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					    Conference Series for
     Heavy Ion Physics
                   Provided by

Prof. Weiqin Chao, Chongshou Gao and Lianshou Liu
ShanDong, China

 Rudy Hwa and Qu-bing Xie
 Datong, China
                         Weiqin’s message
From: chaowq@ccast.ac.cnSubject:
Re: pictures/slides for QM08 opening talk
Date: December 16, 2007 10:46:48 PM PST
To: NXu@lbl.gov

Hi, Nu:
I am sorry to answer your message late. I need time to collect the material. First I would like to recollect
the first activity related to RHIC physics attended by two Chinese, Liu Lianshou and myself: Bielefeld
Symposium held in 1982 (see the acanned cover of the proceedings).
Then in the next year I went to Lake Tahoe to give an invited talk at the Symposium on Multiparticle
Dynamics (see the scanned cover of the proceedings). I was working at Heidelberg and Liu was working
in Berlin in 1980th on this subject.Second I want to let you know that there had been a series of workshops
on Multiproduction and RHIC physics in 1980th, co-oganized by Liu Lianshou, Xie Qubing,
Gao Chongshou and myself, once each 3 years. I fould only the proceedings for the one held in
Jinan (see the scanned cover of the proceedings.). I am asking Liu to collect information about this series
and I will send it to you as soon as I receive his reply.CCAST do organize quite a lot of workshops related
to RHIC physics. The most famous one is the one held in 1989 when the painting of two fighting bulls
was first produced. I have collected a list and am sending to you in attachment.

Now I give you the following:1. A list of workshops related to RHIC physics held at CCAST or supported
by CCAST. (the attached early_rhic.pdf file)2. A scanned cover of the International Symposium on
RHIC Physics held at CCAST in June, 1989. The painting with two fighting bulls is now very famous.
This cover is the first place when the painting is applied. This is almost the final painting by
Master Li Keran, asked by Professor T. D. Lee.3.

A scanned cover of the Bielefeld Symposium held in 1982.4. The scanned cover of the two Symposium
CCAST 89-07
See pdf file for the full list.
    HI Workshop at Wuhan (IOPP)
                                           (94 - 05)

1994:     “Finite temperature field and QGP”, participants include J.-P. Blaizot, Y. Fujimoto,
U. Heinz, R.D. Pisarski, et al.

1997:    “Phenomelogy in High Energy Collisions”, participants include R.Stock, Marek
Gazdzicki), et al.

1999:      “Relativistic Heavy Ion Physics”, participants include P. Braun-Minzinger, J.
Stachel, T. Hallman, X.N. Wang et al.

2005:     “Summerschool and Workshop on QCD Theory and RHIC Physics”, participants
include Tim Hallman, Helmut Satz, Larry, McLerran, R. Hwa, C. Ko, B.A. Li, X.N. Wang, N.
Xu, P. Zhuang, et al.
                         Other meetings
(I) Chinese Meetings on Multiparticle Production and Relativistic
Heavy Ion Collisions:
1st: Dec. 27-29, 1984, Beijing, China
2nd: April, 1987, JiNan, China
3rd: Oct., 1990, Wuhan, China
4th: Sept. 5-9, 93, Yichang, China

(II) Workshop on Multiparticle Production and Fluctuations
organized by R. Hwa
1st:                   Jinan, China
11th: Nov. 21-24, 06, HongZhou, China

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