, as well as legislation,
        arbitration decisions, and collective bargaining contracts.
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    ♦   Expertly examined legal data to determine advisability of defending or prosecuting lawsuits.
    ♦   Utilized records of action taken concerning grievances, arbitration and mediation cases, and related labor
        relations activities.
    ♦   Authored and distributed Internet policies regarding Web sites / content.

Project Manager / Environmental Scientist
ROY F. W ESTON, INC. – Edison, NJ (4.5-year tenure)
Administered client and vendor financial obligations, to include invoicing, reporting, and contract oversight. Liaised
with government agencies and regulatory entities to coordinate audits and projects. Assisted with bid and proposal
preparation; reviewed project plans to determine timeframe, limitations, procurement requirements, staffing, and
resource allocation. Drafted and presented regular status and issues reports for management and clients.
Responded to status reports and modified schedules as necessary. Aided in development and implementation and
management of site safety policies. Managed site operations with focus on safety and efficiency; supervised 100+
employees and consultants. Coordinated logistics for hazardous and non-hazardous waste, including profiling,
scheduling, manifesting. Selected Contributions:
    ♦   Expertly maintained compliance with all federal, state, and regulatory requirements by ensuring proper
        inspections and reporting.
    ♦   Prepared and distributed reports summarizing findings related to spills and prepared documents for use in
        legal proceedings.
    ♦   Collaborated with clients to identify cost saving opportunities and implement recommendations.
    ♦   Identified pollutants, assessed environmental impact, and recommended appropriate corrective action.
    ♦   Analyzed hazardous waste treatment / disposal alternatives and associated costs.
    ♦   Attained all project timeframes and promptly resolved all issues and problems.

Project Manager / Environmental Specialist
Oversaw environmental impact assessment projects and development of impact statements for proposed
recreational projects. Served as department representative and Subject Matter Expert at various meetings.
Analyzed a variety of data to determine pollution problems. Interacted with project scientists and research
engineers. Selected Contributions:
    ♦   Leveraged scientific and engineering expertise to design methods controlling environmental pollution
        sources, including emission measurements, atmospheric monitoring, meteorological and mineralogical
        data, and soil and water samples.
    ♦   Assessed local environmental quality standards, industrial practices, and developments in pollution
        abatement methodologies.

                                                     ** *** **
  Excellent prior experience includes Investigator, Civilian Complaint Review Board of NYC; Chemist; Production
                                   Bacteriologist; and Senior Research Scientist.

Juris Doctor  NEW YORK LAW SCHOOL – New York, NY
Bachelor of Science in Microbiology  HOWARD UNIVERSITY – Washington, DC
Project Management Certificate Program  BOSTON UNIVERSITY – Boston, MA Currently enrolled
40 hour OSHA Hazwoper
Regulatory Training in Underground Storage Tanks – Rutgers University

White, James E. “Roots Recovered: The How To Guide for Tracing African-American and West Indian Roots Back
to Africa and Going There for Free or On a Shoestring Budget.” Booklocker, 2004.


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