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									                                     Advanced Internet Marketing Strategies
                                                  Milestone Internet Marketing, Inc. is a full-          Milestone provides a comprehensive promotion
Key Features:                                     service internet marketing company for the             program that involves socializing the blog with
                                                  travel and hospitality industry. We provide            similar blogs in the market and providing ROI
   Leading the hospitality industry’s             comprehensive solutions for developing                 tracking.
   use of Web 2.0 strategies                      powerful internet presence and driving revenue
                                                                                                         RSS (Real Simple Syndication) feeds are a
                                                  on the internet. Our advanced internet
   Innovative approach for developing                                                                    simple way to syndicate the content of your
                                                  marketing solutions encompass a variety of
   lodging industry blogs with goal                                                                      website on to other sites Milestone’s strategy
                                                  Web 2.0 strategies including the following:
   of promoting hotels                                                                                   includes creating RSS feeds for the most
                                                       Blogs and RSS Feeds                               updated sections of your site, such as press
   RSS feeds for keyword-rich                                                                            releases, articles, blogs, etc. Milestone will
   articles and press releases on your                 Online Videos
                                                                                                         submit your RSS feeds in to the most relevant
   website                                             Podcasting                                        RSS search engines and aggregators.
   Search engine optimized online                      Mobile Websites
                                                                                                         Podcasting and Online Videos
   videos and podcasts                                 Social Networking                                 The latest "it" factors on the internet are
   Mobile phone compatible websites               Milestone has taken some of the latest                 podcasts and online videos - the process of
                                                  advancements and tools in search engine                creating audio and video files and distributing
   Use of social networking channels              marketing technology and applied them to the           that content on the web through RSS
   to promote hotels                              lodging industry. These advancements range             syndication or direct distribution. Milestone’s
                                                  from developing lodging industry specific              services include: conceptualizing what should
   Conducting Public Relations                                                                           be distributed through the podcast or online
                                                  interactive websites called blogs to creating
   campaign on the internet                                                                              video, full-service production, complete script
                                                  destination specific podcasts. All of our
                                                  advanced search engine marketing products are          writing, and effective promotion. Hotels can
                                                  derived from the same basic principles -               choose to promote time sensitive offers, hotel
                                                  conducting market research to determine target         news, local events, local attractions, and
                                                  market segments, writing search engine                 destination specific events and news through a
                                                  optimized, keyword-rich content, and presenting        podcast or online video.
                                                  the information to the universe in a searchable
                                                  format.                                                Mobile Websites
                                                                                                         Milestone will create mobile compatible
                                                  Blogs and RSS Feeds                                    websites for the ever increasing internet access
                                                  A blog is essentially an interactive website that      from the handheld device. Mobile sites are
                                                  allows visitors to quickly post thoughts and           developed using the latest mobile compatible
                                                  comments. The biggest benefit of blogs is that         technology.
                                                  the search engines get pinged every time there
                                                  is new content posted on the blog. As a result,        Social Networking
                                                  blogs that are frequently updated, result in a         Milestone uses social networking sites to your
                                                  high level of search engine optimization.              advantage by promoting on social networking
                                                  Milestone is among the first in the industry to        sites such as, etc.
                                                  develop destination specific blogs to promote
                                                  hotels. In addition to developing blogs,

                                 Milestone Internet Marketing, Inc. | 2620 Augustine Drive, Suite 140 | Santa Clara, CA 95054
                                            Phone: (408) 492-9055 | Toll-Free: (866) 231-3941 | Fax: (408) 492-9053
                                             Email: | Web:

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